Evil Witch Hillary Clinton Puts Her Head Up Her A** With This Remark


Hillary Clinton stated last Thursday during one of her highly paid speaking engagements that her “heart just broke” over the shooting death of black thug Mike Brown at the hands of police officer Darren Wilson, who suffered a fractured eye socket during his confrontation with the “gentle giant.”

A commenter called “libertarian 1234” wrote the following critique of Miss Hillary.

American Renaissance

“She said her “heart just broke” for Brown’s family after the unarmed 18-year old was shot by police officer Darren Wilson more than two weeks ago.”

But her heart wasn’t broken for the parents of the gallant men in Benghazi who led a contingent of civilians out of harm’s way then held off a superior force equipped with heavy arms and mortars until they finally went down fighting, all the while frantically calling for hours for some kind of back-up force to help them out.

Her heart wasn’t broken then, nor did she feel any sympathy for the parents when she told them their sons died fighting a protest force that was reacting to a video, instead of the truth that the attack amounted to a preplanned raid for which her and the community organizer had weeks of warning before it finally occurred.

In fact when she was questioned about it by Congress she pounded her gnarled little meat hook on the table and screamed, “What difference does it make now?”

She can find no sympathy for the parents of our white heroes but she’s nearly apoplectic with grief over the likely justified shooting of a black strong armed robber, a bully and probably a murderer.

And this Hillary Clinton creature is the person you want for your next president, America? Shame on you.


7 thoughts on “Evil Witch Hillary Clinton Puts Her Head Up Her A** With This Remark

  1. I read she was in the Bilderberger meetings, then I saw a video of her denying she had ever heard of the group.

    Right then, I knew we were in trouble.

    We are all still shocked, aren’t we, when we see a woman at this level of evil.

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