Week Long Cruise For Conspiracy Researchers Reveals Mars Bases and Hillary’s Not Human

conspiracy theorist

Imagine spending a week on a cruise ship with a group of “conspiracy theorists,” a pejorative term to shut down the truth.

For me, the most trusted conspiracy REALIST is Henry Makow. In my opinion, Dave Hodges is not to be trusted, as he peddles what I consider to be fear porn. Feel free to offer your opinions on either of these gentlemen, or David Icke, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, or anyone else who exposes conspiracies.

The conspiracy theorists quoted in the following article excerpt are not known to me. However, the claim that Hillary Clinton is NOT human is surely true, on a metaphysical level, if not a fleshly one.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton is not a human and people are ‘recruited’ to live on Mars are just some of the views that were aired during a special cruise dedicated to conspiracy theorists.

The week-long event off the coast of Mexico, called Conspira-Sea Cruise, claims to attempt to ‘uncover the truth’ about subjects including climate change, World Bank, NASA, September 11 and JFK.

In a Refinery29 video, shot aboard the cruise ship, some of the speakers shared their wildest conspiracy theories.

Activities on the cruise include ‘nightly UFO star-watch’, seminars with talks by researchers, investigators, and whistle-blowers and visiting beaches during ‘seven days of awakening’.

Global alchemist and cosmic mythologist Laura Eisenhower claimed she was recruited to go ‘off-planet’ to live on Mars in 2006 where she said she ‘learned a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes’.

She added: ‘Yes there are colonies on Mars and yes there is a secret space program and they don’t want us to know about this.

‘So I share theories but I also share things that are as close to fact that I can get as far as what I’ve seen and experienced.’

In footage of her talk during the cruise, she told the audience: ‘I’ve got to say, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, first of all she’s not human. She’s not, we don’t even want to know what she is.’


Here’s the video with interviews done during the cruise.

hillary flames gif

11 thoughts on “Week Long Cruise For Conspiracy Researchers Reveals Mars Bases and Hillary’s Not Human

      • I loved that show unfortunately I Missed most od the series as I went into the military in the end of 69. Thanks to the net and small companies that make DVD boxed sets of old musty TV and movies I got the entire Invaders series as a boxed set for $15 used.

        Another good series and too bad it got the axe as it was supposed to run at least 5 seasons was “Dark Skies” which aired in 95

  1. It’s propaganda to discredit
    The media could just as easily state what is true vs what is not.

    The woman who organized the conspiracy cruise event, looks jewish. Which is funny, because there really is a jewish conspiracy.

      • Holy fuck, I missed that.
        That’s what caught my eye was the cute-ish young girl host. I thought she was organizing the cruise, when I saw the old hag organized the cruise, I quit analyzing the young girl, and started my jew analysis on the old hag.
        Thanks for steering me back for another look. The host does have that distinctive shnoz.

      • There are real conspiracies, and there are manufactured conspiracies.
        Mars colony………….fraud
        flat earth………………fraud
        hollow earth…………..fraud
        moon base……………maybe
        Orlando……………….where are the pics? fraud
        aliens……………………There’s no way we are alone in the universe
        San bernadino………….real
        kikes did 9/11………….real
        fukishima done on purpose…………fraud
        no nuclear weapons in existence………………fraud
        JFK was a kike plot…………………real
        moon landing……………………………real
        chem trails…………………………..maybe
        Sandy hook…………………..where are the pics? fraud

        Maybe a definitive post on what is real, vs hoax would be good article.
        You know, something to set the record straight. That way Saboteur365 could be the go to place for info.

      • Except for Orlando, I agree with your list. Orlando dead were real, but most likely the FBI,CIA, and Mossad planned it, using a patsy or Manchurian candidate.

      • Ah yes, the false flags. Some of the wack jobs out there distract from getting to the truth of the matter. Then the kike media does a story, about conspiracy theorists to discredit conspiracy’s. Which of course is a conspiracy.

  2. The biggest issue concerning a Mars trip is not logistical, it’s psychological. The living comparent will be about the size of a Yukon suv, very close proximity with no privacy at all for about 6 months. Add to that a short daily period of twilight conditions, no darkness, alternating periods of high alertness followed by periods of extreme inactivity and the strongest mind begins to feel the pressures. So how were people transported? We think highly of ourselves but Star Trek we ain’t!

  3. Yep, the founder and the reporter are both Jewesses. Jews love the truth, right?
    Here is a question. Any person that believes that Jews run the USA, that Jews killed JFK, that Jews did 911 – why would any group of such people ever get together in one place especially a ship which could be sunk with one missile or maybe some thermite stored down under the waterline? If most of the passengers were genuine, and dangerous to Jew power, they would now all be dead after a convenient sinking at sea, all hands lost.

    This ship went to the Jermuda Double Triangle and came back again. A miracle.
    Jews, who run the world, love and publicise whack jobs who discredit the truth with their paid for nutty stories about Aliens, human star fleets and human colonies on Mars.

    The (((powers that be))) love those that wear tin foil hats. Many traitors would get paid very well for telling their half truths and lies, like Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura. Like magicians they redirect the gullible audience from the truth to the lie, or magic trick.

    Probably many passengers on the ship, and all the speakers, are in the pay of the Jews and are traitors to the white race. There are space alien reptiles among us and they are the Jews. Henry Makow, Jew, and Brother Nathaniel, former Jew, both expose the real Jew conspiracies. I am a fan of both but hate Henrys weird ads which are like Alex Jones and the MSM. I hate Bro Nates constant Jewish bleating for money, one thing which Paladin, white man, never does.

    The offical 911 narrative is a loony conspiracy theory about Arabs with box cutters.
    The offical JFK narrative is a loony conspiracy theory about a lone gunman.

    For me, man has never been to the moon due to the radiation, link below, and NASA is a huge fraud and stealer of taxpayer money. The moon buggies are still there (?) and will be for millions of years. JFK, 911, Moon, US battleship blowing up in Havana harbor, Gulf of Tonkin incident, Lusitania carrying weapons for UK plus human suckers for sacrifice propaganda, Pearl Harbor attack forced by US Commie Jew, Federal Reserve Act of 1913, HUAC discredited even though it told the truth about ((Commies))) in the USA positions of power and influence. All of these are just the tip of an iceberg that the USA, world military leader and home of the United Nations is just one gigantic lying fraud kept afloat by fraudulent US dollars. Jews run the USA and counterfeit unlimited US bucks at their Jewreserve. Jews love lies. Why then any surprise that the USA is lie central?


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