Anti-Racism Video Posted Yesterday on Youtube Has Gone Viral: I Call Bullsh*t



Below, I’ve embedded a video and copied an excerpt from the description on youtube. The video was produced by someone named ROBERT GREENWALD. Well, now there’s a surprise. A liberal Jew finding racism everywhere.

Every instance of “racism” cited in the film can be explained more easily by something else.

For example, the film claims that racist car dealers charge blacks an average of $700 more than whites when they purchase a car. LOL. Let’s suppose that’s true although in all likelihood that number was rigged by some social justice warrior who pranked a car dealer or two.

That $700 premium that blacks pay ON AVERAGE is most likely a reflection of two factors, neither of them racism. One is that cars are purchased via one on one negotiations. Good negotiators are smart and well prepared. Blacks are neither. The white man gets the better price because he comparison shops, takes notes, and reads the fine print.

Second, blacks are more likely to need a high loan-to-value ratio loan to finance their car purchases. More whites pay all cash. There’s a discount for cash. Blacks don’t save, preferring bling to security, so they pay more in loan charges.

Furthermore, blacks are more likely to have their cars repossessed for nonpayment. Car dealers have more hassles in arranging for financing for blacks. Part of the higher price that blacks pay is a justifiable charge, not racism.

Every difference between black and white outcomes can be logically explained without resorting to ridiculous racism explanations.

BTW, if I dealt in cars and could earn more profit by selling to blacks, that’s what I would do. So would everyone else in the car business. In our rush to gain the business of blacks our excess “racist” profit would be competed away. Milton Friedman wrote about this issue some 50 years ago. There are no excess profits to be had from racial discrimination.

But Greenwald wants us to believe that every single f*cking difference between blacks and whites is due to evil white racism.

F*ck Greenwald and his bullsh*t lies. He’ a race baiter whose goal is to convince blacks that all their failures are the fault of evil white oppression. He’s a f*cking piece of sh*t and I wish I had the chance to tell him that to his face.

Published on Apr 29, 2015
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Something is wrong when thousands of resumes are mailed to employers with identical information and black-sounding names are 50% less likely to get a call back. Something is wrong when black people are charged prices roughly $700 higher than white people when buying cars. Something is wrong when black drivers are twice as likely to get pulled over by the police and black male teens are 21 times more likely to be killed by cops than their white counterparts. Something is wrong when black people are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of white people.

And something is wrong when we continue to NOT do anything about it!

Map of the Most Racist Places in America: This Silly Viral Map is Easily Shown to be Nonsense

racism map

The “racism map” above has broken out into the mainstream media the last two days.

The stories written by dumb reporters citing equally moronic professors that promote the racism map are filled with nonsense. Red and orange areas on the map are interpreted as more racist.

Of course, people who live in areas that are racially mixed are going to be thinking about race and ethnicity more than people who live in homogeneous areas. When everyone looks like you, you think less about other ethnic groups. When everyone looks different than you, you think more about diversity. That’s pretty much what the map shows.

The map was created using data from Google searches that contained taboo words. One such word is the classic taboo of taboos, “nigger.”

Georgia News Day

As part of the study, researchers at the University of Maryland, Columbia University, Emory University and Harvard University looked at searches containing the slur n****r.

Uh, the word “nigger” is used by blacks all the time. Where there are blacks, you’ll have google searches containing nigger this and nigger that.

Don’t blame “white racism” for people of all colors using a word that blacks use in their street talk and searches as much or more than whites do. Using the number of searches containing that word as a proxy for racism is silly and stupid.

They found that it was searched for frequently, as often as, for instance, ‘economist,’ ‘sweater,’ and ‘Daily Show’.

The map revealed that clusters of racism appeared in areas of the Gulf Coast, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and a large portion of Ohio.

Racism in the New England states, along with New York, were two surprising hotspots for racism.

Searches for n****r are less frequent in regions west of Texas.

Duh. Not so many blacks in areas west of Texas. Push a gazillion blacks into those areas and watch the “nigger” mania begin.

The researchers on the Plos One paper found that racist searches were linked with higher death rates in black communities.

Yep, typing the word “nigger” on your keyboard results in dead blacks every time. LOL. Computer keyboards have some kind of pest control effect, do they?

Nope, the dummy professors with an anti-white agenda are bullsh*tting you, America.

Most blacks are killed at the hands of other blacks. Black ghetto thugs kill blacks, not white racists in KKK robes mowing em down.

There’s no logical reason I can think of for computer searches using taboo words to be related to higher black death rates. The hidden agenda here is clear: If you say the word “nigger,” then you have the BLOOD from the death of blacks on your hands.

Nope. Not buying it, libtards.

The map looks strikingly similar to a recent a map of racist Tweets made by researchers at Humboldt State University.

Students studied 150,000 geocoded tweets sent out between June 2012 and April 2013 containing 10 pre-selected hate words in three categories: Racism, homophobia and disability.

Researchers discovered 41,306 tweets containing the word n****r, 95,123 referenced ‘homo’, among other terms.

racist tweet map

Tweets that included the slur n****r, were not concentrated in any single region in the US.

