Germany: SJW Uses Bare Breasts to Force Facebook to Ban “Race Hatred”

nippelstatthetz german social justice warrior

As usual the individual behind the effort to make sure that Germany is totally destroyed is a Jew, Olli Waldhauer

Olli Waldhauer lives and works in Cologne, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel as director and producer of commercials, music videos and documentaries.


First, the whole story, followed by commentary:

The Local Germany

A Facebook campaign featuring a topless woman and a man holding up a racist sign has gone viral in Germany, as its creator said on Friday the social network needed to rein in hate speech.

The image shows a voluptuous woman wearing only a pair of panties and a man in an easy chair clad in an undershirt and jeans with a handwritten, misspelled message reading “Don’t Buy From Turks” — a Nazi-era slogan against Jews combined with a racist slur.

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Sh*tstorm Rising: SMU Goes Ape Over “Offensive” Frat “Ice Age Party”

ice age party

ice age party2

The Jewish fraternity involved in the promotion of the party invite pictured above has now officially groveled. The other fraternity will, I predict.

The Facebook invite is pictured above. Here’s how it reads:

Ladies and Gents,

The fine gentlemen of AEPI and PIKE are joining forces in order to accomplish one righteous mutual goal; to throw the most savage banger in SMU history. We brought together Dallas’s best venue, dopest DJs, and most legendary artist just for you. So dig out your bling, throwback jerseys, and tall tees because this party is going to be lit!

Tickets will be rolling out soon. 100% of the profits will be donated. This is an open SMU event. Please feel free to send out invites to any of your friends.

Has the stuff hit the fan? You bet it has.

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Black customer forced to prepay for meal files $100K discrimination lawsuit

elmer's restaurant

That Elmer’s in the picture looks like a fine place to eat. I’d stop in for some watermelon, fried chicken, and grape drank. If I was black.

If blacks like to skip on paying the check, then what’s the harm in asking them to pay up front? No harm at all to the blacks, and the practice helps keep food prices affordable for EVERYONE, including blacks. It also helps keep the restaurant in business. Many times losses can NOT be made up for with higher prices because of competition.

By the way, have you noticed that everyone prepays at McDonald’s, etc.? All restaurants may have to resort to that policy given the criminal nature of so many blacks. Race realists notice things like that and respond rationally.

Fox News

An African American man who says he was asked to pay for his meal before dining at a Washington state restaurant—unlike white diners around him– has filed a $100,000 discrimination suit against the chain.

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Released Muslim Terrorist Shaker Aamer to Receive £1,000,000 from British Government in Disgusting Show of Weakness

shaker ameer

There is no more rule of law. That’s the theme in several posts this evening. There is political correctness, however. And leaving a f*cking Muslim terrorist feeling butthurt is simply not allowed.

Aamer will get his money just like other released terrorists have been paid off. In American dollars, the amount is around $1,400,000.

If someone in Britain decides to kill these bastards, I doubt that the put upon, impoverished white citizens of Britain, sold out by their traitors in government, will mourn. After all, the scumbags can’t take their ill-gotten wealth with them.

Sky News

Shaker Aamer could receive up to £1m in compensation from the British government following his release from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Britain’s final detainee is spending his first weekend with his family in nearly 14 years after he arrived back in Britain yesterday following his release from the US prison.

Mr Aamer, 46, may now pursue legal proceedings which were initiated on his behalf, against the British security services and government departments for their alleged complicity in his transfer to Guantanamo Bay, and their failure to prevent it and his ill-treatment.

In Britain 15 former detainees have received compensation.

They include Jamal al Harith who was freed in 2004 and is now believed to be fighting for Islamic State; Moazzam Begg who was released in 2005; and Omar Deghayes – the uncle of two British jihadis who’ve been killed in Syria in recent years.

All three received out of court settlements thought to be in the region of £1m each.


hitler was right post on pole

I’ve developed some revealing information about the student at the heart of this story. More after an excerpt from the article:


A number of anti-Semitic posters have been plastered across the campus of Birmingham University, including one depicting Adolf Hitler emblazoned with the slogan “Hitler was Right”. The West Midlands Police are investigating

The posters were discovered by Students’ Guild Education Officer Izzy Lenga, who posted a photo to Twitter. She commented: “For those who don’t think antisemitism is a serious issue, these were plastered over campus on Tues”.

izzy lenga

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Afrikaner women ‘more faithful’ over 300 years – study


No beauty can match the beauty of the white woman. It turns out that the Afrikaner woman is a very faithful creature as well as very beautiful.

New research into 23 common Afrikaans surnames has found that the incidence of “false fatherhoods” was lower than 1% over the last 300 years, according to a report by Radio Sonder Grendse.

This means that Afrikaner women very rarely committed adultery, or passed off the children born out of those affairs as their husbands’.

Professor Jaco Greeff and Christoff Erasmus from the University of Pretoria published their findings in May.

They were assisted by a team of genealogists to find living descendants of these 23 families and 199 volunteers participated in the study.

H/T to Mike Smith’s blog where I first saw the story and to Afrikanerway, where I sourced the photo of Charlize Theron and saw some other photos of beautiful Afrikaans women.

Jew Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Paul Singer Throws Support to Possible Marrano Jew Marco Rubio


It pains me to have to write political news since politics is ritual theater–not really real. But this year it seems to no longer be following the script. Maybe I’ve been fooled, but Trump has thrown the political stage into chaos.

If I can even in a small way help stir up a revolt against the status quo, then, I’ll go for it. Jeb is toast, so who’s the Jew going to promote now? We have our answer.

Rubio is possibly a crypto-Jew whose real last name is Rubenstein or Rubinowitz. Certainly he would never have gotten far in Florida politics without Jew money because Florida has a large and powerful Jewish population. Rubio’s wife has the look of a Jewess, adding to suspicions about the greasy taco turd’s origins.

rubio and wife

Now, Jew hedge fund manager Paul Singer is drawing attention for disappointing Jeb Bush and throwing sheckels at Marco, backing his presidential bid, which is on the upswing since the CNBC debate where he bullshitted over and over, impressively so, thus fooling the always foolable goyim.

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