White Guys Say We Suck and We’re Sorry

OK, I’m tired as I post this nonsense. If less tired, I’m sure I’d have something sarcastic or mean to say about it.

So, how about if I say, “I’m a white guy. I don’t suck, ahd I have nothing to be sorry about.”

The white males in the video have been feminized. They need to grow some big ones and act like men instead of scared little mama’s boys.

26 thoughts on “White Guys Say We Suck and We’re Sorry

  1. The sad reality behind these self hating white scum, is that they REALLY believe that
    their lives will be SPARED when the destruction they are working to visit upon their own
    white race comes to pass.
    They will be “rewarded” with the same bullets that every white male will recieve, when
    their non-white masters assume power.

  2. WTF is with these mama’s boys. Some shrink should prescribe them triple Basic Training in a Military Boot Camp, as an urgent therapy, with a few nasty Drill Sargent “doctors”. Over twenty years I have been working overseas with Brits, Aussies and Americans and I had never met such softies. I doubt these puppies represent average young straight American (White American), unless they are faggs or hippie liberals.

    • This is the result of 60 years of idiotic social experiments. They are the victims, and they are highly likely to be straight; all of them. This is a by-product of Amurricah.

      • 60 years? – I doubt that much. I am Baby Boomer generation and I can’t recall when I was young that such sissies would parade so openly, although every era had its mammy-boys, but they kept quiet, as being sissy or fagg was disgrace.

        Let’s take Vietnam War era, where 2.6 million Americans served there and according to next statistic – “The average infantryman in the South Pacific during World War II saw about 40 days of combat in four years. The average infantryman in Vietnam saw about 240 days of combat in one year thanks to the mobility of the helicopter” These guys definitely were not result of certain faggy social experiment. After all, nowadays Americans in service are all but sissies, in contrast with these “stars” from video.

        I would rather say that technology oriented civilization tends to soften gradually, where Liberalism and rampant Homosexuality degenerately contribute to growing “sissiety”. While theorizing about “sissiety”, Spartans came across my mind and the way they were dealing with similar problem. I hope we will not be forced to copy their solution, somewhere in the future

        What bothers me is those streets Niggas having extra fun watching this shitty video.

      • @lewgc

        By “60 years” I meant it gradually. This didn’t happen all at once, but the groundwork was laid in the postwar era. I just wanted to clear that up on my part. Good comment.

  3. The $h!t just doesn’t stop, does it?

    White men: DO NOT BELIEVE THIS KR@P, you are the best. Don’t let them make faggots of you.

    Support each other. Buy from each other only. Hire each other only.

    Raise strong, masculine white sons with white women.

  4. I can’t watch the video. The thought of it makes me ill. No other race engages in such machochistic behavior.

  5. lewgc: You are right about the softening of white American men in general. Everyone knows that military service is a time-honored way to build manhood (I mean the military in the old days).

    Men would leave the service in good physical condition. And they knew from there on out how to take care of themselves. It’s a fact of life that going through a war, or at least active reserve duty puts a man through a crucible. They leave childhood behind, and are men.

    Don’t get me wrong, war can destroy a man’s mind also. But with a loving family, and the support of other veterans, men could heal.

    I knew Vietnam- era men, who, though some were troubled, were still MEN.

    One male columnist I read (20 years ago!) was lamenting the softening of the American male.

    He said that men of about 70 years ago did fine with boot camp because they had gone through the tough atmosphere of an American school at the time, where, after recess, ‘hair, teeth and eyeballs’ were left back on the playground, enabling men to easily shrug off the rigors of the Army, etc.

    I am not saying that we beat our little boys to death to make them men; but the overall, physical, rugged atmosphere of a century ago is about gone.

    Back in California, I would nervously observe that the illegal Mexican laborers were in far better physical shape than the average white boy out there.

    I had hired both in my time, and the Mexicans could work circles around the white kids.

    That’s why you hear people screaming: Mexicans work so hard.

    OK, they do. But they have low IQs, and NO MORALS AT ALL.

    After working hard and ‘making it’ in this country, said Mexicans’ sons and daughters won’t work hard, but still have the low IQ and shitty morals of their parents. This won’t work.

    Part of our fight is to re-establish the white man capable of working the soil, and to replenish the high IQ and good morals that he has historically had.

    • Lady Tina, to me and in accordance with general filling here, you are Paladin’s blog Queen. Unfortunately, too many White women lack reasoning of yours. If I would be American and you would run for office, you would have my vote.

      As of White men feminization, we can use as a sample Justin Bieber, where mentioning his name, even without seeing him, makes me sick, but young girls fall in trans-orgasmic delirium at his appearance. With help of mass media, such faggy spirit spreads in souls of our youth like a tsunami of an enormous magnitude. Add to this official Homosexualisation, not speak about Negroisation, and no wonder we are where we are.

      It seems as nothing can stop further decomposing of our White society, unless some big something kicks in. It just came across my mind something from ancient history; Outnumbered Caesar’s Legions were at a brink of defeat in the Battle of Alesia against Gauls under the leadership of Vercingetorix, where Caesar, in the most critical moment personally entered the perimeter of fierce fighting, cheering his legionaries, which changed defeat in a glorious victory.

      Like an avalanche that could be triggered by a single tiny snowball, we probably need a contemporary Caesar, to drag us out of our Negroidal Homo-Lib Politically Correct Alesia.

      • Thanx lewgc. We will survive with our morals intact if we intensely raise our children to know they are WHITE first; that they must practice subterfuge with the outside world in order to stay white. Witness the cohesive cultures who have practiced this for millennia: Muslims, Jews, Gypsies etc. Even their children know to LIE to the external force that has overwhelmed them. Tell the enemy whatever they want to hear, smile at them, then go home to the THEIR world.

        They have thriving families in the enemies’ midst, and in poverty.

        I believe that things will get a whole lot worse before they get better. We MUST mate as white people (married or mated) BEAR AND RAISE not just children, but WHITE CHILDREN with an extreme white consciousness. First and last, the children will know they are white. That way they will not race mix, will not be destroyed verbally, and will continue to have children EVEN IN POVERTY, which the young now, are afraid of doing.

        We can survive in poverty and live to turn the tables on them. But we have to survive first, and that means CHILDREN.

        We can do it.

      • @lewgc

        I almost forgot about Bieber! What the hell is that guy all about, lol!? Anyway, since the girls love this guy, other guys will want to emulate him. That’s why I blame men last, even if they’re pathetic.

  6. @Rights & lewgc: Justin Bieber is ugly. I think he is a media creation, following Paladin’s thinking on the matter.

    I will never forget the way he was dressed, when shaking the hand of the Prime Minister (PM?) of Canada: overalls with one strap pushed off the shoulder, and a baseball cap stupidly twisted on his stupid head.

    Who the hell did he think he was? Show some respect to the leader of Canada, boy.

    Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, the infamous list is long.

    Rights , you sound pretty young yet– go to youtube and look up all the old good movies and movie stars, when THEY HAD CLASS.

    I know a lot of young people do that now, to get a taste of how it was.

    And lewgc: good point on Ceasar. We have a few of ’em; just got to get them out there.

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