Tallywackers: Faggoty Rip Off of Hooters Concept Opens in Texas, Featuring Scantily-Clad Men and Food


Another cultural marker in the decline of the West comes to us courtesy of a Dallas, Texas businessman, Rodney Duke. Mr. Duke, not to be confused with The Duke (John Wayne) has found a new way to monetize that old homosexual desire to meet up with man meat.

The all male wait staff are sure to flirt back when a gay blade points to his crotch and says “I’ll have a hot dog, with plenty of hot cream.” In a normal restaurant, that bit of flirting might get a gay blade punched out.

Mr. Duke claims that women will enjoy the sight of those half naked male food servers too. So I guess a woman can order a hot dog too and also get that flirtatious response from her waiter.


An all-male restaurant inspired by Hooters is now open for business in Dallas.

The restaurant, named Tallywackers, hires attractive men and serves comfort food including steaks, pizzas, pasta, and hot dogs.

The restaurant’s grand opening was on Saturday.

Tallywackers says their restaurant is a “bar, restaurant and entertainment destination for everyone. There is eye-candy — for boys and girls — great food and a really good time.”

Just as the “Hooters” name is a play on a euphemism for women’s breasts, “Tallywackers” is a not-so-subtle nod to men’s genitals.

Since gay male waiters are likely going to be far more promiscuous than the female Hooters girls, I think it’s safe to say that there’s going to be a lot of anonymous sex coming out of Tallywackers. That’s going to make some folks really happy.

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White Man Shoots Three Negro Robbers, Ages 16-20, Kills One

colorado condo robbers

Three hits and zero misses. One thug needed a body bag, while two other thugs will make good use of their Obamacare benefits. If Obama had sons, his boys would look just like them.

Nice shooting by an unidentified white male in Aurora, Colorado, who fired at three Negro armed robbers and hit them all. His next step should be to try out for the Texas Rangers. Walker could use a man like him.

With two stories posted on this site over the last two days that discuss the Obama crime wave washing over America, the example set by our shooter offers inspiration and hope that we can fight back and win.

The right to self defense is a God-given right that the state cannot legitimately take away. If Obama’s policies of “racial justice” encourage more crime, then expect whites to weapon up, with more of Obama’s sons biting the dust.

The people I worry about are those living where they cannot legally possess a weapon. Avoiding blacks isn’t always possible, although that’s a starting point for increasing one’s personal safety. So what do you do in that case? I wish I had an answer.

Daily Mail

A man moving into a Colorado building Friday night shot three people who tried robbing him and two other movers, according to police.

The incident happened at 431 S. Kalispell Way around 11pm, the Aurora Police Department said in a Saturday news release.

The release said ‘three males were moving into an apartment building. They were approached by three male subjects in the foyer of the apartment building who attempted to rob them at gunpoint.

‘During the alleged robbery, the third mover drew a firearm and shot towards the three male subjects who were attempting to rob them striking all three.’

During a press conference that was uploaded to YouTube, Aurora’s Chief of Police Nicholas Metz said the three movers were white males in their twenties.

One of the men was moving into the apartment, and two movers were assisting him, Metz said.

They had been in a vestibule measuring around 10 by 6 feet, according to Metz.

The alleged robbers were three black males, ages 16 – 20, Metz said.

Metz said ‘Two of the movers started to hand over their money.

‘The third mover, who was in fear for his safety and the safety of his friends, pulled his weapon out – had a firearm – pulled the gun out and fired multiple shots at the three subjects, striking all three.’

Britain: Home Secretary Teresa May on Banning Criticism of “British Values” (Video)


Jewish puppet Teresa May rejects freedom of speech as a “British value,” but gay marriage, sodomy, Islam, mass immigration, globalism, Judaism, feminism, equality of the races, cultural Marxism–these are British values, which one must not criticize.

do not want

Published on May 21, 2015
FULL REPORT: https://endzog.wordpress.com/2015/05/…

The Ferguson Effect: The New Nationwide Crime Wave


Yesterday, Drudge featured this Wall Street Journal article as his lead story. [Note: Unless you click into the article from Drudge’s site, only a teaser and an appeal to subscribe will be seen.]

The article covers some of the same ground as this item posted yesterday on this site.

This excerpt from the Wall Street Journal fleshes out yesterday’s post, offering a couple of significant new insights into the crime wave engulfing America.

The most plausible explanation of the current surge in lawlessness is the intense agitation against American police departments over the past nine months.

