Jewish Genius EINSTEIN Speaks to Anti-Semitism


Click image to enlarge. I saw this quote on Henry Makow’s website today and thought I would share.

6 thoughts on “Jewish Genius EINSTEIN Speaks to Anti-Semitism

    • I was wondering how long it would take for someone to challenge Einstein. I think there are some legitimate questions about his “achievements” in science. However, the word “genius” in the headline is probably correct since his IQ is believed to be at the genius level. Although I think I may have read that some even question his level of intelligence!

      I posted this item because it shows he was smart enough to know that the Jews create their own problems–that the dislike of Jews is of their own making.

      Thanks for the links. As I have time over the next few days I’ll check them out. Meanwhile, here’s a link that challenges all physics as phony baloney:

  1. Somebody somewhere wrote that the Jews were the original White Collar group. They got in on everything that controls you very early.

    • They don’t like to do real work–woodworking, metal working, etc. I was speaking with a young white man today who works menial jobs, but wants to get trained to do the above. He loves woodworking, but metalworking pays better and he still likes it too. I’ve never met a Jew who wasn’t white collar. Have you?

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