Kerry To Snowden: “Man Up and Come Back to the United States.”

Snowden is a hero. The second hero is Putin, for giving Snowden sanctuary. Kerry and Clinton are dunces.


220px-John_Kerry_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait220px-Landsdowne_HeraklesWe previously discussed how terribly confused Hillary Clinton appeared in discussing National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. She just could not understand why he would not have trusted the government to deal with any problems or why he would not come back to the United States. Now, Secretary of State John Kerry is offering his own brand of macho advice to the kid: “man up and come back to the United States.” Sure leaders have called for him to be tried as a traitor and either incarcerated for life or executed. Sure, he is not guaranteed to see all of the evidence used against him or even be guaranteed a federal trial as opposed to a military tribunal. However, Kerry appears ready to give him an “attaboy” on his way to solitary confinement under Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) that cut off virtually any contact with the outside world.

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Video: France for the French! Brother Nathanel Explains Those French Election Results that Have the Globalists Panicking

A transcript of the video can be read at Real Jew News.

The Woman Who Has Gone to Heaven and Back, Made A Fortune from Her Trip, and Met Angel Martin Luther King in the Process

Writer Lorna Byrne makes all sorts of outrageous claims that cannot be verified; however, she's gotten rich running this scam

Writer Lorna Byrne makes all sorts of outrageous claims that cannot be verified; however, she’s gotten rich running this scam

The excerpt below was published in the women’s section of the big British news organization, the Daily Mail. Women must outnumber men in following psychics and new age gurus by a ratio of 10 to 1.

This woman is clearly a scam artist. Her kind of new age nonsense has no place in the truth movement. Her assertion that whore-mongering communist Martin Luther King is an angel is a dead giveaway that she’s bullsh*tting everyone and laughing all the way to the bank while doing it.

Lorna Byrne is small, neat and fragrant. Her hair has been carefully straightened, her make-up is immaculate and her voice is so quiet that I almost have to sit on top of her to hear what she’s saying.

But it’s worth it, because her chat is really rather startling.

After all, there can’t be many people who have met the late American civil rights leader Martin Luther King (during a vision in which he was in a previous incarnation — ‘he was bigger and stronger and taller, and he wasn’t black’).

Also, she has seen the Virgin Mary (‘absolutely beautiful, with a crown of jewels’).

What’s more, Lorna has already been to heaven — albeit briefly — when a hospital operation went a bit wrong (‘it’s so beautiful, like a big library and so full of love you don’t want to come back’).

But right now, she’s telling me about ‘Angel Michael’ — one of her team of regular guiding angels — who, eight years ago, persuaded her to start writing the series of books about angels and love that have now been published in more than 50 countries and 20 languages.

Lorna claims that she was in her kitchen when ‘Michael’ appeared. ‘He said: “I have a message for you. You have to write a book about angels and God and love. It will go all over the world and be a bestseller”.’

Source: Daily Mail

The Muslim Takeover of England Progresses Step-by-Step: Now, No Dogs Allowed

Dogwalkers warned--Did muzzies or anti-muzzies post the sign to stir up trouble?

Dogwalkers warned–Did muzzies write the warning sign or did anti-muzzies post the sign to stir up trouble?

Police were today investigating a sign telling pet owners to stay out of an east London park because “Muslims do not like dogs”.

The warning, in Bartlett Park, Poplar, said: “Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an Islamic area now.”

It was today branded “unacceptable” and “provocative” by an MP who called in police after being alerted to the sign by a concerned dog walker.

Labour’s Jim Fitzpatrick called on police to find out if it was put up by “religious zealots” or a far-right group such as the English Defence League (EDL).

“The question is whether it was put up to be provocative or by religious zealots to be racist,” the Poplar and Limehouse MP told the Standard.

“It’s another facet of intolerance, or, because there’s no guarantee it was done by Islamists, it could be those in society who are trying to polarise and divide us.”

He added: “Whichever side it was ought not to be able to get away with it and whoever’s responsible ought to pack it in.”

Read the rest of the story at the Daily Stormer.

Reckless Female Probable Beaner Driver Crushes 7-Month-Old Texas Boy While Running Red Light

David Bingenheimer--tragically dead at the age of 7 months

David Bingenheimer–tragically dead at the age of 7 months

Female suspected of causing young David to be crushed to death while his father walked him in a stroller

Female suspected of causing young David to be crushed to death while his father walked him in a stroller

Accidents can happen even with the best of driving skills employed at all times. But the driver suspected of killing little David appears to me to be Hispanic. In Texas, that means Mexican. It also means poor driving records in many cases.

Mexicans are notorious for driving drunk, talking on cell phones, and generally not paying attention to the road. It can be summed up in one word: carelessness.

Little David’s father, who escaped injury, picked up his little crumpled body and ran over to the female pictured, screaming, “Look what you’ve done.”

Unfortunately, many of these creatures have little conscience. The best that can be hoped for is a manslaughter or negligent homicide conviction, followed by a brief prison stretch.

Justice for little David? Not much!

A seven-month-old baby has been killed in Texas after a driver allegedly ran a red light and crushed the stroller being pushed across the road by the boy’s father.

Witnesses say that seconds after the crash, which occurred at a busy intersection in Arlington, the father, Daniel Bingenheimer, picked up his tiny son, David, and screamed out in pain.

A white sedan being driven by a woman is said to have ran the light and collided with a red pickup truck, which then careened into the stroller.

‘It was the dad carrying his baby over to (the woman in the sedan) yelling, ”Look at what you’ve done”,’ said Dr. Jerrod Edwards, whose office is nearby and attended the scene, according to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Read the whole tragic story at the Daily Mail.

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: The 13 theories that could explain where the plane is – and what happened to it


With so much uncertainty surrounding the circumstances of MH370’s bizarre disappearance, it has become rich territory for aviation experts, bloggers and conspiracy theorists alike.

Here we round up 13 of the most prominent theories as to where the plane ended up, and what went wrong in the first place.

Shot down in a military training exercise

While the Australian officials leading the search for MH370 say they remain “absolutely convinced” it ended up in the southern Indian Ocean, some passengers’ families – and theorists – distrust the unprecedented satellite data analysis involved.

Among those who support this view are the British journalist and author Nigel Cawthorne, who has controversially already published the first book on the plane’s disappearance.

He supports one theory, based on the eye-witness testimony of New Zealand oil rig worker Mike McKay, that the plane was shot down shortly after it stopped communicating with air traffic controllers.

At the time there was a series of war games taking place in the South China Sea involving Thailand, the US and personnel from China, Japan, Indonesia and others, and Cawthorne has linked this to Mr McKay’s claims to have seen a burning plane going down in the Gulf of Thailand.

Read the remaining 12 fascinating theories explaining the great mystery of the missing plane by visiting the Independent.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Julius Caesar Speaks Profoundly


One of the best insights into the human mind I’ve ever read.