Hero Terrior Saves Little Girl From Black Abductor


The story doesn't tell us the dog's name.

The story doesn’t tell us the dog’s name.

Police sketch of the suspect.

Police sketch of the suspect.

Another little canine hero with a heart and courage equal to the big dogs. If not for this dog, a little girl would have been abducted and most likely sexually assaulted.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

An Atlanta family’s rat terrier may have saved their little girl from being abducted.

Jennifer Jones says her daughter was walking the dog before school started Thursday when she was almost snatched.

An unidentified man had pulled up next to her and got out of a white pickup truck, grabbing at her wrist.

‘The victim’s dog bit at his ankle causing him to release her,’ said Cobb County Police Sgt. Dana Pierce, Yahoo reports. ‘It was at that moment that the victim was able to get away from him.’

The girl later described the man to police, and an investigations forensic sketch artist was able to draw up portrait.

Because the man was after children so close to the school, authorities say it is extremely important to find him.

Another look at the canine hero, pictured with the mother of the little girl.  He looks just like my little terrior I lost to cancer eleven years ago, Little Buddy.

Another look at the canine hero, pictured with the mother of the little girl. He looks just like my little terrior I lost to cancer eleven years ago, Little Buddy.

They Know Who You Are: Obama’s Domestic Spying Operation Targets Gun Shows with License Plate Readers

M&R Photography

We knew in our gut the government was spying on us. Edward Snowden revealed what we suspected all along, us “conspiracy theorists,” aka nutjobs to libturds who disputed our belief.

We conspiracy theorists got the last laugh when Snowden stepped forward with the evidence.

There’s no doubt the USA’s federal government views its people as the enemy, whereas it views turd world immigrants as its friends. And that includes those immigrants who practice the “religion of peace.”

Since gun shows are mostly attended by white men, Obama is really targeting white men with his Operation Gun Show nonsense. Many of these white men are patriots, thus believing in traditional values and a strict constructionist view of the Constitution.

In the eyes of a tyrant, a free people are the enemy. Since turd tyrant Obama has declared war on us, it’s our duty to sabotage the System. Wear a hoodie that covers your face to your next gun show and splash some dirt on your license plate.

Make Obama’s lackeys work hard to identify you. Most likely, given their laziness and sloppy work ethic, it’ll be too much bother for them anyway.


Excerpt from The Gateway Pundit

The Obama U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Obama Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cooperated to build a massive database of license plate images collected by automated license plate reader devices of gun shows attendees.

The DEA equipment is able to capture images of occupants inside the vehicle.

Guns.com reported:

According to emails obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union, federal authorities planned to monitor gun show parking lots with automatic license plate readers.

The insight comes from a damning report released by the ACLU this week on a secretive program by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to build a massive database of license plates images collected by automated license plate reader devices. As part of this investigation, emails released through the Freedom of Information Act detailed a planned cooperation between the DEA’s National License Plate Recognition initiative and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to scan and record the plates and vehicle images of gun show attendees.

“DEA Phoenix Division Office is working closely with ATF on attacking the guns going to [redacted] and the gun shows, to include programs/operation with LPRs at the gun shows,” reads an April 2009 email.

The time and place mentioned in the email coincides with known information on the Justice Department’sFast and Furious operation, a controversial “gunwalking” scandal that possibly transferred as many as 2,000 guns to drug traffickers in Mexico. That program was run out of the Phoenix ATF Field Divisionoffice, just two miles from the DEA office.

The DEA launched the license plate reader program in December 2008 after the November elections.

I Was Wrong: Greek Leader Alex Tsipras Flip-Flops, Thus Betraying the People

Alexis Tsipras.

Alexis Tsipras.

What a difference 24 hours makes in the life of Alex Tsipras.

A day ago he sent an open letter to Germany politely demanding that Greek debt to Western banks be subject to negotiation. I posted that letter here.

Today, he’s backed down and stated that Greece will pay her debts, which in reality she can’t because she doesn’t have the money.

