Video: Ferguson “Protesters” (Terrorists) Burn The American Flag

The young white a**holes seen in this video burning the American flag in Ferguson, Missouri, should be forced to live among the diversity they so obviously love. The reality is that they will retreat to the safety of their Marxist campuses for more indoctrination by their Marxist professors.

These youths should be arrested, tried, and if convicted, sent to a re-education camp where they perform hard labor while learning the truth about the remarkable achievements of the white race they so hate.

Their professors should face death by a firing squad.

Here’s a couple of youtube comments:

Nice move. That should just about seal the fate for any real support you may have had left. You guys are fucking pathetic. I would tell you fucking retards to move out of this country but Greyhounds don’t run overseas and I am sure Canada doesn’t want you. You stupid monkeyfucks realize you just burnt what represents what you are SUPPOSEDLY fighting for right? Yeah I didn’t think so. I wish the National Guard would just unload on you assholes already and be done with it. Terrorists.

Ship these ”people” to Liberia, no white devils over there. They’ll live happily in their own environment making huts out of their own sh*t and sacrificing each other to their voodoo gods. It’ll be better for white folks also.

12 thoughts on “Video: Ferguson “Protesters” (Terrorists) Burn The American Flag

  1. In place of being benevolent to other whites, these bumbling White Moron Millenials waste their energy and anger doing stupid shyte. Yeah, the USA now Amurkistan does suck, but let us do something constructive.

    So many Young Whites are lost not only here, but in other White Nations as well. It is up to older Whites to take these people under our wing and show them the way.

  2. Strange how no Israel flags are burned considering how “Anti-ionist” these assholes claim to be! Jew psy op more like!
    “White” Michael Latt (Not Lattner shortened, if it is then that is a common Jewish surname, as his Benjamin his middle name!)

    Racial Tensions In America: Great Article From Whitewraithe – Jewish Oligarchs Responsible For Promoting Black Criminals In America – The Case Of Michael Brown

    • I actually got a comment through moderation on Amren noting the presence of whites and JEWS leading the terrorists in Ferguson. Haha. They don’t like it when the truth about Jews is pointed out.

      • Like Goebbels once said, you can call them anything under the sun and it is like water off a ducks back, call them out to be a Jew, they stare anxiously with a face saying “Oh no ive been found out!”
        They are schemers, and like the Mossad saying “By deception thou shall do war” they literally live that quote comrade!

  3. Something strange is occurring here. Something I warned about.
    In past riots, whites couldn’t go anywhere into ghetto areas unless they were reporters
    and even then they risked their lives. An example was a famous newspaper man named
    Jimmy Breslin. In 1992, he was stripped down to his underware when he visited the
    Crown Heights Brooklyn riot (Orgrastrated by Al Sharpton.) His response was that the
    rioters should be given jobs, and that would quell their rage.
    But I noticed in Furgeson that there were plenty of white kids there.
    In the scene where Michael Brown’s stepfather is telling the protesters to burn the city
    down, I saw one white male protester in the back round. Ordinarily, a white male would
    be torn to pieces in such a locale. This is why I DON’T think the cause is racial. The
    motivation is simular to the 1960’s: To USE race as a means to overthrow the
    established order. I honestly believe that ALL the enemies of civlization are going to team
    up to destroy what is left of this country. Motivations? Age old: Sex and Money.
    Sexual ownership of God’s greatest gift to man-the beautiful white woman.
    Money? “Money makes the world go around.” Doesn’t it?

    • Right, we’ve come full circle back to the 60s with the Marxist radicals seeking the overthrow of the established order. Via the race replacement of whites. No violent revolution but one led by Marxists in Congress, the White House, and universities.

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