Billionaire Jew Sheldon Adelson, the Casino King, Faces Lawsuit Alleging Graft, Corruption

"Jersey Boys" Opens At The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino

What we have here is a fired Jew employee suing his billionaire Jew boss, Sheldon Adelson, the man who spends tens of millions trying to put his goy guy into the White House.

The lawsuit is being heard by an “Hispanic” judge in Nevada. Talk about a clusterfreak of diversity. How the case will turn out with a Mexican WOMAN judge ruling is anybody’s guess. You can bet that bad law will be the order of the day. There’s also a Chinese connection here, as Jew Adelson is accused of ties to Chinese gangsters.

Whatever the outcome of the lawsuit, how could anyone doubt that a casino king, political kingmaker like Adelson is anything but a slimeball?

Oy vey!

Excerpt from The Hill

A judge ruled Friday that a lawsuit accusing casino magnate Sheldon Adelson of graft and ties to organized crime will be heard in a U.S. court.

Las Vegas Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez ruled that a hearing over the full case will take place in a Nevada courtroom, according to The Guardian, dealing a blow to Adelson, the owner of Las Vegas Sands and a major GOP political donor.

“This matter has been pending in Nevada courts for almost five years,” Gonzalez said. “Judicial economy would be served by continuing his litigation in Nevada.”

Her ruling follows a month of legal arguments over where jurisdiction in a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against Adelson should take place.

Steven Jacobs, the suit’s plaintiff, has argued that Adelson unfairly terminated him as chief executive of Adelson’s casinos in Macao, China, in a case that has remained tangled in courts since 2010.

Jacobs alleged that Adelson fired him after he blocked hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for Leonel Alves, a Macau legislator and lawyer. He has argued that the funds would have potentially breached U.S. anti-bribery laws.

Jacobs additionally charged that Adelson and Alves refused his attempts to break ties with Macau’s triads, the Chinese organized crime groups that run illegal operations there.

The case has brought new scrutiny to Adelson’s booming casinos in Macau, a wealthy Chinese territory famous for its luxurious gambling.

Adelson has wanted the suit tried in Macau on account of his casinos there operating independently of his Las Vegas locations.

A lawsuit argued in Nevada, The Guardian said, could potentially cost Adelson gaming licenses for his casinos there.

6 thoughts on “Billionaire Jew Sheldon Adelson, the Casino King, Faces Lawsuit Alleging Graft, Corruption

  1. Funny name for a Chinaman, Alves. I think he is part Asian and largely Portuguese Jew. Adelson owns and runs Israel and he has corrupted the USA political system along with his fellow Jews. Hollywood shows the Mafia as Italians to misdirect attention from their own crimes. The real USA mafia has always been Jewish.
    This court case is a good idea, Alves would have no chance in corrupt Macau. That is why Adelson has delayed the case for five years.
    It is good the judge is Hispanic. If the judge was a Jew, Alves might as well throw in the towel.
    Australia has similar laws. So if BHP. the worlds biggest miner, pays a bribe anywhere in the world, they can be fined huge sums in Australia plus other penalties, and this has happened. How can any international company do business without paying bribes? Most of the countries in the world are corrupt.The real crime is getting caught.

    “Charlie learned you can trash hotel rooms and do prostitutes. But don’t you dare call a Jewish guy by his real name.” Seth MacFarlane

    • I think you meant to say that Jacobs, the plaintiff, would have no chance in Macao, right?

      As to judges, my experience with Hispanics is that they are extremely corrupt. Jew vs. Jew, so who wins? The one with the deepest pockets in my opinion.

      • Yes, I goofed, Jacobs another Jew is the plaintiff. Alves was the crook who Jacobs stopped from getting a bribe. Do Jews ever give money or jobs to non Jews? Jews are racists, clannish and discriminators.

      • Jews do sometimes give jobs to nonJews, but your point is well taken. They do stick together. Maybe only a Jewish judge would be truly qualified to judge a case of Jew Jacobs versus Jew Adelson.

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