The Entire History of the World In One Amazing Chart

history of the world chart

Source: Business Insider The article tells the story of how the Histomap was created.

There’s a zoomable version of the chart here at the David Munsey map collection.

4 thoughts on “The Entire History of the World In One Amazing Chart

  1. Hey, it’s racist, where are Al Sharpfart’s prehistoric empires?
    Hope there will be no riots after this “blasphemy”

    • It was put together in 1931. You could tell the truth then. Today, not so much truth anymore. What’s interesting is how different races have risen and then fallen over the long run.

  2. In 1931 this chart says France is more powerful than Germany. Britain has about 70% the power of the USA. Japan is more powerful than Russia.
    As events proved 8 to 14 years later, all these are wrong.
    France was a pushover for the Germans in WWII. All of Northern France was conquered with the same number of Germans killed as died capturing Crete from the air.
    Japan was too weak to dare attack the Soviet Union in1941, unfortunately.
    The USA in 1931 was much more powerful than the fading British Empire.
    So the whole chart probably has many such errors and was probably drawn by an Englishman. It is very interesting though.
    China is probably constantly underestimated, just because they did not invade neighbours. This is not weakness, but intelligence.
    A key error is that the power of the Hebrews for the past 200 or even 500 years is nowhere to be seen. Columbus was financed by a Jew, not the King of Spain who took the credit as is always the case. A commenter on Bro Nate says that all the conquistadors were Jews, called Marranos. (This may help to explain their incredible greed and cruelty). Torquemada, Grand Inquisitor, was a Jew. That the whole “anti Jew” thing in Spain was a racket to spread Jew power throughout the world, such as South America. Fidel Castro was a Jew.

    • So does this mean that Mexicans are part Jew instead of part Spanish? I’ve heard Mexicans comment on their noses, jokingly claiming to be Jews. Maybe they know what they are talking about.

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