Judge scolds lawyer for bringing infant to court

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The facts are not in dispute. A woman lawyer asked for a hearing to be rescheduled due to the birth of her baby. The judge denied the rescheduling request, so he woman lawyer brought the baby to court. The judge is a male.

I’m going to upset some women readers of this blog by supporting the judge in this case. The new mother could have:

1. put the child in daycare for a few hours.
2. passed the hearing on to another lawyer.

The article condemns males and condemns the judge for his “lack of compassion.”

As I see it, he’s not paid to be “compassionate,” which means giving women with children special treatment. He’s paid for results. There are plaintiffs and defendants needing to have their cases progress.

New mom had options. She choose not to pursue them.

Babies do not belong in the courtroom.

I should add that babies in the university classroom were also an issue at the university. Crying babies and unruly children were disruptive to the learning experiences of other students. The university allowed professors to set their own policies. Mine, like everyone else’s, was that babies do not belong in university classrooms.


Editor’s note: Kelly Wallace is CNN’s digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two girls. Read her other columns and follow her reports at CNN Parents and on Twitter.

(CNN) — When I first heard the story about an Atlanta judge who reprimanded an immigration attorney for bringing her 4-week-old to court for a hearing — a hearing the attorney, Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle, told CNN she asked the judge to reschedule because she was on her six-week maternity leave — I was outraged like many other working women.

Two other immigration judges — one male, another female — in two unrelated cases granted Ehrisman-Mickle’s request to delay hearings while she was on maternity leave, she said in an interview.

What appears to be a lack of compassion by the judge in question is troubling but sadly not surprising, many women say.

“Hearings are rescheduled…

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7 thoughts on “Judge scolds lawyer for bringing infant to court

  1. They will tell you it is no longer a “man’s world.” It is a Politically Correct, “iclusive”
    Feminast, Gay & Lesbian, Race Mixing world. YOU are the one with the problem. YOU are
    the one that needs “help.” You are “cured” when you think that you are white male “trash”
    and you can “understand” why Jews & Blacks have to demolish society 8 ways to Sunday.

  2. Compassion needs to be even more lacking. Especially for spoiled, recalcitrant women, none whatsoever. Enough already.

  3. She had no business bringing that baby into the courtroom. Professional women need to band together and arrange for child-caring amongst themselves, if they have no other options.

    And preferably, they will hire non-immigrants to do this job. Lots of unemployed, white women out there that could do it.

    I understand the need for childcare, but you have no right destroying somebody’s court case, or somebody’s education with a squalling infant in the same room.

  4. I disagree with all of you. She’s a white women with a white child. I’m on her side. If you read the article, her husband is a truck driver and she has no family in town. I’d FAR rather her take the baby to the courtroom than let some orc take care of it. The little baby can’t be put on a coat hanger like some jacket, you know.

    It can be a real hassle to raise kids and work. And yes the lawyer should be at home but maybe she can’t afford to. The horse is already out of the barn. Whites have to deal with what is today. She has a baby and has no one to help her. Maybe all the white women around her are too frigging selfish to help her OR maybe they’re boned tired from their drag ass job to help anyone.

    I guarantee you if that were a jew, negro, aztec or other non-white mystery meat lawyer, the jew judge would be all accomodating and sheeeit.

    Our nation’s courtrooms are a joke. Our judicial system is ran by jews for the benefit of jews. I’m a little glad she shook things up a little bit.

    • Thanks for offering an alternate opinion. And for standing up for white mothers. That said, I’m sticking by my guns on this one. Somewhere there is a white babysitter she could have used. I do agree with you about the court system. It’s a fraud.

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