No Charges Against Ghetto Dweller Who Killed One White Fireman, Shot Another Four Times

John Ulmschneider

The Internet speculates that the shooter in the murder of a firefighter and the wounding of a second is a black individual.

Exactly how he has been able to escape a murder charge for shooting through the door of his house is unclear. I believe the prosecutor in the county where the shooting took place is black.

I believe that Angela Alsobrooks is the prosecutor. If I’m correct, then wouldn’t you say she’s black?

angela alsobrooks

Do white lives matter? Not to blacks.

Excerpt from WSBT

A man who shot two Maryland firefighters — one of them fatally — was released from custody without any charges, police said Saturday.

“Yes, he was released from custody and as far as why charges have not been filed, call the state’s attorney office,” Prince George’s County Police spokesman Tyler Hunter said.

Efforts to reach the state’s attorney for comment Saturday night were unsuccessful.

The shooting happened Friday night at the man’s residence in Temple Hills, in the Washington, D.C., suburbs after his brother called “expressing concern,” the police department said in a statement.

Specifics on the call were unclear, but authorities said it was medically related.

“They knocked on the door and received no answer so they began to force entry so they could render care,” said Benjamin Barksdale, assistant fire chief for Prince George’s County Fire Department.

“As they were forcing entry, several shots were fired from the house through the door, striking two fire department personnel.”

Firefighter John Ulmschneider, 39, was killed, authorities said.

Kevin Swain, a 19-year-old volunteer firefighter, was shot four times and is in serious condition, police said. He is expected to survive.

The brother who called 911 was standing outside the house and also was shot, but his injuries are not life-threatening, authorities said.

Police did not provide the man’s name. The Washington Post reported that he was 61 and that his brother feared the man had suffered a blackout or seizure.

White man, it’s easy to see the future. It’s a vision of a nonwhite America where blacks and browns are in complete charge. It’s a place where the turd skins who murder whites are questioned and released routinely.

This is the future for your children. Unless you rise up to help destroy the System.

One thought on “No Charges Against Ghetto Dweller Who Killed One White Fireman, Shot Another Four Times

  1. I am a black and I care for all lives. Just not, killers, rapists, people who torture others, racists, and other evil blacks. Don’t forget K.K.K.. They are idiots.

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