Hawaii-Five-NO: Nonwhite Hawaiian Cop Arrested on Rape Charges

jesse laconsay

The only information we have about the alleged victim is that she is described as a teen.

If Jesse Laconsay, who is apparently a Pacific Islander, an ethnic group with a high rate of criminality, were a white cop who raped a black girl, this story would be all over the national news. As it stands, it’s a local story that will soon be forgotten unless Jesse is shown to have a long list of allegations lodged against him.

Excerpt from Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –
A Honolulu police officer accused of sexually assaulting a teen was arrested Wednesday afternoon, following an hours-long manhunt.

Officer Jessie Laconsay, 37, was arrested for first-degree sex assault about 1 p.m. in Mokuleia, the Honolulu Police Department said in a brief statement.

He was taken to Wahiawa General Hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.

An all points bulletin was issued early Wednesday morning for Laconsay, an officer assigned to the Windward Oahu district.

Sources say that Laconsay was caught sexually assaulting the girl in Ewa Beach late Tuesday.

When he was confronted, he allegedly took off in his police-subsidized vehicle and was driving erratically, even driving into oncoming traffic. The white Dodge Charger he was believed to be driving was equipped with a police radio, lights and a siren.

Though HPD had been looking for Laconsay since early Wednesday, the department didn’t issue a public alert about the officer until about noon, after repeated inquiries from Hawaii News Now.

They said Laconsay, who has been on the force for a decade, was not believed to be armed.

Neighbors who want to remain anonymous said they heard the commotion.

“Earlier during the day around noon we heard screaming and crying…and questioning, ‘Why, why, why?” And I think I heard Jessie cry too,” one neighbor said.

“I think that’s the saddest part of it, seeing what it does to families when this kind of thing happens,” another neighbor said.

This kind of thing doesn’t just happen. It revolves around corrupt cops who often have lifetime tenure no matter what they do because they are affirmative action hires.

Yesterday’s posts included the story of a Texas cop of Mexican descent who was arrested for killing his police dog.

Lower standards to brown up the police forces of America is proving to be a disaster.

2 thoughts on “Hawaii-Five-NO: Nonwhite Hawaiian Cop Arrested on Rape Charges

  1. Ignorance. The cop is not Hawaiian. He is of Filipino descent. White people are a minority in Hawaii. Your comments of browning up the force have no meaning in this state.

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