How to Spot a False Flag Event


It’s clear to anyone willing to confront the truth that the American government is evil beyond anything we might have thought. From the assassination of JFK to 9/11 to the Orlando gay massacre, false flag theories abound, and with good reason.

Here’s how to identify a false flag event.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

Here are his telltale signs of a false flag operation:

~There is an immediate comprehensive narrative, including a convenient culprit. Law enforcement, government agencies, and the mainstream media immediately proffer a narrative that completely explains the event and encourages citizens to tie their intellectual understanding of the tragedy to the emotions they experience. In his lecture at Contact in the Desert, [author and researcher] Richard Dolan noted that a distinguishing characteristic of a false flag operation is that the official narrative IS NOT questioned by the media. There are often legislative, ideological and sociopolitical power plays waiting in the wings, which the government can immediately implement.

~The official narrative has obvious domestic and geopolitical advantages for the governing body. The Bush administration used 9/11 to usher in the War on Terror, which has served as a lynchpin for countless civil liberty infringements by the national security state, including ubiquitous domestic surveillance and indefinite detention.

~The narrative behind the attack serves to leverage emotions like fear, as well as patriotism, in order to manufacture consent around a previously controversial issue. For example, many of the recent domestic terror attacks, including the Aurora [and Orlando] shooting[s], have exacerbated and reinforced advocacy of gun control legislation.

~Military training drills and police drills occur on the day of and very near the attack itself, causing confusion to obscure eyewitness testimony and allowing orchestrators to plant both patsies, disinformation and backup operatives. This is no small point. An incredible percentage of major domestic or international terror attacks have involved simultaneous “training drills.” This list includes, but is not limited to, the infamous NORAD drills of 9/11, the 7/7 London Bombings, the 2011 Norway shooting, the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. Though none of the aforementioned events can be confirmed or denied without a doubt, they bear a striking resemblance to previous false flag attacks and should be looked at with an investigative eye.

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The Long Hot Summer: More Huge Park Fights As Crowd Screams “BLACK POWER” in Milwaukee

LOL! That’s the way to power. Riot.

What’s wrong with them?


MILWAUKEE — There was chaos in Sherman Park near 39th and Burleigh Wednesday night, June 29th — and officers and deputies in riot gear were called out to disperse a group of teenagers/young adults breaking windows and throwing rocks at officers.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Neighbors tell FOX6 News young people have been gathering at the park in droves at night for the past few weeks.

During the day on Thursday, June 30th, Sherman Park was a spot for playing softball and basketball, and playing on the playground.

“I never come up here at night. Not at night,” Brenda Manns said.

What happened on Wednesday night is even more reason for those like Manns to avoid the area after dark.

Milwaukee police say dozens of teens gathered and caused a disturbance.

FOX6’s cameras captured young people throwing rocks at law enforcement officials. One teenager was detained after throwing a rock at a deputy.

What a drag on the white man these partially evolved primates are.

An honest reporter would not have claimed the Black Panthers were out in force to keep the peace. Besides, who the f*ck authorized THEM to keep the peace.

One arrest, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of policing expenses.

Pathetic! Milwaukee, you can do better than that.

Car Full of African Primates Inflicts Horrific Injuries on Pregnant White Wendy’s Worker Over Straws

tori repine1

The mother of victim Tori Repine expresses surprise at what happened at Wendy’s. Apparently, she’s one of the sleeping sheeple. A few hits on any race realist website, the Daily Kenn for example, or Saboteur365, and she’d know that blacks have hair trigger tempers and no self control. Incidents like this one are a dime a dozen, as admitted by a black man interviewed for the story in the first video below.

Race realism: Avoid the groid, around blacks, never relax.


A pregnant teenager was brutally beaten by two customers while on the job this weekend over the matter of drinking straws.

Witnesses say a fight broke out Sunday afternoon at a Wendy’s drive-thru off U.S. Highway 40 in Independence.

Tori Repine, 19, is three months pregnant and her face is covered in cuts and bruises. She is recovering at the hospital. An ultrasound shows her unborn baby to be OK.

“One of her co-workers called me and let me know she had been attacked,” said Heather Salcedo, the victim’s mother. “It was horrible.”

Witnesses say a purple Dodge Charger pulled through after making an order. An argument escalated into the violence.

