Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati

The despicably unfunny Sarah Silverman:  "My partner and I want to have an abortion, but we're having trouble conceiving," and "I would kill Jesus Christ again, I'd fucking do it again."

The despicably unfunny Sarah Silverman: “My partner and I want to have an abortion, but we’re having trouble conceiving,” and “I would kill Jesus Christ again, I’d fucking do it again.”

Dr. Henry Makow is the gold standard for conspiracy realists and has been for the twelve years he’s been writing about the Illuminati System that intends to enslave mankind in a Satanic cult. His website’s slogan, Exposing feminism and the New World Order tells you exactly what the massive archives and current articles are about.

Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati by guest author Ron shows how comedy has been corrupted in order to lower moral standards:

As a child of the 1950s I recall with fondness the role that humor played in forming my character and values. Shows like The Life of Riley, Father Knows Best, My Three Sons, I Love Lucy, I Married Joan, My Little Margie, (many can be viewed on youtube) and so many more, featured characters who respected and loved each other. The humor arose from misunderstandings among the characters, not from impulses toward the perverse.

Exactly when television comedy made the big transition from positive to negative values, I can’t say for sure, but I first noticed it when I watched the first few episodes of Saturday Night Live. The humor, which I didn’t find funny, was based primarily on mockery. The sketches mocked every positive value and every positive person imaginable. It was if the writers were instructed to create scripts that intentionally sought to belittle humanity’s better nature, and thus destroy it.

Chastity, honesty, religion, the entire list of positive values that created this thing we call civilization, were mocked for two hours every Saturday night. The show was promoted by reviewers as hip and with it. If you didn’t like it, there was something wrong with you.

We live in a world that is rapidly devolving from civilization to savagery. The rich are growing richer while many devolve into their sexual obsessions, porn, drug addiction, incest, pedophilia, crime, racial conflict, and a host of other pathologies.

Humor, specifically, humor that mocks positive values is used by the Illuminati to enslave us by promoting those pathologies. It’s far from the only weapon, but it’s insidious because we usually don’t notice it, as we laugh along with the “funnyman” on TV or in the movies. Indeed, TV comedy shows are probably the primary means by which the power elites subtly influence us in a negative way.

Sarah Silverman, pictured above and on Dr. Makow’s site, is an example of a filthy comedian who isn’t funny, but a shock and mock tool of the New World Order.

The article and comments by ordinary people disgusted by TV and stand up comedy are great. There’s much more to this exposure of the New World Order’s effort to sabotage morality and decency that you can read by clicking on this link to the article. Understand why comedy today is so unfunny and filthy and thus protect yourself and your family from this little-understood menace.

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