Instead, there are a number of pockets of concentration, including East Iowa, where 31 users sent out 41 tweets referencing the word, and Fountain, Indiana, where there were 22 tweets containing the slur.

Perhaps the most interesting concentration comes for references to ‘wetback’ – a derogatory term used for illegal Mexican immigrants.

Most tweets containing the offensive term came from several parts of Texas, which surprisingly are not even close to the Mexican-American border.

One man’s “racism” is another man’s free speech. Whether the word is nigger or wetback, free people refuse to conform to politically correct, tyrannical leftist horse manure.

Racism is a good thing. It’s good to be aware of the presence of other ethnicities, religions, and races. It’s normal and natural to spout derogatory names for those others.

A world in which a man or woman is not allowed to use words that exist for a reason–nigger conveys a specific meaning very different from Negro or black–is a world gone mad with idiocy. Likewise, the word wetback has a very different meaning than Mexican. Words exist to be used, appropriately, of course.

While racism may appear rife in the US, a separate study found that overall, Western countries are the most accepting of other cultures with Britain, the U.S.and Australia more tolerant than anywhere else.

The data came from the World Value Survey, which measured the social attitudes of people in different countries.

The country with the highest proportion of ‘intolerant’ people who wanted neighbours similar to them was Jordan, where 51.4 per cent of the population would refuse to live next to someone of a different race.

Next was India with 43.5 per cent.

Racist views are strikingly rare in the U.S., according to the survey, which claims that only 3.8 per cent of residents are reluctant to have a neighbour of another race.

Huh? White flight is about escaping you know who. Why be ashamed of saying, “No, Mr. Survey Taker, I prefer to be around people who look like me, act decently, and are of my intelligence level.”

Oh wait, that would be waycisssss.

that's racist

One more thing. Note that black “racism” toward whites is not explored in the map. That’s because black hatred of whites is not about typing in words in an Internet search, but about violence and murder. And as to the ridiculous world values map, which shows that most of Africa is not racist? Then why are the blacks tribes killing each other in the Dark Continent?

Oh, blacks killing other blacks is never racist? Does that include blacks killing Negro albinos in Africa because of their white skin?

racism map of the world

Negro Port of Los Angeles POLICE CHIEF Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges

Chief ronald boyd

Here’s what affirmative action will get you. A black man who looks good in uniform, but who allegedly enriched himself via fraud and corruption.

Not to worry though. If convicted, he faces a mere 124 years in prison. With promised new medical longevity miracles, he will be alive and a free man by the time the 22nd century rolls around.

Excerpt from the Los Angeles Times

The chief of police at the nation’s busiest container port was indicted Thursday on federal corruption charges that accuse him of hiding his business links to a software developer he was helping win a contract at the port.

Ronald Jerome Boyd — the chief of police at the Port of Los Angeles for more than a decade — faces charges of wire fraud, making false statements to federal agents and tax evasion, according to the 16-count indictment.

The charging document alleges that Boyd defrauded the city “by means of bribery and kickbacks” and provided confidential information about the port to the software vendor.

The rest of the story details the shady financial doings of Chief Boyd. It all sounds complex and difficult to follow. Keeping it simple, the Chief was getting paid to see to it that a company he partnered with got a contract with the city, and he didn’t disclose the money or pay taxes on it.

Prison is a piece of cake for blacks. No pesky tax forms to fill out.


Media Silent as Black Mob Rampages Through Charleston, SC Attacking Whites


Any urban street in America can turn into a war zone in the blink of an eye. As one youtube commenter notes, whites are being hunted but are not fighting back.

It’s only going to take one brave white fellow who fears no mob and fears not Obama or the force of law coming down on his head. That man will be the one, the leader who shows us the way out of our predicament. He will come, but I damn sure wish he would get here soon.

The Gateway Pundit

As many as 60 teens were roaming Charleston streets attacking pedestrians and drivers early Sunday, witnesses told police dispatchers in 911 calls released Tuesday.

All the teens were black, according to witnesses, and all but one of the people attacked were white. Still, it’s unclear if the attacks were racially motivated or sparked by the unrest in Baltimore, which followed the recent shooting death of Walter Scott, a black man, by a white North Charleston police officer. […]

Terror could be heard in the voices of many of the callers, including a man who called from his car and said he was being blocked by about 50 teens.

“They just smacked my car,” he told the operator. “I’m flooring it in reverse. This is just ridiculous. … I’m getting the hell out of here, man. They just smacked another car.”

He said a group began beating a man.

And some youtube comments:

i used to live off and on in charleston when i did consulting work the college of charleston and their black history museum. i went from total libtard to never wanting to see another black oerson in my life again.
its time for segregation again. These animals are not going to stop and i dont see whites fighting back.

Obamas America, where White. middle class taxpayers must fear for their life because blacks are allowed to do what they want and whites have to be quiet because it is racist to say anything.

Whites are being flat-out hunted. But it’s OK – it’s only White people being assaulted and murdered for Social Justice.

Meet the 88 Year Old White British Woman and Her AFRICAN TOYBOY



“There’s no fool like an old fool.”

That expression must have been conjured up to describe the British women who marry young African males. A few of them have been featured on this site before.

