Maxie Boy is Dead


One of my canine pals is dead. Maxie boy was attacked and killed by a group of other dogs Wednesday night.

Max, his formal name, was a 10 year old white German shepherd who had been rescued 10 years ago by the woman I call dog lady. She has about 30 rescues in her care. She sacrifices her needs and spends at least $30,000 a year on dog food.

While she left the house for about half an hour to go see about a neighbor’s dog who has a habit of escaping her harness and jumping fences (a real Houdini), a group of her rescues ganged up on Max and killed him that quickly.

Dog lady, in her rush and concern for the neighbor’s dog forgot to separate Max from the pack, which includes several large, younger males, all neutered. Max had part of his ear bitten off last month during a previous attack, so she normally separated him, but last night she forgot. We’re only human. We make mistakes.

Max loved his life and his home. When dog lady rescued him a decade ago, he was very aggressive toward humans, including his rescuer. Dog lady thought on many occasions that Maxie was going to attack her that first year he was in her care. She kept working with him though and although it took a year or two, he came around learned to trust humans. He may have been part wolf. We don’t know for sure.

Max loved a teenage girl who volunteered to help get the dogs groomed and fed. He taught himself to speak to her, voicing as best he could the words, “I love you.” When the girl moved out of state last fall, he grieved for a month or more. He was very, very happy when she came back here to visit for Christmas.

He also developed an affection for me and looked forward to the daily treats I bring the dogs, especially the bologna and hot dogs.

This site shows what can happen to a human who uses the wrong technique to break up a dog fight. The author explains how to do it properly. There are many similar articles you can and should read if there is a dog in your life. This link is to a page of Google search results on how to keep dogs from fighting. It’s not easy when the pack is large.

The point I want to make is that male dogs will fight each other and even kill each other, if we’re not careful. I’m not sure about females, but caution should be the watchword for any dog owner.

I’m looking forward to seeing Maxie Boy again and giving him treats at the Rainbow Bridge.

rainbow bridge2

9 thoughts on “Maxie Boy is Dead

  1. i have been reading your blog for over a year pretty much daily. i have always enjoyed when you put up animal videos and happy stories on top of all of the great information you provide about this crazy world.

    i started a blog for my internet friend, Uncle Gerald, a few years ago. he was a christian fundamentalist and he taught me much about the Bible – some of which i agreed with, some of which i didn’t. however, he wrote a beautiful story about dogs and cats and heaven…and it so matches the poem that you refer to here, that i thought i would share it with you:

    i am so sorry about Maxie boy….but i thank the dog lady and you, and people like us, who love their animals as family.

  2. I am so very truly sorry for your loss. I am in my early fifties and I can’t think of one day that I haven’t been in the company of one of my pets.The loss is so heavy and I swear that’s it, no more pets for me. Hasn’t happened yet. Again, I’m really sorry for you.

    • Thanks. Keep dog lady in your thoughts, too. I knew Max for the last three years but he would hop up her big king size bed to sleep her every night. She’s in real pain, probably blaming herself.

  3. Well, this is very sad! Wonder why the other dogs could live together peacefully, but not with Maxie? Anything to do with challenging an alpha male, possibly?

    Nothing I can say to help you feel better, Paladin other than his life is so much better in Heaven. Losing a dog is so traumatic. I still shed tears now and then over those I lost years ago.

    • Yes, Maxie had been the alpha but young Dobie has been challenging him the last few months. Maxie didn’t feel good either. Dog lady says that the others sensed it and ganged up on him. It’a apparently a pack instinct to kill the sick members of the pack to ensure pack survival.

      I don’t feel the same about the other dogs now. Maybe I will learn to like them again. I don’t know.

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