Hero Dog Buster Who Saved Thousands of Lives Has Died at Age 13


RIP, Buster. You and your kin will be remembered so long as there are men who love dogs.


This is Buster the springer spaniel – and he has died at the age of 13 after completing five tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bosnia.

In a statement, the Royal Air Force said the retired search dog had been responsible for saving ‘countless lives’ by sniffing out improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on the battlefield.

It is thought he could have save thousands of lives.

He later became honoured as an official lifetime mascot of the RAF as a reward for his service.

Until recently, Buster had been enjoying retirement with handler Flight Sergeant Will Barrow at his Lincolnshire home, alongside two other dogs.

The pair were described as being ‘inseparable’ and had even attended a local school last week to hand out end of year reports to students.

A special event to celebrate RAF working dogs is due to be held later this year.

rainbow bridge2

4 thoughts on “Hero Dog Buster Who Saved Thousands of Lives Has Died at Age 13

  1. I hope the other side of the Rainbow Bridge is Heaven because I expect to reunite with all my dogs when I get there. What a glorious time it will be…forever!

    • I believe it may have been Mark Twain or someone else famous who said that if dogs are not allowed into heaven, then he didn’t want to be there. I think the Rainbow Bridge is the bridge to heaven.

      Just for you, I’ll post the Twilight Zone episode The Hunt tonight. If you’ve never seen it, watch and be prepared to cry.

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