The headline at the Associated Press:


During the last 24 hours I’m sure the New World Order has brought enormous pressure on Greece to obey and pay. The AP story below notes that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called Greece’s finance minister. I’d like to hear the tape of that call and listen to what kind of veiled threats are able to lead to such a turnaround by Greece. Did Kerry threaten to steal someone’s child for use in a Satanic ritual?

Mr. Tsipras lack of backbone means that eventually the rightist, Nationalist Golden Dawn party (called Nazis by the left) will be the only realistic option for the Greek people to avoid permanent enslavement to the super rich Western banksters who led Greece through trickery into their current indebtedness. Let’s hope that the Greeks wise up and move Golden Dawn from the third most popular political party to the head of the pack.

The Greek people did not vote to be saddled forever with indebtedness to the West. But they will be unless so burdened until real courage is displayed by Greek leaders.

A day after Greece appeared on a collision course with its creditors, new radical left Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has tamped down the rhetoric by vowing to pay off debts and not act unilaterally.

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who had a tense meeting with Eurogroup leader Jeroen Dijsselbloem in Athens on Friday, has brought forward a trip to Paris, London and Rome to meet his counterparts.

Tsipras says he never intended to act unilaterally and expressed his certainty that Greece and the creditors will reach an agreement.

He also pledged to pay back Greece’s debt to the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which, along with the European Commission, form the “troika” of Greece’s creditors.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias by telephone on Friday to congratulate him on his appointment and underscore “the United States’ interest in continued close bilateral cooperation with Greece,” said a senior State Department official speaking on condition of anonymity. The official said they also discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine and countering terrorism threats in the region.




The New World Order’s planned enslavement of humanity in a worldwide Satanic cult took a bizarre turn when white youths began to believe they were nonhuman, or black, or their sex the opposite of their genitals.

This fantasy world in which objective reality is rejected has created a significantly large group of youths whose value to society is nil. In fact, their ability to draw support from others who are only slightly less crazy than they are makes their value to society negative, as more and more are drawn into their spider’s web of insanity.

Certainly, the furries, otherkins, and transniggers who are discussed here will not be leading the resistance to the NWO. They are mentally weak and possibly genetically defective.

These are the useful idiots who remain oblivious to the existence of a real world with real problems, not the least of which is that when the stuff hits the fan, all of them will be squashed like cockroaches by the tyrannical overlords who impose one world government, one currency, one race, and one religion on us.

The world has no use for transniggers and furries today. It will have even less use for them tomorrow.


Condensed by Paladin Justice from Breitbart

To understand this bizarre world of people who believe they are trans-species or trans-ethnic or trans-cultural, it is best to start with the marginally less weird world of “furries.” Furries are people who have created a “fursona”, a sort of animal character to which they relate and which in many cases they leverage as part of their sexual identity, normally to overcome self-doubt or self-confidence issues.

Fursonas manifest themselves as parodies of furry animals–often cats and dogs–which are then heavily sexualised, albeit in cartoonish fashion. For lonely people stuck in front of their laptops, fursonas become a sort of crutch for social interaction.

As a furry, she would have sex dressed as a cat and take a dump in her litter box.

As a furry, she would have sex dressed as a cat and take a dump in her litter box.

Yet furries are merely a stepping stone between normal people and online cultures where people reject their real identity entirely, because they say there is a mismatch between their mental identity and their physical bodies. The largest of these subcultures, after trangenderism itself, is known as “otherkin.”

Some otherkins believe they are literally not human, while others believe that only their soul is non-human and that they are trapped in the wrong body. It can sometimes look like an unintentionally funny free-for-all. But whether you think you are a reincarnation of a Cherokee man-beast, you think you come from a long line of otherkin field mice or you think your soul flew in from a parallel universe (we do not jest), anything is permissible in the ego-centric world of otherkin.

