Judge Awards Custody to Convicted Pedophile Dad, Mom Terrified

Sarah Elizondo--ordered by judge to live with pedophile dad

Sarah Elizondo–ordered by judge to live with pedophile dad

Nicholas Elizondo--Dad awarded custody despite conviction involving another six year old girl

Nicholas Elizondo–Dad awarded custody despite conviction involving another six year old girl

The former USA’s legal system is not only corrupt, but stupid and evil. If you follow the news you know that the first stirrings of a new pedophile rights movement has begun. Nonetheless, pedos who are working for social acceptance of “intergenrational intimacy” have a tough job.

At least one judge apparently finds nothing wrong with pedophilia. The ruling by an Oklahoma judge that little six-year old Sarah Elizondo must leave mom’s house and go live with dad in California has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

Although dad denies the sexual act he pleaded guilty to, this custody award sets a bad precedent.

The legal system is another tool the System (the New World Order) is using to sabotage the traditional American family. Pedophile rights must NEVER be allowed to become law.

Read the original article at the Daily Mail.

Libs Turn on One of Their Own: University President Claimed Human Nature Exists, Had to Apologize

Lefties control most university campuses these days, meaning that diversity and multiculturalism are the ruling principles. This means that human nature must be denied. When the president of the University of Iowa, Sally Mason, mentioned human nature in passing, out from under their rocks popped the usual suspects–feminists, libtard professors, and other assorted kooks. Dr. Mason, a feminist type herself, apologized for the hurt she caused. Yes, every libtard in America was butthurt by her slip of the tongue. Boo hoo hoo.

Here’s what one commenter on the website of station KWWL in Iowa had to say:

This illuminates a fundamental difference between the left and the right. The root of leftist thinking is that there is no such thing as human nature — and that people can therefore be controlled with central authority, those who are anointed to “know best”. The right, and those that are more practical — understand that human nature not only exists — but it is unchanging and is at the root of most issues (good and bad) we constantly debate. She spoke the truth and will now have to submit to the “open minded / tolerant authorities” who require her to use certain words, and to think certain ways. She must deny her human nature or suffer the career ending consequence.

Ah, the wisdom of the everyday saboteur.

Read the KWWL story and comments here.

Hispanic Patriot Dead, Reporter Tries to Play Race Card, Fails

Sgt. Rafael Peralta, Marine, died in combat in Iraq in 2004

Sgt. Rafael Peralta, Marine, died in combat in Iraq in 2004

A patriot is dead, but there is major disagreement about how he died. And therein lies a political firestorm.

Did Sgt. Rafael Peralta deliberately and heroically sacrifice his life for his comrades by jumping on a grenade? Or was he already dead when the grenade exploded? He’s been awarded the Navy Cross and will have a destroyer named after him. But three Secretaries of Defense have rejected requests that he be awarded the Medal of Honor. Did the Sgt.’s race motivate that rejection?

As the military becomes ever more an institution infected by the virus of Cultural Marxism and political correctness, women, gays, lesbians, and minorities are treated as if they deserve special treatment. Women in combat units no longer have to meet the same standards as men, for example.

In the case of the Muslim Fort Hood shooter, the military ignored the signs that he was ready to explode, preferring diversity over safety. Thirty-seven soldiers died unnecessarily in the name of diversity. Screw diversity. What’s wrong with a military based on merit?

Make no mistake, the military is looking for heroes who are black, brown, Muslim, women, gay, lesbian, and probably transsexual. That political agenda, of course, weakens combat readiness and reduces morale. Old timers in the services are reportedly fed up, but are sticking around until they can collect their pensions.

Truthseekers are unlikely to find the real story on mainstream websites, the network news, or published in most newspapers. Reporters tend to be liberals with an agenda to color what should be objective reporting. Rarely does a reporter get called on his deceitful actions. But in the case of Sgt. Peralta, the reporter’s bullying of the Sgt.’s mother backfired on him:

“During the phone interview, this reporter had begun asking questions about her son Rafael Peralta, my mom answered his questions but this reporter began harassing my mother and changing her words as to making him come off as some sort of punk,” the two said in their letter.

“She felt that by his words that he was trying to force her into making statements that he wanted to hear. He tried to get me to pull the ‘race card’ as to being the reason for the denial of the Medal of Honor on three separate occasions of the interview,” the two Peraltas wrote.

In a separate letter, George Sabga, a spokesman for the family, wrote The Post reporter laying out several objections to the report including the claim that Peralta was an illegal immigrant.

He reiterated the charge that the reporter repeatedly asked about race, even after Mrs. Peralta’s initial rejection that her son’s Mexican ancestry was involved in the decision-making.

“Instead of accepting these responses, you continued along this line of questioning by changing the wording of your questions. I find it ironic that the mother of a fallen Marine has more honor and integrity than a reporter for the Washington Post,” Mr. Sabga wrote. He demanded a public apology.

