Watch! Scumbag African “Refugee” Brutally Attacks Italian Woman for Her Purse

This video was published on youtube on January 12, 2016. There’s no accompanying information. Nor have I seen the story reported in the press.

The video appears authentic, however. And it verifies the worst stereotypes about the violent, parasitic African “refugee.”

Africans do not view incarceration as much of an impediment to their life’s progress. A bed, three squares, and the noisy chaos associated with having large numbers of blacks around make prison a vacation for them. Thus, their crimes should be punished with pain.

The lash or the paddle? It doesn’t matter. It’s necessary to keep them in line. Then, send them back to Africa where they belong.

spanking slaves paddle

17 thoughts on “Watch! Scumbag African “Refugee” Brutally Attacks Italian Woman for Her Purse

  1. I am surrounded by fat left SJW zombies here in jew England.When I have directed them to videos like this or the ones showing a tidal wave of apefreakan savages storming a border. The lefturds bark back “those re not real thy are all a fabrication by far right fascist Nazis. The African and arab refugees are all grateful for our welcome.

    The level of brainwashing honestly scares the crap out of me, and here in jew England about 95% of the masses support this communist insanity; they applaud their own demise. And sadly bible barking Cristian are some of the worst, “jesus would welcome them all and baptise the lot of them as collection plate contributors to the 501c5 collective

      • Yep.
        The jews are a minority after all.
        If our kind wasn’t so gullible and actually opened their eyes, it would be a lot more easier to fight against this genocide.
        Of course, it’s not everyone, but a lot of people just take everything as granted. I blame education to a degree, because it doesn’t teach people to think, just to regurgitate what they learn.

      • You are right about that CMc it’s the White handlers and enablers who are mostly feminist and their liberal leftist allies. They are the real brains behind these operations the jews are just the financiers and the blacks the tools.

    • I don’t believe for on minute that 95% agree. The polls that have been done show it’s the reverse.

      95% are afraid to speak out against the left wing thugs and gangsters who act without regard to the law whilst the PTB look the other way. They are afraid of the consequences.

      One of the American greats said something like… revolution is a spectator sport and most people are content to sit and watch the combatants battle it out. Then get behind the winner and pretend they supported them all along.

      Cowards. He was right.

      How many men made a stand at the Alamo and how many men were available ? Something wrong with those numbers.

      I have just realized that it’s been a while since a poll was taken and am wondering if they have, quietly, clamped down on that.

      Ask them how the far right fascist Nazis managed to fabricate the rape of over 1400 children in Rotherham. And Rochdale, Oxford and many other towns and cities in the UK.

      Anyone in Britain who can’t look around them and draw their own conclusions isn’t worth bothering with. They are already dead fro the neck up. Nothing anyone could possibly say or do will convince them that their Sociology tutor was lying to them, including watching their own mothers be gang raped by African invaders.

      They would have to admit to themselves that they have been used as tools.

      Then, of course, there are those that benefit financially from providing services to the invaders.

      • Yeah i agree with you, a lot of people are afraid rather than actually support this narrative.
        And it makes sense to an extent.
        No one wantes to be ostracized and if you can also go to jail or fired, then of course people will not speak against liberals.
        If there were no consequences, then i think a lot more people would be against non-white immigration, jews taking over everything etc.

      • There are always consequences to standing up for yourself and your race. If there weren’t what would be the point? If we are not willing to sacrifice ourselves and our security to save our children and future generations, then we are neither heroes nor rebels and we need to stop bitching on these sites, shut up and and go back to our whiny little lives.

      • If by “jew England” he means the land east of the Hudson River (rather than the land east of the Atlantic), then I can believe that figure can approach 95% in many of the larger communities and along the coast. There’s a reason the few remaining Americans in CT use the term “Westport stupid” to describe the local SJWs.

      • @cartier if you know that there are people of similar thought to you, then yes, you might unite with them and actually do something, because it’s a lot harder for the police or politicians to do something if there is a large number of people rebelling.
        But if you’re alone, then you can’t really do anything. I really wonder what you can do behind bars or just barely making a living. If this wasn’t the case, then people actually unite, if you look at poland and other eastern european countries. Problem with western europe is that people are actually being prosecuted for being racists or offending others.
        That being said, since a lot of people are afraid to speak up, i think there’s a weird effect going on: even if let’s say, 2 people are conservatives, europe for european types, they might put up a facade and say they aren’t to each-other just on the off-chance that they might offend the other person, even if they won’t. Rather curios.

      • I understand, but there is coming a time when you have to fight or lose what little you have. Here in the US we are not yet jailed for speaking out, however, speaking out only does so much. We have to identify the real enemy, which is the jews. I know Europe thinks differently then us in the US but they have a history of rebelling, fighting and driving the enemy away. They must never forget what is at stake: the division and genocide of the white race. I’m alone and have nothing to lose. And I will go out with their blood under my fingernails.

        If you don’t understand, click on my icon and read my sites. We have to be of one mind or we will be defeated forever.

      • I agree with what you said.
        Just saying that until a lot of people unite, alone you can’t do much.
        And i don’t think they will unless things really take a turn for the worse.

      • @Just Here “…people will not speak against liberals.” Which is exactly why they are allowed to help themselves to children. Literally. Tens of thousands of them. Because people that knew remained silent.

        That’s the way the bully works. Everyone knows what is going on but nobody speaks out.

      • No, you don’t understand; in Europe you can be jailed just for questioning the 6 million figure. There, they must stay quiet until they’re united and organized. They can do nothing behind bars. Here in the US we have more freedom. Trust me, THEY know how we feel. We, at this point, have no idea how they’re going to strike. Here is a reply to a quote of mine from INCOGMAN:

        Flanders says:
        December 30, 2015 at 3:21 pm

        Here is a great comment by McCloud that needs to be brought forward from the preceding post so that everyone can see. If you can read it and NOT have an understanding of it’s importance, you are in dire need of more education. THIS is where ALL of the jews activities are headed, and concentrating on preventing the massacres that are planned by the jews in the not too distant [historically speaking] future.

        Cartier McCloud says: December 30, 2015 at 12:21 pm

        “allovertheplace says: Look at that ridiculous, stupid Sandy Hook hoax!”

        Yes, I understand; however, you don’t really know the jew. Hoaxes like Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing are deliberately done sloppy so researchers like ourselves will be kept busy pulling it apart. While we’re looking the other way, they’re busy getting ready to slaughter us. The Russian Bolshevik’s killing of over 66 million White Russians is the blueprint for us. We need to study how they did this. Remember, they’ve had 90 years to perfect their techniques and agenda.

        In order to understand what’s really going on, you have to think like a jew. How would YOU eliminate the white race? You know what a criminal profiler is? They have to become the criminal in order to predict his next move and stop him. I am a jew profiler. I try to go beyond their activities and get into their minds. WHY they behave the way they do, what is their inner life? WHY do they hate us so much?

        This is what my other site is all about:

        I rarely go into the Holocaust lie, etc. My goal is to understand them. When we understand them, we can stop them.

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