“She said you forgot to give us our effin’ straws and she (Repine) said, ‘no ma’am, they’re in your bag,’” Salcedo said.

According to an Independence Police Department incident report, an officer wrote the victim had “multiple scratches” and marks on her face, neck, chest and arms. Repine was transported to a local hospital.

The report states a witness told police Repine was pulled through the window by two black females. A third person then exited the vehicle and began assaulting her. There was a fourth suspect, but the witness could not tell if that individual was a man or a woman.

The witness yelled that Repine was pregnant, but they continued the assault.

“If you would do something like this over straws and ketchup,” Salcedo said. “I’d hate to see what you would do to somebody if you were really upset.”

Click here to watch a security camera video of the attack.

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Black Cop Violently Takes Down White Tourist on Bourbon Street (Viral Video)

bourbon st arrest

Read the story. Watch the video below. My conclusions are discussed following the story and video.

An off-duty Louisiana State Police trooper acted appropriately when he body-slammed a man to the ground while making an arrest on Bourbon Street last week, State Police officials said Wednesday (June 29).

State Police supervisors and training academy staff have watched widely circulated cellphone video of the June 24 arrest in the 200 block of Bourbon Street, said Trooper Melissa Matey. The trooper had just finished a 12-hour shift when he was flagged down around 4 a.m. by staff at Beach on Bourbon, 227 Bourbon St., about an intoxicated customer refusing to leave, Matey said.

The trooper repeatedly told that customer, identified by State Police as Illinois native Michael Hoffman, to leave the area, Matey said. The man’s brother, also shown on the video, tries to convince Hoffman to leave, Matey said.

But when the trooper grabbed Hoffman to try to arrest him, Matey said Hoffman resisted, forcing the trooper to shove Hoffman’s brother to the side and force Hoffman to the ground.

Cellphone video of the arrest shows the trooper push Hoffman’s brother into garbage cans before slamming Hoffman face first to the ground. Hoffman is heard saying, “How is this OK?” during the incident, which ends with the trooper placing Hoffman in handcuffs.

Hoffman, 39, received municipal summons for resisting arrest, public intoxication, criminal trespassing and disturbing the peace, Matey said. The State Police’s top commander, Col. Michael Edmonson, said the trooper “acted appropriately given the circumstances.”

Generally, we support the police in situations where there are allegations of police brutality.

Not this time.

Two white males may have been intoxicated (that’s what bars are for, right, amigos?), but neither of the two white brothers were arguing, screaming, or pushing on a cop.

Earlier this month, I came down on a white cop who pulled this same sh*t on a white teen. Here a black cop does it. If the victim were black, I’d support the victim.

This skinhead black cop needs to be terminated before he kills someone.

Disagree with me? Leave a civil comment. I don’t bite.

Angry Mob Bodyslams White Male for Protesting Hillary Clinton (Video)

flag celtic cross

If you carry a flag with the Celtic Cross on it, your life will be in danger in anti-white America. And don’t look to the police for help. They’ve sided with the antifa.

The linked story doesn’t say, but I believe the angry mob in this report is the BAMN group, that criminal gang of leftist thugs that call themselves By Any Means Necessary. I also suspect that their leader, Yvette Felarca, a mystery meat public school teacher, is seen in the video beating up the flag carrying white male, who does NOT fight back.

yvette felarca bamn

A white man who attended an anti-fascist protest was immediately attacked after waving a flag of the Celtic Cross. Despite police being on the scene, nothing was done to prevent the mob from brutally attacking, stomping, and choking the unnamed man.

Actually, the title of the video is off base. The white male getting beat up is a White Nationalist. I’m sure he’s anti-Hillary, but apparently the left went after him because he’s white and proud. I kept the title to this post the same as the title to the video to make the disgusting incident easier to find. A better title:

Communist Mob Attacks Lone White Nationalist Carrying Celtic Cross Flag

Published on Jun 28, 2016


Democrat Party Picks Disgusting Tranny as Senate Candidate

misty snow

Don’t laugh. He/she/it may be swept into office in a Democrat sweep in November if things don’t look up for Republicans, who are doing a circular firing squad over Donald Trump.

