Corrupt White Cop Carefully Staged His Suicide to Make It Look Like Murder

Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

Nice guy police officer Joseph Gleniewicz had a lot of people fooled.

NBC Chicago

At a press conference Wednesday Lake County Major Crimes Task Force commander George Filenko called Gliniewicz’s Sept. 1 death a “carefully staged suicide.” Filenko said Gliniewicz faked his own murder, to help conceal “extensive criminal acts.” Specifically, he said, the veteran Fox Lake police officer had been “stealing and laundering money” from the Fox Lake Police Explorer post for seven years, using the funds for personal purchases, mortgages, travel expenses, even adult websites.

Greed takes over when you’re not morally grounded. What a waste of life to be stealing to pay for subscriptions to porn sites.

The Task Force indicated in their report that Gliniewicz staged an elaborate ruse, forcing a massive manhunt for suspects who never existed.

“Our investigation has determined conclusively that Gliniewicz intentionally left a staged trail of police equipment at the crime scene,” Filenko said. “It was learned through investigation that Gliniewicz had significant experience staging mock crime scenes for police explorer training.”

Gliniewicz was last heard from the morning of Sept. 1 when he called for backup while on duty, reporting on his radio he was pursuing three suspicious men. Three men were found by investigators, but police quickly discounted them as suspects. However, because of their proximity to the area, Filenko said he could not rule out the possibility that Gliniewicz might have actually seen the men, incorporating their descriptions into his scheme.

During the hour-long briefing, officials released text and facebook messages said to be key in revealing the officer’s motives. Among the messages are statements from Gliniewicz claiming he used money from the Explorer account to pay for a $624.70 flight. Another one claims that if the Fox Lake Village Administrator “gets ahold of the checking account I’m pretty well [expletive].”

The story goes on to relate that Gleniewicz’s wife and one of his sons are implicated via messages to his criminal acts. They are currently under investigation.

Embezzlement, misuse of funds, is not such an easy crime to conceal forever. The paper trail is there. All it takes is someone willing to look for it and you’re toast. At the time of his suicide, Gliniewicz had been found out by a woman official. At least he killed himself and not her.

gliniewicz family

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