It is enough, in this community, merely to assert your “true” identity; then, the social effects of the internet take over, and you are provided with psychological enablers at terrifying scale in the form of supporters, fellow travellers and generally sympathetic parties who will encourage you to “become who you really are.”

And otherkin can sometimes believe they are very strange things indeed. Dragons, werewolves, angels, demons, elves, cartoon characters… it’s amazing what alienation from mainstream society can do to the imagination.

Trans-ethnics believe that they were born into the wrong race. Interestingly, it only seems to be caucasians who suffer from this particular affliction; black teens seem happier as they are. Indeed, caucasians represent an overwhelming proportion of all these trans groups.

But a growing number of young white teens, predominantly girls, are using words such as “transnigger” to describe themselves, to the bafflement and occasional fury of black people. For some time, apocryphal stories and jokes such as the image to the left have been circulated online; but our research has shown that there is now a modest but burgeoning community of sincere transniggers centred on the Tumblr social network.

It never seems to be the literal physical attributes of another race or any perceived advantage of belonging to another ethnicity that drives people to declare that they’re “not white in the head.” Rather, trans-ethnic people seem more consumed with assimilating what they feel to be the oppressed aspects of that race–for example, demanding special privileges because their “authentic” black self.

The tragicomic result, which we have seen played out on Tumblr and Twitter in our research, is white middle-class American girls demanding time off from college examinations to deal with the trauma of black shootings. Sometimes, shockingly, they even invoke slavery, which would appear to be the point at which trans-racialism overtakes species dysphoria as a serious psychiatric problem, at the level of clinical lycanthropy.

Others don’t go to the length of claiming they are of another race to demand the privileges and associations of alternate cultures. They simply claim to be “trans-cultural”–i.e., they look white, they are white, but really feel they ought to have been born as, say, a Romany traveller because of the “deep spiritual connection” they feel with supposed gypsy culture.

Modern online identity for teens who grew up with Tumblr and Twitter is a shopping basket into which they throw identity labels to concoct their own “unique” personality: a bit of black, a bit of genderfluid, a bit of “autism” (Millennials have cottoned on to the fact that they can excuse all manner of personal failings with that one). Not only can lonely individuals mark themselves out as special snowflakes but also invoke their own particular mix of underprivilege to combat criticism and ridicule from others.

Two characteristics of otherkin, transniggers and transromany, though, are, firstly, how much their identities seem to change over time–perhaps to suit their current lines of reasoning or prevailing fashions. Witness the explosion of young people describing themselves as some form of transsexual, or invoking gender fluidity in their social media profiles, since Laverne Cox appeared on the front cover of TIME.

Young people have always imitated the latest thing as a way of drawing attention to themselves, but never before has society been so completely defined by identity politics, and never before has a consumerist wonderland of alternative racial, cultural, sexual–to say nothing of interspecies–identities been readily Googleable.

Young people know that in an era where sentences beginning “Speaking as…” confer valuable social cachet, they had better start acquiring some oppressed characteristics before expressing their opinions in public. (Most of these conditions coincide with extreme forms of narcissism, pathological lying and sociopathic tendencies. Draw from that what you will.)

Our second observations is how often these identities seem to emerge at opportune times, which perhaps suggests that much of this phenomenon is not really mental disorder at all but is merely staged for attention and leveraged as conversational weaponry, further clouding the question of inescapable psychological dysfunction and giving rise to suspicions akin to our opening gibe about gluten intolerance.

For instance, consider the blogger Charles Clymer, who got into trouble recently with feminists for some perceived infraction of the third-wave rule book, and then abruptly came out as “genderfluid”–right when he needed an out from the brewing storm. (You might have thought genderfluid was something that came out just before the baby, but apparently not.)

And then there are the numerous self-described transsexuals whose personal disclosures and “art projects” always seem to be accompanied by requests for money–and, of course, healthy dollops of online drama, played out on social media and in forums, YouTube comment sections and message-boards. Patterns are emerging that are impossible to deny.

