Jewish Super-Rich DuPont Heir Rapes 3-Year Old Daughter, Gets ZERO Jail Time

Robert H. Richards IV--multimillionaire duPont heir raped 3-year old daughter but will escape time behind bars

Robert H. Richards IV–multimillionaire duPont heir raped 3-year old daughter but will escape time behind bars

Shocking details have emerged of how a multimillionaire heir to the du Pont chemical business was convicted of raping his three-year-old daughter but escaped serving prison time after a Delaware Superior Court judge ruled he would ‘not fare well’.

Robert H. Richards IV was charged with fourth-degree rape in 2009 after he admitted that he had raped his daughter almost a decade ago.

News of the shocking leniency shown to Richards, 46, only emerged on Tuesday in the details of a lawsuit filed against him by his ex-wife Tracy.

There is no justice in America anymore. When a girl who is now eleven years of age was raped by her own father when she was three years of age can’t find justice, who can? Money and a famous name can work their magic in the marketplace and in a courtroom, where justice is supposed to be blind. In this case justice was blinded by the glint of gold shimmering in the light. The darkness of rape was forgotten.

The duPont company is one of the USA’s largest. It’s an integral part of the New World Order. The family bloodline is Jewish. Why’s that important? The Babylonian Talmud, one of Judism’s holy books, approves of raping three year old girls! Truly Satanic.

To read more about the Talmud’s views toward sexual matters, click here.

To read more about the Satanic bloodlines of the duPont family click here.

Source for rape sentencing story: Daily Mail

10 thoughts on “Jewish Super-Rich DuPont Heir Rapes 3-Year Old Daughter, Gets ZERO Jail Time

  1. Jew or no Jew! the rules should apply to every one that breaks the law especially the laws of a father that would abuse his own children, where is the Love, the family tree and all of the things that a decent human being should work hard for and strive to build a family unit that should grow and be strong for generations and generations. How could a father Dam his own children, to say that HE needs help is a lie, what he really means is ( I will do and say anything to get out of this ) you can call me crazy or you can say what you will about me as long as I don’t go to prison, but what about the child, what will the child say? My daddy did these horrible things to me and he never paid for what he did and I will never recover from this and I will never understand how a father could do this to his child. This bastard and anyone that stands with him should all go to HELL. So what if he is Jewish would it make it any better if he was a Catholic or any other religion? The devil comes in many disguises.

  2. More proof there is NO equality in the justice system.

    Cliquey. And why this won’t last forever. Just be painful while it does……..

    The backlash will be horrific….

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