Conspiracy Theorist Dave Hodges BANS Saboteur From Quoting Him, Claims “Plagiarism,” Hints at Lawsuit


A week ago, this comment was left by prominent conspiracy theorist Dave Hodges on saboteur365 in relation to this post. You can see the comment here. The comment is false, defamatory, libelous, and legally actionable by me, if I choose to sue Dave:

This is from Dave Hodges.This is a friendly, non-legal, for the time-being, warning. You do not have permission to plagiarize my articles by posting them to your site- I do not want my articles appearing on this site for any reason. Take down all articles associated with me and remove any links from this site to my web site.

I sent Dave four emails trying to get him to confirm that he actually posted that comment. He did not respond, so I assume he did write the unfriendly “friendly” comment. I find it rather chickensh*t for Dave to ignore my emails and refuse to confirm that he wrote that comment.

Here’s what I wrote that rankled Dave:

Jade Helm is openly sending the message that the government is prepared to kill us and will do so if need be. That message is intended to stifle dissent by creating a climate of fear.

Noted conspiracy researcher Dave Hodges holds a different opinion. Note that Dave never names the chosen ones in his articles. I believe he does often reach correct conclusions, but his work is suspect in my book for that failure. But let’s see what he has to say.

After this mild criticism stating “his work is suspect,” where I was rather generous in stating that I think he sometimes reaches correct conclusions, I then proceeded to quote two paragraphs from Dave’s site, WITH A LINK TO HIS ARTICLE.

Dave’s work essentially claims that martial law is coming via Jade Helm and that the Chinese and Russian military are going to occupy America. He claims to have his “inside” sources that have revealed the grand plan to him so that he can publish it on the Internet. That’s my understanding of his theories anyway.

chinese army

Following the two quotes of Dave’s, I wrote:

I’m not convinced that the feds are going to be assassinating dissidents, including bloggers like myself, this summer. I do understand that they are in principle willing and eager to terminate patriots, Christians, white women with children, conservatives, anti-globalists, and whatever other dissidents they have deemed in their insanity to be enemies.

I view Jade Helm as another intimidation tactic, done in the same spirit as when the feds use the IRS and the media to intimidate us.

However, I could be wrong. What do you think?

I didn’t state why I disbelieve Dave’s theories, so let me do so now.

Why would the Chinese want to occupy a country thousands of miles away from China. They already own half the country anyway, they have no history of undertaking military adventures far away from their own soil, and they have a lot to lose and little to gain from sending troops into the USA to govern a foreign land where the citizens are armed and don’t like the Chinese very much. I’m sure they are spying on us and plotting against us, but it takes a giant leap into the world of tin foil hats to think that they are plotting a military invasion. The Chinese are not our friends, but they aren’t quite that stupid, in my opinion.


The other thing to consider is that surely the Chinese would have arranged for an “accident” by now to leave Dave dead for revealing their secret plans of conquest. The last I heard Dave is still alive. But if he really believes what he publishes, then I suggest that he make arrangements to be flown out of the country when the stuff hits the fan because the Chinese are going to be looking for Dave to line him up against a wall and take him out with a firing squad. If some agency of the federal government doesn’t assassinate him first.

Now back to Dave’s comment. Let’s look at the word “plagiarize.” During the 30 years I was a professor, 30 volumes of my work were published by Prentice Hall. I’m quite aware of what plagiarism is, and until Dave wrote his nonsense comment, no one had ever accused me of plagiarim. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Dave is either horrifically careless with his research, or woefully ignorant, or maybe he’s just a bully.

A Google search for the definition of the word plagiarism reveals this generally understood meaning:

the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

You’ll note that I specifically mentioned Dave by name in my post, linked to his site, and disagreed with his ideas. That’s not plagiarism. Not only did I not steal his ideas and try to pass them off as my own, but I rejected them. Politely, of course.

If Dave is as careless with the research published on his site as he is calling people plagiarists, then it really calls into question his credibility.

Which has been called into question before. For example, there’s this at Zerohedge

Dave Hodges?

Dave Hodges????

wtf is this doing up here or did I miss the big SARC tag???

Hodges is just another unquestionable lunatic fudge-boy with the audio broadcasting skills of a roller derby arena announcer and his show sounds like shit as well… silly fat fuck, that Hodges……

Dave also made the Wackos Gallery

Dave Hodges, Alex Jones wannabe conspiracy and fear mongering blowhard

And then there’s this strong criticism of Dave at The White Wraithe

Since Dave is apparently too ignorant to raise the term, let me do it for him: copyright law. He holds the copyright to his writings (if he actually writes the material on his site–there is no author attribution given to his pieces). He can control how they are used and where they appear, with one exception. That exception is called fair use. Professors are pushed into attending workshops on fair use, thus it’s shocking that anyone writing for a living would not be familiar with it. There’s also the doctrine of implied licenses, as laid out by University of Texas system lawyers. Anytime you publish anything on the Internet there’s the expectation that people will republish it, quote it, print it, link to it, forwarded in emails, etc.

