Diversity Map of the USA: County-by-County


To see the map full size, click on it. It fills the screen on my little laptop.

Use the map to assess how much diversity exists where you live. Dark blue means more diversity. Lighter shades mean less diversity.

CBS News: Stock Market Rigged–Who’d a Thunk It?

High speed computer traders have rigged the stock market, according to a CBS News report

High speed computer traders have rigged the stock market, according to a CBS News report

How can anyone NOT believe that conspiracies abound in this era of rule by the powerful fat-cat globalist oligarchs whose sole intention is to amass ever more wealth and power? The USA’s stock market? Yes, it’s rigged.

Steve Kroft: By whom?

Michael Lewis: By a combination of these stock exchanges, the big Wall Street banks and high-frequency traders.

Steve Kroft: Who are the victims?

Michael Lewis: Everybody who has an investment in the stock market.

Steve Kroft: And this is all being done by computers?

Michael Lewis: All being done by computers. It’s too fast to be done by humans. Humans have been completely removed from the marketplace.

The article posted on the CBS News website goes on from here to explain in detail how the stock market is rigged to enrich the Wall Street Bankers and other key Illuminati members.

Lest you think that this is one conspiracy that does not affect you, then think again. Many Americans have cash value life insurance, retirement accounts, and other links to the market. Wealth unfairly gained by the ruling oligarchy causes massive wealth redistribution that rigs the game of life against the middle and working classes. You do have skin in the game whether you realize it or not.

What to do about a rigged stock market? Some people are withdrawing from the financial system altogether. For many others, that’s not possible, at least not easily possible. But everyone can start today by viewing all their financial arrangements as suspect.

Perhaps if enough people are enraged by the thievery under their noses, it might be reined in. But that will never happen with the current corrupt political system that is now in place. Not without a good housecleaning anyway.

Knowledge is power, they say. You now know about another scheme cooked up by the power elites to defraud you, impoverish you, and turn you into a debt slave.

One Picture Explains Why “Diversity is Our Strength” Mantra is Utter Bullshit


DIE-VERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH. Sure it is. Right, London? And for sleeping Americans, remember the massacre at Fort Hood? DIE-VERSITY IS DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS.

“Diversity is our strength” is propaganda, indoctrination. It’s a silly slogan, created by the New World Order in order to put simple minds to sleep while exterminating individual races by throwing them together into a jambalaya of miscegnation.

Enjoy your cultural enrichment while you can, for soon we die.

15th Annual White Privilege Conference Demonizes Whites Again: Whiteness Equals Evil

Colleen Ritzer--White school teacher raped and murdered by filthy animal pictured; libturds say she deserved it because she's White

Colleen Ritzer–White school teacher raped and murdered by filthy animal pictured; libturds say she deserved it because she’s White

Jim Goad, IMO one of a handful of America’s great writers today, slices and dices the annual taxpayer-funded White Privilege Conference recently held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA:

Apparently the only way to dismantle white privilege and usher in this long-promised and long-delayed era of post-racial harmony is to be absolutely fucking obsessed with race.

The message of this conference is that ALL White persons harbor murderous animosity toward blacks, and thus, wish to continue the epic genocide of blacks begun by White persons hundreds of years ago. The teachers and college professors who attend the conference are taught to hammer white students over the head with this message until their brains are bloodied with it. Goad writes:

According to conference founder Eddie Moore, Jr., “white supremacy, white privilege, racism and other forms of oppression are designed for your destruction—designed to kill you.” If that’s the case, privileged whites are doing a piss-poor job, seeing as how the 400,000 or so Africans who were transported to the New World in slave ships have—through the noxious evils of white privilege, white technology, and living amid a predominantly white culture—blossomed into around 40 million modern American blacks. That’s an increase of 100-1 and truly the most inept genocide in world history.

Believe me, if Whites wanted blacks dead, they would be dead. The race of people who put a man on the moon is fully capable of sending the entire black race straight to hell, if it so desired. The White persons I know simply want to be left alone–to be free of rap, rappers, rap-crap, rap-shit, rap-turds, and rap-assholes. That list of black things that Whites hate includes the rap-crap knockout game and the mass murder of young and old Whites alike by black “teens,” “youfs,” and other euphemisms used by the press to avoid having to spell out the word BLACK in news reports about black on white crime.

The only good idea that seemed to emerge from this farcical pink-pig hog-sloppin’ guilt-fest came via a Tweet from a conference attendee: “maybe we should stop giving black boys to white women teachers.”

I think that’s a capital idea, especially if the white women teachers are the typical self-loathing breed so prevalent these days—and by that I mean they hate the “white” part of themselves rather than the “female” part. I don’t even think you need to set any new policies to make this a reality. If you keep pounding the idea that “whiteness = evil” into the skulls of the nation’s increasingly nonwhite student population, those melanin-rich young’uns will eventually demand that white men and women stop teaching them altogether. Purely by delicious accident, white teachers will wind up softly erasing themselves like so much chalk from the blackboard.

Colleen Ritzer, horribly raped and murdered by a black “youf” would still be alive, enjoying her family, planning her wedding, her mind filled with thoughts of her unborn children and grandchildren. But turd-skinned Philip Chism put an end to her dreams, slaughtering her and washing her dreams away with her own blood. Fuck him. My ancestors would have lynched him.

Fuck the libturds, too, those self-loathing Whites who revel in the rapes and murders of innocent White women like Colleen.

That special place in Hell reserved for libturds is a little corner of the place filled with the blacks those assholes so love. And every day, each one will be ritually murdered by them, only to spring to life tomorrow and be slaughtered again. Over and over and over for eternity.

Libturds deserve it.

Read Jim Goad’s beautifully crafted essay on the White Privilege Conference at Taki’s Magazine.