Beryl must have been 75 and Ousman 32 when they married in Africa.

Don’t these foolish old women know that the African will do anything to get to the West, including crossing the Mediterranean in a leaky boat?

Ousman got in the easy way. By exploiting an old woman’s fear of being alone.

The hell with him for being a con man who should not be in the West, and the hell with her for bringing him here.

Excerpt from

An African toyboy husband got a shock when he took his 88-year-old British wife to a care home for respite – and social workers refused to hand her back.

Ousman Jatta, 45, married Beryl in the Gambia 13 years ago and moved to the UK with her when she became ill in 2006.

The devoted hubby dropped her off at a care home in February for respite while he took a well-deserved three-week break to his native Africa.

But when he went to pick her up he was told social services had intervened and ruled his dementia-suffering wife couldn’t return home with him.

Devastated Ousman has threatened to go on a hunger strike if Bristol City Council don’t hand back his wife who he says has pleaded to return home.

The authority said it has now agreed an “appropriate care plan” and while Mrs Jutta is still not home, her husband said he is confident the council will relent.

The supermarket security worker said: “They have used their power against me to keep my wife in a nursing home against her and my wishes.

“I care for her better than anyone and I feel very sad.

“Every time I go to the Gambia I contact social services for respite, but they never told me they were going to keep my wife.

“To me Beryl is not old, she is a human being and no matter if she is old or young she is my wife.

“I would never neglect Beryl.

“I love Beryl.

“I’m feeling bad to see her in a nursing home whilst I am ready to look after my own wife.

“As soon as I came to this country I’m looking after her and nothing has happened to her.

“I don’t say that the nursing home is bad but to me the belief I have is that you take a person to a home if that person has no-one to look after her but as far as Beryl is concerned, I am ready to look after her until God finalises.”

As Promised, Here’s Pictures of Demonic Negro West Spruill, Accused of Murdering White Mom Ana Charle


west spruill2

You’ll recognize murder victim Ana Charle from yesterday’s post detailing her rape and murder.

No pictures or information about the man arrested for the horrific crime were available online last night when I wrote that post. I speculated that the perp was a Negro.

Give the man a cookie. Truly though, even a savvy white child would know that in his heart.

Now there are two photos of the demonic creature online, which I have posted above with a photo of his victim.

Excerpt from Downtrend

Spruill was a career loser having just been released from prison in Michigan for assault with a deadly weapon. Before that 7-year stint, he was imprisoned in New York for attempted murder. Most recently, he was charged with assault in Brooklyn for punching a man in the face during an argument. I’d like the liberals of New York to explain why this POS was on the streets and how he managed to get a gun despite the city’s stringent gun control laws.

The New York Times adds some information about Ana Charle that makes this tragedy even more heartbreaking:

Ms. Charle came from Barcelona, Spain, when she “was an adult, already in her 20s,” said Wanda L. Rijo, 44, who works as the clinical director at the shelter on Bronx Boulevard and who described Ms. Charle as “my best friend.”

Ms. Rijo said Ms. Charle was a caring person who had two daughters, ages 9 and 11.

As I wrote yesterday, if the criminal justice system was doing its job, this filthy monster would have still been behind bars. Ana Charle’s blood is on their hands too.

The death penalty was made for ogres like Spruill, but damm it, the liberal creeps who run New York state won’t have it.

Can you New York guys at least see to it that he stays in prison until he’s dead this time?

Woman University President Opens Campus “Conversation About Race” by Spouting Usual Libturd Horsesh*t


The Huffington Post identifies Miss Cauce as a clitty licker, a
Latinaturd, and since her brother was a Communist until the “KKK” killed his sorry ass in a big shootout in 1979, a Communist too.

Now that you know who the enemy of truth is, let’s see what she’s been up to before I comment:


In late February, students at the University of Washington marched through campus to deliver a list of demands for a more equitable school, including bringing affirmative action back to admissions and actively recruiting diverse students and supporting them to stay on campus till graduation. Students in the march said others shouted racial slurs at them as they walked down Greek row.

Ana Mari Cauce, the university’s interim president, decided to tackle the allegations and demands head on.

She launched a “Race and Equity Initiative” to actively encourage dialogue and improvements across campus. The program, which she hopes will last at least a year, is aimed at making the campus a more equitable place, and Cauce hopes the increased cohesion will benefit all its members.

“Innovation happens when you have people from different places and different experiences crossing with each other,” Cauce told The Huffington Post.

These libturd sponsored compulsory “dialogus” that are popping up everywhere now are really about extorting confessions of “oppression” from white people.

Confess your guilt! Cleanse your soul! Hallelujah!

I bolded that idiotic last paragraph because it’s totally devoid of any meaningful thought. INNOVATION? Innovation happens because of divershitty?

Tell another lie, whore!

CONFLICT is the outcome when people of varying backgrounds come together. The pie is fixed in size and they squabble over how big each piece will be.

I don’t know this particular woman, but i do know her type.

She’s bad news.

Sabotage corrupt higher ed. Never donate money to any university unless you are absolutely sure that nothing like this person is doing will ever be allowed.