Science Shows that American Women Have Become Less Feminine

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Most academic studies are worthless and not worth reading. In fact, few of these studies are read by any other than a few reviewers. The System is morally bankrupt.

But I diverge from the point. Here’s a study worth looking at that shows what we already knew–American women are no longer the sweet, feminine girls of the type that we knew in our youth.


A recurrent theme at CH is the personal observation that American women are becoming less feminine. As it so happens, CH was right! A new study finds that, hey, American women are becoming less feminine.

Masculine and Feminine Traits on the Bem Sex-Role Inventory, 1993–2012: a Cross-Temporal Meta-Analysis

The Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI) is one of Sandra Bem’s most notable contributions to feminist psychology, measuring an individual’s identification with traditionally masculine and feminine qualities. In a cross-temporal meta-analysis of U.S. college students’ scores on the BSRI (34 samples, N = 8,027), we examined changes in ratings on the Bem masculinity (M) and femininity (F) scales since the early 1990s. Additional analyses used data collected in a previous meta-analysis (Twenge 1997) to document changes since the BSRI’s inception in 1974. Our results reveal that women’s femininity scores have decreased significantly (d  = −.26) between 1993 and 2012, whereas their masculinity remained stable. No significant changes were observed for men. Expanded analyses of data from 1974 to 2012 (94 samples, N = 24,801) found that women’s M rose significantly (d  = .23), with no changes in women’s F, men’s M, and men’s F. Women’s androgyny scores showed a significant increase since 1974, but not since 1993. Men’s androgyny remained the same in both time periods. Our findings suggest that since the 1990s, U.S. college women have become less likely to endorse feminine traits as self-representative, potentially revealing a devaluation of traditional femininity. However, it is also possible that the scale items do not match modern gender stereotypes. Future research may need to update the BSRI to reflect current conceptions of gender.

The masculinizing of women has serious consequences for our ability to create a sustainable civilization that resembles what we used to have, even 50 years ago.

Society is becoming ever more “niggerfied,” for one thing.

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In the biggest picture, the loss of American women’s femininity is exactly what one would expect to see in a culture that is unmooring from its historical K-selected, predominantly White biomechanical foundation (patriarchal, high paternity certainty, slender women with low cock counts) and drifting toward an r-selected, increasingly nonWhite society (matriarchal, low paternity certainty, muscular and obese women with high cock counts) similar to the African sexual market norm, (where men more than anywhere else in the world are “dancing monkeys” for women and the women toil in the fields and bring home the bacon while crapping out kids from behind-the-bush trysts with multiple fathers).

I wonder what black males would think of CH’s characterization of them as “dancing monkeys?” But really, the black male has in his race the most masculine of women. It’s no wonder that white, Asian, and Mexican women look so good to him.

Meanwhile, the war on white male masculinity that I saw at my university in Texas continues. Maleness is to be stamped out via punishments meted out by administrators, many of them vile lesbian rug munching feminists who would like nothing better than more white girl p*ssy to eat. (Pardon my bluntness.)

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When men’s sexuality is maximally restricted, and women’s sexuality is released of all constraints, the inevitable result is a dispiritingly corporate romantic market of supplicating male lackeys and aggro “slut positive” careergrrl chubsters whose very financial independence (government gibsmedats by any name) obviates the need to be more pleasing and feminine to attract beta male providers with tight resource sharing Game.

An unfeminine androgyne is the New World Woman, and she is letting men know they aren’t worth her effort to please, (and her unkempt vagina has seen lots of action DEAL WITH IT).

The traditional family was the bedrock of civilization for thousands of years. The brave new world of demoralized men, tyrannical government as sugar daddy, and masculine women shall not replace the family.

Civlization is doomed. What comes after is what interests me.

The best outcome would be for us on the alt-right to form new, smaller countries out of Amurkistan, with at least some of those countries white ethno-nationalist and traditionalist.

If white women don’t like that, then let them ally with the Negro ethnic states that may form. As the old saying goes, “You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.” The day will come when white women wish they had white men around. Wearing a tux does not make you a man no matter how much a woman might wish it so.

women in tuxes

7 thoughts on “Science Shows that American Women Have Become Less Feminine

  1. “France : Sentenced to 2 years in jail for a blog post against islamization ”

    I’m of Celtic decent and I don’t look anything like Nelson Mandela.

  2. “dispiritingly corporate romantic market of supplicating male lackeys and aggro “slut positive” .
    This happens in Eastern Europe also, although the women are slim. No need to be fat to enjoy multiple males for romantic fun, sex and financial benefits. Why work, when men can pay for everything?

    I will rewrite the following paragraph for under 40 years of age Eastern European white women, some not all of course. “women toil in the fields and bring home the bacon while crapping out kids from behind-the-bush trysts with multiple fathers”. That sounds like Africa, here is EE instead…
    “women toil on the Internet and in discos and bring home the bacon while crapping out kids from in bed trysts with multiple fathers”. Behind the bush may happen also but only in mid summer.

  3. I cannot completely disagree that the dating scene is screwed up at present. That being said, the youth of today inherited GENERATIONS of psycho-sexual crap spewed over legions of men and women. Sorry, but it is not ALL the women who are to blame as there were many men who claimed to want a traditional family, but traditional to these guys included wife beating and cheating while ‘wifey’ stayed home, bore kids, and had her work disrespected and nullified. Enter the workers’ rights movements, enter pissed off douches who lost their “wife slaves” and who then in self righteous, selfish anger substituted Euro poon for Brown poon who believed the lie of the Kwa. Now we have legions of mixed race mamas and angry mulattoes.

    Oh well. That is what happens when men disrespect the women of their own tribe and engage in fetish fucking and slave sex.

  4. Here are some REAL bitches from the early 80’s without fake boobery, minimal make up, thin but do not look like dick sucking crack hoes.

    Get it girls

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