Crooked Politics: Trump Cheated Out of Arizona Delegates, Will File Lawsuit

I recall Trump winning the Arizona primary election last month. But now he’s walking away from that great state with almost no delegates.

His candidacy has exposed the arrogance of the ologarchy. Everywhere we turn, he’s been cheated.

Excerpt from

“This stinks to high heaven!” Jeff DeWit shouted at reporters, decrying the results of the at-large delegates.

He suggested the website Arizona Republicans used to choose delegates for this summer’s national GOP convention,, was rigged. He offered proof in terms of a screen shot that suggests statewide delegates clicked on a slate supporting Trump.

“People clicked the trump button more than any other and we got hosed,” he said.

Former governor Jan Brewer, a national candidate who supports Trump, agreed with DeWit.

“This stinks to high heaven,” she said.

Watch out, mofos. The Don doesn’t like cheating.

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RAW VIDEO: Brave Trump Supporter Walks Through Angry Crowd of Protesters


trump eagle patriot

Leftist scum harass, punch, and try to intimidate a large white man who walks through a crowd of anti-Trump agitators wearing a RED Make American Great Again cap.

“They” say that Trump supporters are violent haters. Here’s the RAW truth.

Commenter Adolf Himmler offered this on youtube:

Take a close look at the hordes of shitskins, niggers and spics who revel in the suppression of free speech. This is the fundamental problem with immigration and civilization in general. Outside of Asians, non-whites have open contempt for the ordered, prosperous yet free nature of our society. Without force to compel them to order, they achieve their political aims by force alone. Moreover they rely on traitorous jews like George Soros for funding as they can create little on their own.

Trump will win and when he does the greatest cleaning house in history will happen and you can feel the strain and stress in the voices of the attackers of this gentlemen today. They know they will be prosecuted for illegally residing in the US. They know the death penalty will be re instituted for all capital crimes at the federal level, and they are away of how overlong their stay has been.

Published on Apr 29, 2016

A Burlingame man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” ball cap decided to walk through a group of protesters outside the California GOP Convention in Burlingame.

Alleged Trump Supporter Arrested Over Supposed Obama Death Threat

john martin roos

This story is a strange one. Perhaps John Martin Roos doesn’t exist. Of if he does exist, is he a paid FBI shill whose intention is to smear the supporters of Donald Trump?

Huffington Post

A fanatical Donald Trump supporter, who was arrested by the FBI in Oregon this week after repeatedly threatening to kill President Barack Obama and federal agents, had multiple pipe bombs in his home, authorities alleged in court on Friday.

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boycott target

Over 1,000,000 people have signed the petition pledging to boycott Target because of its new bathroom policy allowing penises into the ladies room.

At least one dad decided to protect his daughter from a possible male pervert while she went into the women’s bathroom.

Watch the videos below and see the Target f*ckstick clerks try to order this guy around. Target is pathetic. Good riddance.


The company’s stock dropped from $83.98 per share on April 19, when Target announced its new policy, to around $81.33 on April 28 when the petition hit one million signatures.

Target’s new policy allows “transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the retailer stated in a press release which sparked nationwide condemnation.

Given that the average Target customer spends $62 per trip, according to credit card records, and that the customer conservatively visits the retailer twice per month, a boycott of one million people will likely cost the retailer $1.5 billion annually and perhaps even more.

“We should also consider that most people who decide to move their business from Target to some other retailer will likely never sign a petition,” Mark West with the Patriot Post reported. “They’ll simply leave Target in disgust as they see a company that has abandoned common sense values.”

The first part of the encounter.


Columbian Cutie Arrested Again For Seducing Man, Stealing Watch

Colombiana Rolex Thief lilliana vanegas

White males who don’t understand the mind of the Latina can end up in a lot of trouble.

As a multiple offender Lilliana is probably going to be spending a good bit of time in prison.

But hey, now that you know her name and whereabouts, you can write her and promise to wait for her. I’m sure she’ll make a great wife for you. Just keep a close eye on your watch.

