GUN GRAB: California Cops Can Take Your Gun if You’re Accused of Being an Angry Person


So, let’s see if I understand the new California law correctly.

A Marxist judge can order your guns seized by police if Leviathan thinks you’re a menace to society. So, I guess that means that patriots, race realists, Christians, and a variety of other dissidents will lose their guns.

I’ll bet that no guns will be seized from the really dangerous folks out there, the jihadists like the San Bernadino shooters.

Sputnik News

If you are Californian and legally own a gun, you may lose it if police consider you to be at risk of using it in anger.

A bill that allows authorities to seize firearms until a judge rules that the owner does not pose a threat comes into effect January 1, media report. The move was proposed after a California student named Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree in May 2104, killing six and injuring 14.

According to AntiMedia, the amendment is intended for families that feel a loved one is at risk for gun violence.

“[I]t’s the family members, it’s the people closest to the perpetrator who are in the best position to notice red flags,” Dr. Wendy Patrick told a local CBS affiliate.

The law states that if a gun owner “poses an immediate and present danger of causing a personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having it in his or her custody or control,” he/she must be divested of their weapons for a cooling off period of up to 21 days.

Michael Moore, Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief, said that temporary deprivation of weapons allows medical specialists to carry out thorough tests determining the owner’s state of mental health.

If you’re found to be a Christian, you just might be mentally ill. If you oppose anal and strap-on marriage, you’re really nuts. No guns for you, my friends.

Wife of Israel’s PM Bibi Netanyahu Called in For Police Questioning Amid Corruption Investigation

The stereotypes about Jewish stinginess (propagated by the great American comedian Jack Benny) are proven true in this news report from Israel.

Excerpt from Jerusalem Online

Sara Netanyahu is suspected of presenting receipts of payments for materials and service for the family’s personal residence in Caesarea as if they were for the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem and, therefore, she received state funds for the Netanyahu family private expenses. In one incident, she is suspected of purchasing porch furniture that she claimed would be used for the Jerusalem official residence but in fact was used for the Netanyahu private home.

Read more about the accusations against much criticized Sara Netanyahu at Sputnik News.

Here’s a classic 16 second long comedy bit from Jack Benny’s radio program that mocks his stinginess:

Lecherous Negro with 13 Children by 11 Different Women Owes $50,000 in Child Support


LOL. Lots of energy in bed, but out of bed Norman Bennett is a dud. One whose ways we the taxpayers pay for.

When Norman Bennett got out of prison, he was supposed to become a productive member of society.

This wasn’t what anyone had in mind.

Bennett became a reproductive citizen: At age 31, he has at least 13 kids by 11 women.

That’s a tentative tally, because various court records seem to indicate that the Omaha man may have 15 kids by 13 women. Or more.

That court officials weren’t sure how many children he has speaks to the jaw-dropping nature of his case.

So does this: Bennett owes at least $50,000 in child support.

Our reporter made a nice word play, turning “productive citizen” into “reproductive citizen.” There’s an honesty to this article that is appealing. You don’t see things like this in the mainstream media very much. It’s raw, unvarnished truth.

But there’s more.

Turns out, Bennett isn’t even Omaha’s most prolific procreator.

Attorney Meagan Spomer, who works in child-support enforcement, told Polk that she has heard of a deadbeat dad with 23 kids by 15 women.

At that, Polk looked incredulous.

Those gathered in Polk’s courtroom pondered the societal consequences of a man fathering that many children by that many women. How do those children succeed? What impact can Bennett possibly have on their upbringing?

Polk contemplated, but stopped short of asking, another question: Could Bennett name all of his children?

Some judges have required deadbeat dads to name each child. Any slip-ups, and certain judges will send dads to jail on the spot.

Well, a few clever judges we have here, even if it’s probably illegal to send someone to jail because they can’t name their children.

Here we are 150 years after slavery ended and we still can’t figure out what to do with the jigaboo. Mexicans and other immigrants, legal and illegal, are taking most of the jobs that blacks could do. If they would even work.

The humane thing to do would be to send them back to their tribes in Africa. The slave traders took them from where they felt comfortable. The least we can do is repatriate them. Then they wouldn’t have whitey to blame for their failures.

black man no gif

Must Watch: Parents Give Two Little Girls BLACK Baby Dolls for Christmas

What you will see in this video verges on child abuse.

Some of the youtube comments declare that the little girls are (gasp!) racists, that they were taught white supremacy. Typical libturd morons are making those comments.

Instinctively, we prefer those like us to “the other.” However, I believe a study showed that black babies react more positively to white faces than black faces. Thus, even blacks prefer whites to other blacks, or so it seems.

A few comments from youtube:

Shows you just how early kids are indoctrinated with the idea of White Supremacy. So when people say….”Racism was sooooo long ago.” Understand that it lives as a PSYCHOLOGICAL phenomenon that has no expiration date on it. It’s in the MIND. & it will live on as long as white supremacy exists in the form of mistreating people in all areas of life (Economics, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, War)

“Race” is a social construct created to subordinate people under false ideologies of superiority and inferiority? Please Google “Bacon’s Rebellion” and read about how the idea of “race” was created in America to divide poor people of African and European decent to benefit the propertied classes. It was an age old strategy that we remain crippled by today.

