The Mirror Test: White Babies Recognize Themselves at 15 Months, Black Children Not Until 6 Years (Science Video)

black and white babies

This video tells a significant truth about race: Race matters when it comes to intelligence. The mirror test, described in the video, proves it.

Shlomo Shekelsteinowitz writes on youtube:



A less inflamatory comment posits:

So he’s saying Kenyans can’t recognize their own reflections until 6 years of age because of social differences yet elephants, orangutans, dolphins and chimps figure it out easy enough. How does that make sense? Elephant society must be heavily westernized.

Blacks are closer to apes than whites. The mirror test proves it.

From the youtube information box:

Read More:
Mirror Test…
“The mirror test is a measure of self-awareness developed by Gordon Gallup Jr in 1970.
The test gauges self-awareness by determining whether an animal can recognize its own reflection in a mirror as an image of itself.”

What Do Animals See in a Mirror?…
“Gallup wasn’t the first to come up with the notion that it might be significant if a person or animal recognizes itself in the mirror. He would only later learn that Charles Darwin had shown mirrors to orangutans, but they didn’t figure the mirror out, at least while he was watching. Darwin had also noted that, for their first few years, his children couldn’t recognize themselves in their reflections.”

11 thoughts on “The Mirror Test: White Babies Recognize Themselves at 15 Months, Black Children Not Until 6 Years (Science Video)

  1. Darwin was an observant scientist. So how come his children were less intelligent than modern white children? Darwin saw the truth as an objective scientists about even his own children, whereas many scientists see what they want to see. Often this involves agreeing with previous scientists. For example in my own lifetime moist scientists said that it was impossible for other solar systems to exist with planets like our own and thus no life existed elsewhere in space. I always thought that scientific belief was ridiculous. I know a two year old who easily recognizes herself in the mirror, and I wonder if females start this sooner than males due to mothers pushing this mirror thing on them? Darwin may have had no low mirrors which the small kids would have seen every day.

    The reason black babies do not recognise themselves until six is easy to explain, without being scientific at all. They are horrified at the ape monster staring back at them and they desperately hope it is some nasty animal which might go away. After 6 years they give up and accept reality, the bum hand that life dealt them.

    In 1955 there were only 250 million black Africans, now there are 1.1 billion, due to hit 4 billion in 2100. If this happens civilization as we know it will end.
    Black Africans “quadrupled from 1955–2009, according to United Nations estimates.”

    • Nice alternate theory about why blacks don’t recognize themselves. I still say it’s the genes, but your monster in the mirror theory has its appeal.

      As for population, black kids running around a village might as well be chimps or gorillas for all the attention they get. Quantity above quality in child raising, I guess.

  2. But why is it possible for them to impregnate white women?
    I always heard that two different species couldn’t produce offspring, unless they
    had help from the lab. The Jews would provide this “help” of course.

    • You heard wrong.

      The Negro is not human just as the Neanderthal was not human, this is now proven fact with genetic science.

      The genetic distance between Whites (British) and Blacks (Bantu) is 0.23:

      The FST between the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) is 0.103 which is half the White-Black difference despite the two being classified as separate species:

      The FST between two gorilla species, Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei is 0.04 or 1/6 the difference between Blacks and Whites:

      The FST between humans and Neanderthals is less than 0.08 or about 1/3 the Black-White difference:

      The FST between humans and homo erectus is 0.17 which is 3/4 the Black-White distance:

      Thus, whites and blacks are more genetically distant than two different chimpanzee species, two different gorilla species, humans vs. Neanderthals, and humans vs. homo erectus.

  3. In addition to the obvious fact that the difference in intelligence between Whites and Africans can explain why White babies catch on at an earlier age, I wonder if it might also be the case that White babies begin to develop their unique facial features earlier. We all know the old adage about Africans looking alike but there might be something to this in the speed of early development of unique features, just as Africans may develop other functions sooner, like testosterone, etc.

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  5. The video talks about a group of kids in Kenya, not black children in general. Black children in other places do pass the test at the same age as white children. That could mean there´s a cultural factor in the way they react to their reflection. Race do not exist get over it

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