This Video Ad from Hillary Clinton is the Most Disgusting Example of Child Abuse You’re Likely to See Today

Olivia is a little feminist. Olivia has two dads. She’s autistic.

Hillary will fix that. Not by banning two dads, but by waving her witch’s wand and banning autism.

Keep Bill away from the girl, Hillary. I’m sure he finds her sexy as hell. Especially compared to you.

hillary war on women2

Little girl:

My name is Olivia
I am a little feminist growing up to help all women with equal rights
I have two dads
I go to a school for kids with learning disabilities
I wish that there were more public schools that can help kids with dyslexia like me
I hope you can be the first woman president of the whole United States
I’m really glad that there is gay marriage legal all around the whole 50 states of America
I would be completely willing to help you out after school
I bet I would be the youngest member of your campaign
Beaming middle aged frump:

Everybody say hello to our newest volunteer, Olivia
(Applause and cheers)
Little girl making telephone call:

This is Jasmine?
Hi, My name is Olivia and I am a volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign
The ad closes with high fives and the pinning of a Hillary button

11 thoughts on “This Video Ad from Hillary Clinton is the Most Disgusting Example of Child Abuse You’re Likely to See Today

  1. You’re’s the most disgusting thing I’ve seen today and so far in this election. And didn’t the Left complain about Ted Cruz’ use of his children in a recent ad?

    If I have a feeling little Olivia is well on her way to being a full blown lesbian. High-five, Hillary!

  2. I read the text but did not watch the video. No sick bag handy.
    I hope and pray that this autistic girl really makes those poofters pay for their “good deed” in adopting her, Why was this allowed, foster care would have been safer. How many homo couples are going to stay together for the entire childhood of a difficult child? Hint, about zero.
    I wonder why the bum blasters did not adopt a boy mental cripple instead? Maybe the “authorities” know that a girl is less likely to be pimped out among pedo rings paying cash. Or is she?
    We had a post about an autistic guy here recently – was he the Coon train thief?

    • Yep, the jigaboo train thief was autistic. Given the morality of homos, or lack of it, they will push the girl into lesbianism or push her into becoming a boy. Her appearance already has the dyke look.

  3. YES Disgusting ad, but anything coming from the anuses of the far left, I would expect nothing short of disgusting. Here in communist Massachusetts I notice many young white are having -1-2-3-4-5 children, but those having children who are not multi-generational welfare leeches are upscale well ejumukated yuppies, which are almost totally far left Obama and killary kissing negro worshipping SJW zombies. By the times they are old enough to wipe their own bums they’ll be just like Olivia from the killary ad

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