Dying lion saved after tourists post photos on Facebook

dying lion

A positive side of social media is revealed by this story out of Africa.


A dying lion with a snare around its neck was found ‘begging for help’ on a road in South Africa.

Two tourists, Meliska Vijoen and Meike Pettit, came across the young male staggering towards them while on a safari tour in Kruger National Park.

They immediately alert park officials and posted pictures of the injured animal on Facebook.

‘[Our safari group] found the lion in the road clearly asking for help,’ Meliska Vijoen wrote on the post, adding that help was slow to arrive.

Hundreds of social media users commented on the post, rallying to save the beast.

Park rangers meanwhile closed off the road and dispatched vets to track down and rescue the lion. It was a race against the clock.

Park officials found the lion a few hours later, sedated him and worked on removing the snare.

There was a moment vets believed they might have to put the animal down, after discovering the snare had pierced his eyeball, but luckily they were eventually able to patch him up.

‘All went well. The lion is now awake and will be monitored,’ a spokesman wrote on the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation’s Facebook page afterwards.

The tourists and the vets are Euro peoples. Where was the African? No where to be found, as usual. If the wildlife of Africa can be saved, which is doubtful, a “mass extermination event” of Africans must take place and the white man must reassert his dominance over the continent. There’s nothing racist about that, just reality.

Thank God for the life of this lion. Guys, keep up the good work.

vets work on dying lion

6 thoughts on “Dying lion saved after tourists post photos on Facebook

  1. You know, this photo has just broken me.
    I very much believe in signs from God.
    Indeed the white people in SA were like lions, strong, free.

    The black bastards are murdering them and NO ONE IS HELPING.
    This lion is BEGGING for help. Just as the whites in SA are.

    PRAY for whites in SA

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