“White Man” Francisco Sanchez Arrested for Brazen Tourist Murder in San Francisco

Francisco Sanchez

The lettuce pickers are growing bold, and why not?

The POTUS has made it clear that they are his people. They own California … oops … Mexifornia now. They are just beginning to exercise their power.

In the crime stats this murder will go down as white on white. We know better, but the general public doesn’t. The media hopes that we forget about white man Francisco Sanchez and numb ourselves with another televised sports event or blockbuster movie.

One will not forget and I hope that she doesn’t forgive. That would be Kate Steinle’s mother. Add in her father too. Never forgive, never forget. If you do forgive, it only encourages the next murder.

Associated Press

Kathryn “Kate” Steinle was out for an evening stroll with her father along the San Francisco waterfront when she was killed by a man who police said she didn’t know.

The shooting occurred Wednesday evening while still light at Pier 14 – one of the busiest tourist destinations in the city, a place where people gather to take in the views, joggers exercise, and families push strollers at all hours.

Liz Sullivan told the San Francisco Chronicle (http://bit.ly/1IuWbKw ) the killing of her daughter was unbelievable and surreal.

“I don’t think I’ve totally grasped it,” Sullivan said.

Two television news crews reporting on the killing were later mugged at the scene, with a masked gunman pistol-whipping a camera operator. The robber took cameras from KNTV and KTVU before he jumped into a black BMW and fled.

Police said Thursday they had arrested Francisco Sanchez in the shooting about an hour after it occurred. Authorities said he does not yet have a lawyer.

Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said witnesses snapped photos of Sanchez immediately after the shooting, and the images helped police make the arrest while he was walking on a sidewalk a few blocks away.

Police were still waiting for fingerprint identification on Sanchez, who is believed to be a 45-year-old whose last address was in Texas. He was on probation for an unspecified conviction, Andraychak said.

Sullivan told the newspaper that her 32-year-old daughter turned to her father after she was shot and said she didn’t feel well before collapsing.

“She just kept saying, `Dad, help me, help me,'” Sullivan said.

Her father immediately began CPR before paramedics rushed the woman to the hospital.

“She fought for her life,” Sullivan said.

Steinle went to high school and previously lived about 40 miles east of San Francisco, the newspaper said. She recently moved just blocks from the waterfront and worked for a medical technology company.


San Francisco is so unsafe now that TV news crews were assaulted an robbed. A country is only as safe as its citizens are peaceful. The USSA is a very unsafe place now. And getting more unsafe as it browns and blackens, especially for whites. Just as Obama wants it.

15 thoughts on ““White Man” Francisco Sanchez Arrested for Brazen Tourist Murder in San Francisco

  1. I think I am going to check for Evita Longfurya email and send her photo of this gentleman. I just wonder what nice words crazy bitch might find for her countryman in this case

  2. Ok, when are we going to stop this crap?! Put a bounty on any illegal! Will put a lot of people to work! And as Jareer Abeed said he wanted! SPREAD THE WEALTH! ! ! Great idea!

  3. “the killing of her daughter was unbelievable”.
    What, was this mother living on the moon for the past few years? She lives in San Francisco a violent city in a violent country. My father was a tourist in SF many years ago. He and his wife heard several pops from their hotel room. They learned later that a security guard had shot two crooks dead. When the police arrived they shot the security guard dead.
    Just another day in San Francisco city of hippies, poofters and anal love.
    And the Black Negro Zebra killers of the 1970s, which the media forgot to tell me about. but white Charles Manson was in the news every day, and he still is, 45 years later.

    • Never…it’s always been a minority that takes care of business. Something in the order of 10%, I believe, is what is required for any kind of movement to reach critical mass. So, basically it’s up to all of us to do what needs doing, while the sheep graze passively in the field. It’s a bitch, but that’s the way it is. BTW, just ignore their frightened bleating when things get ugly and get down to the business at hand.

  4. Alas, the crime rate is down significantly across the country over the last 15yrs so your fear mongering hyperbole is nothing but a lie.

    • “Fear mongering hyperbole?” Tell that to Kathryn Steinle, who might be alive if she had realized how unsafe it is.

      Whites will never have crime rates as low as in Japan and Singapore, but if the USA were exclusively white we would be close. Black crime rates are at least 8 times higher than those of whites. Mexicans are 3 times higher, according to liberal blogger Robert Lindsay.


      As Michael Anissimov notes, medical advances are able to save shooting victims today that could not be saved in the past. This makes the murder rate lower, but it does not prove that we are safer. The murder rate may be lower than a couple of decades ago, but it’s 40 times what it was when my grandmother was born, so no cookie for you.

    • Alarming government statistics are always nothing but a lie, from Socialist governments run by Jewry particularly. There is no logic in down rates while numbers of American Urban Niggers, Latrinos and those imported from Apefrica are rampantly growing. Criminality of Urban Niggers/Latrinos has no decline tendency, it’s impossible, because Urban Niggers/Latrinos are exponential upgrade of violence if compared with ordinary rural Niggers/Latrinos and this is the FACT.

      By the way, how the hack you came with this alias Thor, are you mocking Norse mythology? Disregarding the litter of your origin, you should have chosen something more appropriate, something that would suite your ilk.

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  6. The picture of the girl is wrong in this article. That’s my LinkedIn picture. Please swap the picture for the correct Kathryn

  7. It is now July 12. We know now that it is an illegal alien from Mexico, but I have shown his photo to Mexicans who say he looks part black. Not likely a Mexican, perhaps Central Amrrican where the black slave trade flourished in the coastal areas.

    That makes this attack Black on White.

    It is the usual hate crime in Frisco.

    Nothing new from the 1970’s when blacks attacked Whitr girls all the Thr time in public and especially on public transit.

    Obama has a White mother but who knows what his daddy really was.

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