Starving Dog Rescued After Being Tied to Fence Outside Georgia Church

starving boxer

The bastard who starved Odysseus should be subjected to 50 lashes with a bullwhip, followed by his own starvation. Although the dog is identified in the story as a boxer, I believe he’s a pit bull.

NBC News

An abandoned dog is being nursed back to health after being found tied up outside a Georgia church weighing only 28 pounds — or about half its normal weight.

Angels Among Us Animal Rescue (AAUPR) posted distressing images of the dog to their Facebook page on Sunday after it was discovered in Fulton County.

Odysseus, as the dog is now named, is thought to be just two years old and a boxer mix — but officials are uncertain of his breed due to his emaciated state. A healthy boxer should weight from 55 – 70 pounds.

AAUPR said he is being treated around-the-clock for extreme malnutrition at a local veterinary hospital.

“Odysseus is doing remarkably well, given his current condition,” AAUPR said in a post on Facebook Monday night. “This sweet boy still has a long road ahead of him but his future is looking brighter than ever. He desperately wants love. He’s a bit nervous at first when he meets someone but quickly warms up.”

May Odysseus survive, thrive, and soon find a forever home filled with love, laughter, and children.

Link to Facebook page

More from Facebook:

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7 thoughts on “Starving Dog Rescued After Being Tied to Fence Outside Georgia Church

  1. The bastard that did this should be hung, beaten then starved to death! The human that did this, is not human. They are the lowest form of life! I would love to meet them and inflict 1000 times the pain to them this poor beautiful puppy went through… I’d take a dog over most humans… unconditional love!!!! I hope the ffffff bastard is found!!!!

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