In 2010 I wrote a book of satire and science fiction about the hoopla over America’s first transgender president, a Mexican (no borders, you see) who chopped off his d*ck with a knife as a child. The book, Leno de la Vino: An Intimate Portrait of America’s First Transgender President, was set 60 years into the future. I lost the manuscript in my house fire before I could publish it.

The way things are going, America will have its first tranny president in 20 years or less. The country may have its first trans Senator in less time.

Meet “Misty Snow.”

Salt Lake City Tribune

Utah voters picked a historic, and largely unknown, Democratic candidate to challenge Sen. Mike Lee this November.

Misty K. Snow is the first transgender nominee from a major party to run for a U.S. Senate seat and she shares the distinction of being the first transgender person to run for Congress. Misty Plowright, a transgender woman, claimed the Democratic nomination in Colorado’s conservative 5th House District on Tuesday.

“A lot of people have told me whether I win or lose, I’m already making a difference just by running,” Snow said.

Throughout the primary, the 30-year-old Salt Lake City resident has given scant attention to her potentially historic status. She instead has campaigned on a progressive platform and promised to aggressively challenge Lee, whom she has repeatedly called “loathsome.”

In unofficial primary returns, Snow had a 59.5 percent to 40.5 percent lead over Jonathan Swinton.

A marriage therapist, Swinton is 35 years old and Mormon. He described himself as a conservative Democrat who sought to govern as a centrist, similar to former Rep. Jim Matheson and Doug Owens, who is running against Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, for the second time.

Snow jumped in the race shortly before the filing deadline because she wanted to offer an alternative to Swinton. And while Swinton led in the state convention, Snow notched enough support to force a primary, largely by criticizing Swinton for advocating for limits to abortion rights.

It appears Utah Democrats were similarly eager to try a different approach against Lee, one of the nation’s most conservative senators. Lee faced no challenge from within his party as he seeks a second six-year term.

Swinton said the results were “discouraging.”

“We hoped more Democrats were really looking at the long game at this, trying to unseat Mike Lee,” he said. “The reality is I’ve done my absolute best and run an honorable campaign.”

Snow credited her primary election performance to her focus on “issues that Democrats care about.”

She has called for a $15 per hour minimum wage, paid family leave, legalized marijuana, criminal-justice reform and free or reduced tuition for higher education, a platform inspired by presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. She said her goal is to boost working-class people such as herself. She’s employed as a cashier at a Harmons grocery and hasn’t gone to college, partly due to the cost and partly because she wasn’t sure what career path she would like to take. Now she’s seeking to become a federal lawmaker.

Jonathan Swinton, who lost to a freak, has to feel bad at this point. He has my sympathies.

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Bullsh*t News: Darkie Woman Called “Paki” by Foul Racist Draws Support from British Public

Sima Kotecha.jpg

In Britain, calling someone a Paki (from Pakistan) is equivalent to calling someone a nigger in America. Which shows how ridiculous societal prohibitions against taboo words are.

Politically correct Britain requires that you call a Muzzie from Pakistan an “Asian.” In America, an Asian is from the Far East, not the Middle East.

A BBC news presenter has spoken about her shock at being called a ‘p**i’ in her home town.

Sima Kotecha, 36, was in Basingstoke, Hampshire when the racist language was used against her.

COMPOSITE: Various postcards and tweet on repatriation on twitter. twitter
What can YOU do to help stop this new wave of racism?

She described not hearing such language since the 1980s.
The racist incident comes after a 57 per cent rise in reported racist incidents since the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union.

David Cameron described the incidents as ‘despicable’.

But, thankfully, the outpouring of support for Miss Kotecha has been significant and show that most people will not tolerate racism.

So a couple of hundred social justice warriors with their panties in a wad constitute “most people,” eh leftist Metro news? Your news site is often ludicrous. You don’t report the news, you report your views as news.

These two Tweets and several more like them are what Metro considers reporting. Have a laugh!

At least this one was included in the manufactured nonstory that Metro made a story.

Advice to British people: If your corrupt government will throw you in jail for saying “Paki” just start calling these foul brown turds that have washed up on your shores as “Pakistans.” Pakistan is a country. How can saying that word get you labeled a racist?

Besides, how we do know that the Musloid affirmative action’s claim is even true.

Here’s a clever little gif that expresses my feelings toward Sima’s butthurt and the fake outrage on Twitter:

attempting to give a damn gif