In over 4,700 posts to this site, I cited Dave four times, and used five paragraphs in three different posts.


I am also not taking down the links to his site. No one in the history of the world has ever proclaimed posting links to a site on the Internet to be plagiarism or a violation of fair use.

As a courtesy to Mr. Hodges, I have removed the five paragraphs although they fall within the fair use doctrine. And since I’ve only linked to his site four times in 4,700 posts I will not use his material again here. It’s no great loss as far as I’m concerned since most of my posts deal with facts that are out in the open and easily provable. Facts that can be linked together to form coherent theories.

I really don’t like articles that use “unidentified insiders” as sources of information that many people would consider part of the lunatic fringe.

If I wanted to write that kind of blog, being based in Military City, USA (San Antonio, Texas) I would head for the bars around the bases, start buying the boys beers, and get all the “insider” information I might want. It’s amazing how young soldiers will tell tall tales to civilians when you offer to keep buying another round.

And if Mr. Hodges does enjoy the hobby of suing people, the first response from my lawyer (who is on retainer) will be to force Mr. Hodges to name his “inside” sources so that we can then depose them or take affadavits. You see, I’ve done this before. I know the rountine. It’s very expensive and time consuming, so I don’t have that hobby. Thus, I would prefer not to sue Mr. Hodges, but he can expect a countersuit for defamation if he wants to go that route.

It would be really interesting to watch Dave on the witness stand facing a sharp lawyer asking him to defend some of his writings as if they should be beyond criticism.

tin foil hat guy

14 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorist Dave Hodges BANS Saboteur From Quoting Him, Claims “Plagiarism,” Hints at Lawsuit

  1. Yeah, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Not to nitpick, but you wrote that China is “tens of thousands of miles away.” This is, of course, impossible. “Thousands of miles” yes, “tens of thousands?” Certainly not.

      • Obviously, since the circumference of the earth is around 25,000 miles, China, on the other side of earth must be 12,000 miles or so from the US. That’s some long supply lines for the Chinese to manage and well as a long way to go to conquer what they already own.

  2. Only the British have ever run that sort of remote Empire, and did it very well. Sending 1,000 people to occupy Australia, 12,000 miles from London in 1788 and a full 6 months travel time. Most of the emigrants were prisoners, reluctant travelers. In 2015 we cannot colonize the moon, only three days travel away. We can just barely survive in Antarctica with all modern technology. The British had what Jews call “Chutzpah”. I think the Jews did not run the West at all in 1788 or this colonisation would never have happened. We have been Jewed since the French Revolution and the Napolenic years. Two hundred years plus.

    Anyway I wrote the other day that Chinese and Russian invasion of Texas is trying to equate us with the tin hat group – where is my acknowledgment Paladin? Fess up and come clean, you heard it from me, the first to make this comment re Chinese fears re Jadehelm. This is not a threat to sue, unless you are wealthy. I could well use a “grab for cash”.

    I also wrote that the Jews that run the USA do not need to physically invade the USA. This would be like Stalin sending the Red Army into Kiev or Moscow in say 1935. Why do this when you already run the place? He did invade Finland in 1940 – which was a land neighbor. He never invaded Alaska or Texas, but did get most of Central Europe thanks to Churchill and Roosevelt – traitors to the West. Russian Jews did invade Brooklyn, New York after 1917 and have run a lot of the mafia crimes ever since. I am sure that China has tens of thousands of spies working in Western countries. They will win in the long term just as an industrious spider wins by wrapping up a lazy bum insect that does not fight hard enough to get away. There will be no Chinese military invasion of the USA in say the next 35 years or so. There may be a war but as usual will be fought in Korea, Taiwan, China Sea, Japan and such places. The US military always prefer to play “away” and never at home, which is pretty smart. The Germans and Nips often pay home games and get the shit blown out of their country as a reward.

    I looked at Rense yesterday. Sure a lot of great articles, but the hundreds of ads are bizarre and paranoid just like Alex Jones and lots of others, even Henry Makow. Just like the mainstream Yahoo and others, “this worm will kill you”, “this food will give you cancer”, “this food will make you lose 50 kilos in 2 days” and on and on it goes. Are people really that dumb?