Trust her? Not on your life. Here’s the lady’s story:

Fox News Latino

A beautiful Colombian woman with a penchant for stealing expensive watches from would-be Lotharios has struck again.

Liliana Vanegas, 25, was arrested for allegedly seducing a Los Angeles lawyer at a Miami Beach nightclub, drugging him and then making off with a $10,000 Panerai wristwatch that she pocketed from his apartment.

“It should be noted that the victim is a doctor, and upon waking up he knew that he was drugged, because he did not drink excessively that evening,” Miami Beach police officer Katrina Lugo-Martinez wrote in her report, according to the Miami Herald.

After receiving the call, police did what they have already done three other times and headed over to Vanegas’ apartment to put the cuffs on her.

“He identified her. We went and got her,” police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told reporters. “Anyone who feels victimized, please contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers.”

Vanegas was charged earlier this week with strong-arm robbery and grand theft and sent to the Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility, a Northwest Miami-Dade lockup she has frequented before.

Police said that they have heard from law enforcement in other states, including New York and Georgia, who believe Vanegas may be responsible for similar crimes there.

While authorities don’t know how many men she has ripped off or when her crime spree began, her first arrest in Miami came in March when the burglarizing bombshell seduced a Canadian businessman and took off from his Miami Beach hotel room with his $28,000 Rolex.

After a chase by police, Vanegas and her accomplice, 30-year-old Francisco Trujillo, were arrested on the MacArthur Causeway.

Black Man Thought White Woman Was Tranny–Objects to Her Presence in Women’s Bathroom (Video)

jessica rush mistaken for tranny

The accent of the black man in the video embedded below and seen above in the picture suggests he’s from Africa. Isn’t it interesting that he finds it offensive that men are allowed to use women’s bathrooms in America.

This case of mistaken identity shows the clusterfreak of abnormality that has America in its grip. We really are a sick country, courtesy of our liberal friends who push every form of abnormality and freakishness upon us.


As if anti-LGBTQ laws aren’t restrictive enough, some people are now taking bathroom-policing into their own hands.

This was the experience of Jessica Rush, a Texas woman who attempted to use a woman’s restroom at the Baylor Medical Center in Frisco this week, only to be followed into the bathroom by a man.

Rush said the man, who she estimated was 6’4″ compared to her 5’3″, followed her all the way inside the bathroom, and she said it never occurred to her that he wanted to make sure she was a woman until he said so.

“Yeah, and I was kind of confused,” the man answered. “It’s difficult, you’re dressed like a man.”

The man then walked away, but later in the lobby of the hospital, where Rush was waiting to have her broken fingers fitted with a cast, he explained he followed Rush because his elderly mother needed to use the women’s bathroom and he was concerned about her safety.

“I was confused when I see someone entering the woman bathroom looking like a man,” he said. “I was going to make sure she was going to the right place.”

Am I the only one who objects to people videoing other people without their permission? In times gone by, before you would take another person’s picture you would ask permission. Isn’t there any right to privacy. The poor black fellow here has been embarrassed by a mistake any of us could have made.

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, white supremacy has to go:” Leftist Sh*tstains Break Down Police Barrier at Trump Speech in San Francisco (Video)

At this point in history, white supremacy is little more than resistance to keeping borders for Amurkistan, while encouraging police to arrest nonwhite criminals who seem to be on a roll.

Case in point: Only a few of the agitators who disrupted San Franciscans’ lives today were arrested for their criminal acts.

The more disruptive and ridiculous (waving the Mexican flag) these sh*tstains act, the more converts to Donald Trump are created.

The video showing the thuggish behavior of the sh*tstains is embedded at the end of this post.


Burlingame, California (CNN)Hundreds of demonstrators descended on the California Republican Convention Friday to protest Donald Trump ahead of his speech.

Protesters — some of whom wore bandanas over their faces and carried Mexican flags — blocked off the road in front of the Hyatt Regency here, forcing the GOP front-runner’s motorcade to pull over along a concrete median outside the hotel’s back entrance. Trump and his entourage got out and walked into the building.

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