What This Black Teacher Said To A White Special Needs Student Is Despicable


Kudos to Downtrend for featuring this story, written by a conservative black man.


A recent report by The Cincinnati Enquirer revealed that on May 28, 2014, an “elementary intervention specialist” at Wayne Local Schools threw a marker at a handicapped, non-verbal student and then — after applying bandages to her — said this:

Anything else, your highness? My people fought for years so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.

The teacher, Pamela Bullock, also reportedly once got so frustrated with a student that she took the safety wheels off the student’s wheelchair.

She is one of at least 34 Greater Cincinnati educators who have been “reported to the state since January 2014 for criminal or ethical misconduct.”

She herself has since resigned. In addition, two of her supervisors “were put on paid administrative leave for allegedly knowing about Bullock’s actions but not immediately reporting them.”

This horrible woman is clearly just a rotten apple. In no way, shape or form does her behavior represent the behavior of all other black teachers in America.

With that said, I bet you every dollar in my bank account that no liberal mainstream media outlet will pick up on and cover this story.

Why? Because the same media that daily chastises white teachers for rightfully disciplining misbehaving black students apparently sees absolutely nothing wrong with a black teacher not only mistreating a special needs student, but also spewing racial garbage at her.

Would you like to know why the racial divide remains stronger than ever in America?

Because of liberal mainstream media bias!

12 thoughts on “What This Black Teacher Said To A White Special Needs Student Is Despicable

  1. Bullock huh, this POS is quite nasty, but her surname associates on another Bullock, quite crazy one that imports and adopts chimps, as far as I can recall

  2. What an immature cruel thing to say to a disabled child who probably has no idea what the “teacher” is even referring to. Grow up & hold your big fat mouth, lady. As if ANY child anywhere is the cause of your obviously unsatisfying life!

    “Anything else, your highness? My people fought for years so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.”

    I hate to have to tell you, lady, but the title TEACHER means SERVING OTHERS.

    And as an aside, just saw this earlier in Makow’s twitter re “Fred re White Pride”:

    “Are White Men Gods? (II): Getting the Facts Straight” – Fred On Everything”:

    Facts are Facts! Funny.

  3. That’s the sort of person AA gets you. It allows haters to get positions of responsibility.

    Same in Britain. Last night on the news I was listening to a young girl from Rotherham. She was thirteen when she was raped by gangs of barbarians. They threatened to kill her family, rape her sister and set fire to her house. Despite complaining to the Police (a group of grown men and women) she was left to fend for herself and defend her family as best she could saying what was I supposed to do ? Yet still there are people who blame these girls for what happened to them.

    • I know it’s true, but it really is hard to believe that there are some who blame the girls. I can see the muzzies doing that but whites who do so are even more despicable. The exposure of Rotherham is one of the great truth unveilings in recent memory.

  4. Gee that has burst my balloon. I thought the Mainstream Media were my friend and the people on the idiot box were keeping me informed.
    Seriously though many years ago I believed that journalists were people of integrity. Ha, was I wrong. Western journalists are just as evil as the terrified journos of the Soviet Union.
    All the news that is fit to conceal and ignore.
    All the lies that are fit to make up and print.

    • A once honorable profession has been destroyed. In the US, the local TV news does a better job than the national media in reporting racial crime news, probably because the news broadcasts need ratings to sell ads.

  5. “… have to serve white people like you.” I wish these people would listen to us. We don’t want you to serve people like us. We want you to be somewhere else.

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