Corporal Punishment: The Answer to Black Violence and Dysfunction?


When I first saw the brief Mr. T pain video from Rocky, something clicked.

I realized in a flash that most blacks cannot be deterred from their criminal and other anti-social behavior by the usual punishments. Pain is the language they understand.

In school, blacks view a suspension as a vacation. As adults, too many of them are left unfased by a jail or prison sentence.

Corporal punishment, striking someone as punishment, generally involves a rattan cane, a leather strap, or a wooden paddle.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, a black man, had some legal and league troubles last year because he administered corporal punishment to his son. I wrote at least one post about his troubles. I’d have to look to be sure, but I think I defended him. It’s the wise black man who knows that black children respond to pain by acting decently.

The U.S. map below shows which states make corporal punishment in the schools legal. They are the red states. In the blue states, it’s alleged that corporal punishment is allowed in the home, but as Mr. Peterson’s case exemplifies, a parent can get into trouble with the law when others accuse the parent of child abuse.


This Wikipedia link offers a map of Europe that shows that corporal punishment in the schools is not allowed at all. In many countries in Europe, corporal punishment is not allowed in the home either. This system may work when the population is white, but as diversity brings nonwhites to Europe, the system is going to break down, with Europe engulfed in a crime wave. Unless corporal punishment is allowed in the home and in the schools.

This Wikipedia article on judicial corporal punishment states that sentences involving striking adults convicted of criminal acts are banned in the West, but sometimes used in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

This article in Washington Monthly from 2011 argues that America should “bring back the lash.” I agree.

The argument in that article is not racial, but rather that criminals would prefer 10 lashes to 5 years in prison. It would be far less disruptive to their lives, cost the taxpayer little, and end the “education” that young criminals get from older ones in prison.

If corporal punishment did not reduce crime, it could be rolled back. The problem, like most of our problems, is liberals. I’m sure they would view corporal punishment as cruel. They prefer that violent scum receive counseling rather than any punishment at all. They want to empty out the prisons.

As usual, liberals are wrong. About everything.

judicial corporal punishment malaysia

4 thoughts on “Corporal Punishment: The Answer to Black Violence and Dysfunction?

  1. In The Island Of Doctor Moreau, a brilliant but mad scientist turns wild animals into almost humans by operations. To control them he has the Law and behind the Law, The House Of Pain. All those that break the Law go to The House Of Pain.
    The inherently dangerous system works well with only two white men controlling hundreds of formerly feral monsters. One vital character preserving the system is The Sayer Of The Law, himself a former wild animal. The other animals respect and follow him because he is one of them. Uncle Tom?
    Until one do gooder foolish white man comes along and all hell breaks loose. John Brown?
    I like both the Burt Lancaster and Charles Laughton versions of this movie.

    From IMDB “An obsessed scientist conducts profane experiments in evolution, eventually establishing himself as the self-styled demigod to a race of mutated, half-human abominations.” This sounds like the USA to me. Jews being the self-styled demigods and Negroes being the offspring of the Apes brought from Africa.
    Without The House Of Pain the USA will end the same way as did Moreaus Island.

  2. Well…………. America you have a lot to learn from Malaysia & Singapore…..
    BTW Singapore has a very low crime rate… Murder is hanging very shortly after sentence & not 20 years later like in the good ole of USA…..

  3. I knew a very well behaved Southern Christian black man who endured beatings by a
    telephone cord. He said his grandparents thought they were doing him a favor,
    and that could be true.

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