It’s also hard to escape the conclusion that there may be a continuum between some sorts of “gender fluidity” and the rapidly expanding racial, cultural and species confusion, deeply entwined with sexuality and self-identification, of young people today. Which begs the absurd but inevitable question: how long before otherkin are demanding operations from the taxpayer to make them look more like wolves?

That might sound like an absurd–even an offensive–thing to ask. But imagine what you’d have said just ten years ago about transsexuals, and fifty years ago about gays, and you quickly realise that, at some point, society is going to have to draw a line.

Woman Firing Range Owner Bans Muslims, Quadruples Business


Jan Morgan.  Deadler than the male?

Jan Morgan. Deadler than the Muslim?

Is lslam a religion? Or is it a criminal conspiracy?

I vote for the latter.

So does Ann Barnhardt, often featured in posts on saboteur365.

Jan Morgan agrees that Islam is not a religion. Thus, she has banned members of that terrorist organization from her firing range. She also claims that she bans Nazis and KKK members too.

Muslims have issued a demand that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder investigate Jan Morgan, presumably because these dune coons, so famous for their skills as deer hunters, want to spend a little quality time sharpening their shooting skills at her firing range in order to put venison sausage on the family table.

Jan claims that she’s been threatened because of her ban. Is there really a muzzie so stupid as to want to take on a woman with a gun bigger than theirs? Losing to Jan in a gun fight would mean no 72 virgins in heaven. Just 72 smelly old Muslim fags with permanent erections.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A gun range owner who banned Muslims from her business as a matter of ‘public safety’ claims trade has ‘quadrupled’ since the controversial move.

Jan Morgan decided to bar all followers of Islam from her Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, last September while claiming the religion ‘commands them to kill’ her.

Five months on and she says business is booming and that threats of a lawsuit by federal civil rights enforcers have failed to materialise.

The American-Islamic Relations had written to the Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the gun range on the grounds of racial and religious discrimination.

The group’s attorney, Jenifer Wicks, said at the time the move could ‘inevitably result in a hostile environment for ordinary Muslims in Arkansas.’

But Morgan has no plans to back down, despite receiving threats over the contentious decision, and even claims business has ‘quadrupled’ with people coming from out of state and some offering donations for what they predict will be a legal battle.

Morgan claims keeping Muslims out of her firing range is a matter of public safety and not a constitutional issue

In a bizarre blog post, she wrote that she doesn’t consider Islam to be a religion — and as such Muslims shouldn’t be allowed protections under the U.S. Constitution.

‘Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?’ she added.

The shooting range owner said she made the decision in September after two customers she deemed suspicious visited. She said their furtive behavior and cellphone ringtones of ‘Allahu Akhbar’ prompted her to revise her range’s policies.

The Gun Cave shooting range owned by Jan Morgan.

The Gun Cave shooting range owned by Jan Morgan.

Middle School Principle Mark Hassell Arrested For Sex with 17-Year-Old Girl

Mark Hassell.  He's been arrested for sex with an underage girl.

Mark Hassell. He’s been arrested for sex with an underage girl.

This story has been sitting in the drafts area of the site for three or four days now while I debated whether to post it or not.

I’m posting it to show that it’s not just women teachers who allegedly end up in bed with their students and in jail afterward.

When men educators participate in these May-December bumping fuzzies relationships they’re usually demonized as predators, dirty old men, perverts, pedophiles, child rapists, etc.

On the other hand, women who do the nasty with boys are often viewed as in love, confused, in bad marriages, empowered, etc. And their young male sex partners are often viewed as lucky lads for giving their teachers a hot beef injection.

Any jiffy stiffy between teachers and students ought to carry a huge social stigma for the teacher, whether male or female.

And some jail time. After all, the kids they’re banging are known in slang terms as jailbait.

Georgia News Day

A middle school principal in southern California was arrested last week on suspicion of having sex with a 17-year-old girl.

Police received a tip on Tuesday that Barstow Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy Principal Mark Lesley Hassell, 35, was engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a female student.