If anyone’s actually interested in why this happened, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell includes a section about how everyone (regardless of race) sub-consciously associates black people with “the bad.” The results of the doll test used in the court case Brown v. Board of Education to conclude that “separate is not equal,” have not changed to this day. Different variations of the doll test have been used by scientists in various studies of people of all ages and ethnicities and the results conclusively show that everyone associates the color white with good/positive traits and black with negative ones more quickly and easily than they would associate the opposite.

For once, many of the youtube comments are civil and argue an intellectual point.

America’s “Good Negro” Bill Cosby Charged with Sexual Assault in Pennsylvania

bill cosby file photo

The alleged assault of a woman 12 years ago has led to the arrest of Bill Cosby, aka Dr. Huxtable. He’s been released after putting up $100,000 against the court’s bail amount of $1,000,000. The charge is a felony which could put Mr. Cosby in prison for five to ten years. At age 78, he would likely never make it out alive.

And so dies the myth of the good Negro.

CBS News

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Bill Cosby was charged Wednesday with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago – the first criminal charges brought against the comedian out of the torrent of allegations that destroyed his good-guy image as America’s Dad.

The case sets the stage for perhaps the biggest Hollywood celebrity trial of the mobile-all-the-time era and could send the 78-year-old Cosby to prison in the twilight of his life and barrier-breaking career.

Cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault, punishable by five to 10 years behind bars and a $25,000 fine.

Cosby made a brief appearance at a Pa. courtroom Wed. afternoon where bond was set at $1 million. He posted $100,000 and left within 10 minutes of arriving. He was scowling as he got out of the car and stumbled while being helped by his lawyers from the car. The next hearing in the case will be Jan. 14.

Prosecutors accused him of rendering former Temple University employee Andrea Constand unable to resist by plying her with pills and wine, then penetrating her digitally without her consent, when she was unconscious or unaware of what was happening.

andrea constand

She was “frozen, paralyzed, unable to move,” Montgomery County District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele said in announcing the charges. He said it is unclear what type of pills Constand was given, but he noted that Cosby has admitted giving Quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with.

Cosby acknowledged under oath a decade ago that he had sexual contact with Constand but said it was consensual. Calls to his attorneys were not immediately returned.

It’s too bad that Bill Clinton will never be similarly charged.

One more thing. Do you understand how badly the Jewish controlled media and Hollywood played you, America? Cosby, the great father. Cosby, the great humanitarian. Cosby, the “good nigger.”

You were played. Cosby is closely associated with the vile Hugh Hefner, the crypto-Jew pornographer. Anyone associated with Hefner is dirty, dirty, dirty.

For whatever reason, Hollywood has bailed on Bill Cosby. Who is today’s “good nigger?” I don’t know as I don’t go to the movies. But I’ve heard of Denzel Washington.

Whether it’s Washington or someone else, rest assured that the myth of the good Negro will not be allowed to die.

noooo gif black

50,000 Chickens to Be Brutally Sacrificed on the Streets of NYC by … Jews

chicken killing ritual jews

May God have mercy upon the chickens who fall into the hands of the traditional Jews. All cruelty towards animals should be made illegal. Their lives trump an unnecessary religious ritual.

Excerpt from The Dodo

Yom Kippur is right around the corner — and tens of thousands of chickens are about to be sacrificed in a highly controversial ritual.

“It’s a carnival of cruelty,” Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns (UPC), told The Dodo.

In the practice of kapparot, supplicants swing a live chicken around their heads three times while saying a prayer that translates to: “This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my expiation. This chicken shall go to death and I shall proceed to a good, long life and peace.” The chicken is then slaughtered and, traditionally, donated to the poor.

Not many Jews practice kapparot, and an even smaller portion use a live chicken, as a bag of money is an accepted alternative. But the practice has drawn intense scrutiny both from within the Jewish community and without, particularly in places like Brooklyn and the Bronx where there are a large number of practitioners.

“I’ve actually stood out there on the street with these birds,” said Davis, who’s witnessed the event in New York for the past several years and will be in the city to protest on Sunday and Monday. “It’s just a horror. The birds are starving, they’re dehydrated, they get no food … and practitioners are just grabbing them out of their crates and swinging them and chanting about how they’re transferring their sins to the chicken.”

The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos is hosting three peaceful 2-hour protest demonstrations the first week of October in Brooklyn, New York.

Misleading Headline: Twitter Criticized For Hiring White Male as New Diversity Chief (Correction–He’s A JEW!)

TWITTER-Diversity-Chief-Jeffrey Siminoff1

PC Mag

Twitter has in the past admitted that its workforce skews very heavily male and white, but the company is hoping a new hire will help change that.

The microblogging service this week announced that Jeffrey Siminoff will join the company to lead global diversity and inclusion at Twitter. Siminoff has an impressive resume as Apple’s former Director of Worldwide Inclusion and Diversity, but there’s just one problem, according to critics: He’s a white male.

No, no, no! Look at Jeffrey Siminoff and tell me he’s a Euro-American of Celtic, Anglo, or Germanic origins. He’s not white although his skin tone is clearly that of a white person. He’s a Jew, a people of Turkic origins, not of Western Europe.

But the white man will get demonized for taking a job, Twitter diversity chief, that libturds will claim should have gone to a black, preferably a black female lesbian one-armed midget.

The media constantly refuses to identify Jews as Jews. It’s misleading to imply that Jews are “white,” a word that is associated with Western Euro peoples.

Shape up, you news guys and get it right for a change.