    • Yep, I heard it from you first, and you deserve the credit. The Chinese have no reason to invade and occupy the US and neither does Russia. Fear mongering to sell products? Each person can decide for himself.

      I’m reasonably sure we had some Chinese spies in the faculty exchange program at my former university. The spying may have been the legal kind, industrial espionage focused on economics. But the administrators had been given $50,000 a year to have an exchange program and for that sum of money they would sell out their sainted grandmothers.

      I also got some of my ideas for composing this post from my hitman friend who goes by the name “Vinnie.” I’ve talked to a few average folks on the street and they find some of Dave’s ideas to be preposterous. I give him credit for some of his earlier work, which makes more sense to me.

      But as usual, your comments are very thought provoking and informative. You and a number of other commenters are influencing my writing for the better. That’s why blogs thrive on comments. We all learn from each other.

      • Thanks Paladin. I also made the tin hat reference. These far out claims can make us look silly if we agree with them. Another obvious point is that the US military is more powerful than the Russian and Chinese military put together, throw in Iran and a few others as well. There will be no uniformed invasion of the USA any time soon. Uniforms are obsolete in any case. Uniforms are like battleships in 1941. That is why Roosevelt removed the 4 aircraft carriers from Pearl Harbour and left the obsolete battleships as sitting ducks.
        Bad guys no longer wear uniforms. They wear civvies and move about freely. Mossad do not wear uniforms.

  3. You have plenty of fans. You don’t need to bother with this guy. Why not remove his
    I suspect that the underlying cause is jealousy. The fact that they are JEALOUS only
    counts in your favor.

    • Thanks, Miss Attempts, but Dave probably has 20 times more fans than I do. He’s been around since 2008 I believe. I have links up to facilitate discussion, not necessarily because I agree with them. A few of the links are even to leftist sites, so I’ll keep Dave’s link up, if for no other reason to mildly annoy him and to exercise my right to link.

  4. About uniforms. I forgot to mention the 50 or so men who took over Crimea for Russia did not wear uniforms or any national or military marking. They did have military style gear on and were armed which is enough to intimidate most civilians. Why fight them when you do not know who they are? Also most civilians supported this rebellion in any case.
    This is now and the future. An organised army which does not identify itself. Until after the battle has been won.
    Millions of armed Chinese would be pretty obvious though, even without uniforms.
    The entire country of Russia was grabbed by about 200 Jews in October 1917 when they walked into the Winter Palace without any fighting. Kicking out the Jew Mensheviks who were then the Government.
    So any US invasion or insurrection will be in Washington, not Arizona or Texas.

    • Your thoughts make sense to me. I always try to carefully weigh anything I read before making up my mind. I’ve just never been able to wrap my head around certain ideas that I suspect are intended to make conspiracy realists look like idiots. It’s why I don’t write about secret Nazi moon bases, shape shifting reptiles, etc. There’s plenty of evidence that Marxist Jews have an agenda that is not good for us, so why not stick to the facts, connect the dots, and go from there on how to defeat our enemies. Secret Nazi moon bases may be a nice hobby to pursue, but that’s about it.

  5. Maybe real life is a little obvious and boring so some people have to make up a fantasy to make things more interesting. I was always a fan of Twilight Zone and similar shows, but do not see the need to pretend that such things are real. It is logical to assume that real aliens would look at us in the same way that we look at cockroaches or mosquitoes.
    They might even see us as more like the Ebola virus or AIDS.
    No “coming in good will in peace and friendship” and handing to us incredibly powerful technology which we can misuse on an interstellar level.
    In other words, HG Wells Englishman got it right and Roddenberry Jew got it way wrong. If aliens come here, we are doomed, unless our bacteria and virus friends can wipe out the aliens.

  6. Dave is a very sick man.What’s so sad is he spouts all of his nonsense under the guise of a religious watchmen.He’s a egotistical narcissistic pitchmen who couldn’t earn a honest dollar anywhere else.Mark my words Dave Hodges is a pervert in the same way Ted Haggart,Jimmy Swagart and Jim Baker all are and will one day be exposed.

    • Thanks for weighing in on him. His stuff appears to be designed to scare the heck out of everyone. There’s a lot of advertising on his site. I read that he’s a Dean at the University of Phoenix, which is that online university. I did not try to confirm the truth of that, but his website is filled with information from his “inside sources,” never named. Hmmm.

  7. Enough Dave bashing. let’s talk about Jade Helm and how it should never be allowed to take place, And how it can be stopped. When did believing in our constitution make you a hostile to the government. Something is very wrong

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