Obama the Ape Man and His Ape Wife

Belgian newspaper portrays Obamas as apes

Belgian newspaper portrays Obamas as apes

Political satire has always been brutal in the way it portrays politicians it targets. Thus, I have no objection to portraying the Obamas as apes or monkeys. This portrayal of Africans as apes has a long history, obviously because Africa is home to apes, monkeys, and African tribesmen, and all of these creatures are dark in their skin coloring and also share some degree of facial resemblence.

Recent research has shown that the white Euro peoples (and Asians) have a small percent of their gene makeup from Neanderthals. Africans have no Neanderthal genes. Would it surprise anyone if scientists discovered that African tribesmen share some of their genes with apes and monkeys? I doubt it.

It’s still not politically correct to portray black people as apes today, in spite of the logic of doing so. Thus, the flap that ensued when a Belgian newspaper portrayed the Obamas as apes.

With an image reminiscent of the classic film “Planet of the Apes,” a Belgian newspaper is accused of racism for printing a doctored photo putting monkey-like faces on President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

The article, which ostensibly makes fun of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has a second photo of the American leader with a caption reading, “First black president of the USA starts selling weed.”

De Morgan, the progressive newspaper in Belgium which printed the picture as a joke under Putin’s byline, has already apologized by saying it was in “bad taste,” adding it was merely attempting to spoof Putin and the public fight between the two world leaders.

“So this is what they tried to convey that Putin thinks of Obama, not them at the newspaper. But they still did it!” exclaimed American radio giant Rush Limbaugh on his Wednesday broadcast. “They still did the Photoshop and they still published it, in sophisticated Europe. Belgium, headquarters [of] NATO.”

The comments to the story showed a decided tilt toward the position that the Obamas deserve everything aimed at them. Samples:

Wait…..that pic was photoshopped???? 😉

The truth ALWAYS comes out … Kudos to the Belgian newspaper for validating our opinion of potus and flotus!

Can’t happen fast enough. Looks darn good to me, a trained ape and his moo-ape spouse..! Awesome.. A little too ‘racist’ for American newspapers, but there are many of those ‘ape’ pics of Bush which no one objected to, how quaint. Lucky O’bozo looks smarter as the ape-man. What a complete embarrassment to the American people and their bleeding liberal hearts. Maybe, just maybe, they will learn not to vote with their ‘feelings’ and vote with their brains. I wonder what Billary would look like with the ape face ‘photoshop’ version. Probably better than the old hag looks in real life. But “what does it matter..?” Go suck an egg, Democraps.

The whole world is sick of this monkey.

I’m failing to see the photoshop of mooshell. Can somebody please help me out with this one?

Most of the comments were like these. It’s a good and healthy thing that White persons are waking up to the fact that the word “racist” gets tossed around like a lump of dough in a pizza joint these days. Who cares? I like satire and if you want to call me a racist, then have at it.

Just remember that the original “ape man” was a white guy named Tarzan.

Read more at World Net Daily.

6 thoughts on “Obama the Ape Man and His Ape Wife

  1. I’m sick of being embarrassed for my country by these people.
    And they have the nerve to drag michelephants ma along.
    What degenerates.

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