Investigators interviewed the unidentified 17-year-old girl who admitted to having been in a ‘consensual’ sexual relationship with Hassell ‘for some time’. However, under the law, the relationship could not have been consensual since the age of consent in California is 18.

In a press release, police said they found other evidence indicating the relationship, but would not elaborate.

With both sets of proof, they arrested Hassell on Friday and booked him into San Barnardino County jail on charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, sodomy, and oral copulation. Jail records indicate he was released on bail Saturday morning.

The Barstow Unified School District has since placed Hassell on non-disciplinary paid leave pending the police investigation, according to a news release. He has also been told to stay away from all district students, employees and campuses.

It’s unlikely that the student attended the STEM academy, which only teaches fifth, sixth and seventh graders.

‘Due to employee confidentiality rights, the district is prevented from further commenting on this matter,’ the district release said. ‘However, the district will take any appropriate corrective action when the investigation is complete and facts are known.’

Hassell (pictured cutting a ribbon, center) was the first principal for Barstow STEM Academy, a mathematics oriented school for fifth, sixth and seventh graders which opened this past summer. Before that, he worked at nearby Barstow High School

Hassell (pictured cutting a ribbon, center) was the first principal for Barstow STEM Academy, a mathematics oriented school for fifth, sixth and seventh graders which opened this past summer. Before that, he worked at nearby Barstow High School

Hassell was the first principal of the Barstow STEM Academy, which was founded this past summer as an institution where teachers and students would be ‘thinking out of the box,’ according to a story in the Desert Dispatch.

Before that, Hassell served as head boys basketball coach and head coach of the girls track and field team at Barstow High School. He also worked as an assistant for the Barstow High School football team this fall.

As the investigation is ongoing, anyone with information on the relationship is being asked to contact Detective Keith Libby (760-255-5134) or the Barstow Police Department (706-256-2211). Anonymous tips can be reported to the WeTip Hotline at 800-78-CRIME or http://www.wetip.com.

Backlash as Texas Rep. Demands Muslim Visitors to Her Office Renounce Terrorism



Well, what about these guys?  That ain't no lovefest they're proposing.

Well, what about these guys? That ain’t no lovefest they’re proposing.

What bullsh*t reporting. You ask Muslims to renounce terrorism and the media calls it a “loyalty oath.”

The pro-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-white mainstream media are trying to paint a Texas woman as a bigoted yahoo for asking Muslims who come into her office to repudiate terrorism.

What decent person wouldn’t reject terrorism and say so publicly?

Well, Muslims are having a sh*t fit over her request.

Dallas News

AUSTIN–A Republican lawmaker drew widespread criticism Thursday when she said she had instructed her aides to ask Muslims visiting her office to take loyalty oaths.

On Friday, Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, told reporters in Temple that the incident had been “blown out of proportion.”

“I was quite shocked by [the negative reaction], but it is what it is,” she said.

In an interview with KWTX, White said “I always treat everybody with respect and listen, but if we have some things that are diabolically different then I need to let them know where I stand and they let me know where they stand.”

Yesterday, as Muslims from across the state traveled to the Capitol to learn about the political process and visit with lawmakers, the Republican posted on Facebook that she had left an Israeli flag on her reception desk and instructed staffers to ask visiting Muslims to renounce terrorist groups.

“The problem that even the lawmakers have — they don’t know Muslims,” Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of Council on American-Islamic Relations, said during Thursday’s rally.

“And anytime anything happens anywhere in the world, they’re asking Muslims to denounce something they have nothing to do with. If you want a denunciation, ask those people who did it.”

Lawmakers and Republican leadership responded to White’s remarks throughout the day. El Paso lawmakers called her “misguided,” while Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday morning said “we must have civil discourse.”

This Muslim warrior is holding some sort of book.  It couldn't be the Koran, could it?

This Muslim warrior is holding some sort of book. It couldn’t be the Koran, could it?