Since last summer, the airwaves have been dominated by suggestions that the police are the biggest threat facing young black males today. A handful of highly publicized deaths of unarmed black men, often following a resisted arrest—including Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y., in July 2014, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014 and Freddie Gray in Baltimore last month—have led to riots, violent protests and attacks on the police. Murders of officers jumped 89% in 2014, to 51 from 27.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, before he stepped down last month, embraced the conceit that law enforcement in black communities is infected by bias. The news media pump out a seemingly constant stream of stories about alleged police mistreatment of blacks, with the reports often buttressed by cellphone videos that rarely capture the behavior that caused an officer to use force.

Because of what is called the “Ferguson effect,” police are not enforcing many laws at the present time. Thugs are emboldened by the hostility toward police that reaches even into the White House.

As attorney general, Eric Holder pressed the cause of ending “mass incarceration” on racial grounds; elected officials across the political spectrum have jumped on board. A 2014 California voter initiative has retroactively downgraded a range of property and drug felonies to misdemeanors, including forcible theft of guns, purses and laptops. More than 3,000 felons have already been released from California prisons, according to the Association of Deputy District Attorneys in Los Angeles County. Burglary, larceny and car theft have surged in the county, the association reports.

“There are no real consequences for committing property crimes anymore,” Los Angeles Police Lt. Armando Munoz told Downtown News earlier this month, “and the criminals know this.”

So what do we, the law abiding ones who pay the taxes, do about a conspiracy that seeks to eliminate “racism” by letting thugs have their way with us?

I don’t know for sure, but where it’s legal to possess a gun, perhaps one should own one. It’s not going to get better for a very long time. The reality is that thugs are no longer afraid of the police.

Maybe we should make them afraid of us.


Filipino Mom’s Pic of Child on A Leash Drove Irish Woman Do-Gooder To Action–But Why?

filipino boy on leash

White altruism. Properly channeled, it’s a wonderful thing. But whites insist on saving the nonwhite world from itself. Not a good thing.

Case in point: The picture of a Filipino boy with a leash around his neck. The pic supposedly outraged millions around the world. Maybe I’m an unfeeling monster, but really, is putting a leash on a child that big a deal?

Anyway, an Irish woman contacted American authorities to have the Filipino mother arrested, believing the child to be in danger. Now the family is having to defend what they say was a joke.

The West really should leave other people in other cultures alone to cope with their lives as they see fit.

But liberals have this notion that they are obligated to save the world by making all other cultures conform to some liberal Utopian idea that evil can be stamped out.

Now the youngster is in an institution for abandoned children, taken away from the woman and her husband. Congrats, Irish lady. Your meddling has created chaos for a family.

Deep down, do you feel proud of yourself?

Excerpt from news.com.au

WHAT’S your response to this photo? Outrage? Fury? Horror? Queasiness?

Then your response is the same as almost every parent’s around the world when it was shared by a Filipina woman called Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco.

The picture appears to show Dela Cruz Francisco’s baby son being dragged around on a leash and eating what looks like dog food. The caption accompanying the video — which we refuse to show here — said the little boy was her “new pet”.

But one woman did more than get upset. She took action.

Irish anti-child abuse campaigner Lurleen Hilliard decided she could not, with any conscience, sit by and let the picture go unreported, not if there was any chance she could intervene and remove the child from harm — if indeed there was any.

So she contacted authorities in the US, who then contacted their colleagues in the Philippines, leading to the baby’s mother being brought into custody.
It’s difficult to know what will become of the little boy in the photo. His mother has told authorities that the video and photos were ‘just a joke’ and that she was doing nothing wrong. Her husband added that she was a ‘good person and good mother’.

However Filippino authorities are not so sure. Francisco is said to be undergoing psychological assessment to see whether she has the mental and emotional capacity to care for the child. In the meantime, the little boy is being held in a facility for abandoned children.

Perhaps this was a silly joke gone wrong and it will be straightened out. I hope so.

But I feel reassured that someone cared enough to do something when they felt a child was being hurt.

Apartment Fliers Advise Negro Tenants to Stop Making So Much Noise

apat flier noise levels

Sent out by the Toscana Apartments, Irvine, California.

Source: Georgia News Day.

“Sooper Mexican” Critiques “Stupid Mexicans” (Video)

New Voices: “Don’t Be A Stupid Mexican. Be A Sooper Mexican!”

I don’t particularly like this video, but a lot of people seem to be impressed by it, so here it is. From the youtube description:

Published on May 22, 2015
In the third video of a “new voices” series, Sooper Mexican explains the difference between “stupid Mexicans” and “sooper Mexicans.” Learn more about D’Souza here: http://www.dineshdsouza.com. Catch more of Sooper Mexican here: https://www.youtube.com/soopermexican.