In a multicultural society, suspicions, lies, and power struggles are the norm. Diversity breeds hate and conflict. That’s part of why I reject diversity and multiculturalism.

It’s a good day for truthseekers when a mother sabotages a reporter’s bullying and goes public with it. Anyone who rejects political correctness and the mainstream media’s lies has my respect. I salute Sgt. Peralta’s mother.

Read more of the story here

Illegal Aliens: Get the Fuck Out and Learn English

This shit, painted on the side of a building, passes for art in the barrio

This shit, painted on the side of a building, passes for art in the barrio

This is real art--Lucas Cranoch the Elder, Melancholy, 1532

This is real art–Lucas Cranach the Elder, Melancholy, 1532

Picture an illegal alien parasite getting stabbed during an argument by her high-on-tequila illegal vermin boyfriend. She gets to a phone and calls 911. She doesn’t speak English because she doesn’t give a shit about assimilating, so after some initial back-and-forth with the 911 operator, time wasted as her life’s blood spurts all over the empty beer cans and taco droppings that litter the floor of her Section 8 housing, an interpreter takes over.

Chase Wesley Raymond, a UCLA doctoral student, has studied these situations:

Raymond’s analysis of nearly 100 conversations between monolingual English 911 dispatchers and callers who’d requested Spanish language services revealed a fitful dance in which both caller and dispatcher tried to push their own linguistic agendas. Callers would often request the use of Spanish in Spanish—a gambit that tended to earn them an interpreter, as it avoided any display of competency in English. For their part, dispatchers resisted replying directly to questions if they’d been asked in Spanish, not wanting callers to believe they were proficient in a language they were not. (I ignore for now the question of why, in a city where more than 50 percent of the population was Latino, there were no bilingual interpreters.

Now here’s where I take aim at libtards like the writer of this piece, Jessica Love. Why the fuck is it America’s responsibility to kow tow to these cockroaches who cross the border illegally, breed like rabbits, and then demand coddling and benefits. It’s not the job of the American taxpayer to provide interpreters. It’s the job of the cockroach to learn enough English to communicate with others in an English speaking country. If I immigrated to Russia, I sure as shit wouldn’t expect the Russians to learn English and coddle me. I’d learn Russian, which is what any responsible immigrant does–learn the language and customs of your new homeland and be extremely grateful to those who have admitted you as an equal in their country.

The idea that the illegal has any responsibility at all never seems to occur to these libtards. It’s always whitey’s job to pick up the shit these cockroaches are scattering around in every corner of the USA.

My patriotic Mexican-American friends whose ancestors came to the US legally, learned English and absorbed the meaning of being an American. Pedro, his wife Lupita, and their two little taco-head squat monster kids can pack up, go back to Mexico, learn English and then stand in line to become legal. Then, maybe I’ll call them my amigos. Or maybe not.

Original article: Emergencies in Spanish.

Cultural Marxist Egalitarianism Sabotaged in Five Short Rhyming Lines

Decaying Detroit--symbol of black run America

Decaying Detroit–symbol of black run America

This five line rhyme was published in a comment on the American Renaissance website. I would give credit to the commenter, but I’ve lost track of his name. It’s a slightly longer version of a comment posted last month by a different commenter. This clever truth deserves to go viral.

Whites create,
Asians imitate;
Hispanics populate;
Muslims detonate,
Blacks desecrate.

UPDATE: Another American Renaissance commenter added one more line:

Jews infiltrate

Given that Amren deletes many comments that use the J-word, this last line may not be up on Amren for long.

Lipstick Soldiers: Defending Their Homelands Worldwide, But What About Their Race?

From a social value perspective, women should not be serving in the military. Their bodies are too precious to be destroyed because of their ability to bear children. One man can impregnate a harem, but he needs a harem to impregnate to keep his bloodlines alive after his male comrades have perished in war.

But women civilians (and children) have historically not been able to stay safe at home while men marched off to war because wars are sometimes fought on home turf. Thus, women serve in combat units in many countries today. Traditionalists like Kathleen Parker argue the case that women in the military is a mistake.

The egalitarian mindset of Cultural Marxists in government and academia dismiss with contempt any effort to limit women’s role in the US military. We’ll see how that works out. What we know happens is a lot of rape, fraternization (the military’s polite way of saying sex), and pregnancy.

The photos show women soldiers in Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Mexico, Israel, the US, Sweden, Serbia, and Iran. The first photo of Iranian women is someone’s idea of a joke, intended to portray Iran and its women as backward. The second one is real, which shows just how serious tensions are in the Middle East.

The American Internet blogger Viking Bitch advises white women who wish to serve their bloodlines rather than what she has called their clusterfuck of a country to begin having white babies, whether a woman is married or not. Given that the survival of the white race is at risk because of the low white birth rate, how can anyone rationally argue against her?

Pregnant women and women soldiers are just two sides of the same coin: the basic human right to exist and to enjoy one’s own unique culture. So, when you see a pregnant white woman, think of her as a saboteur, sabotaging the New World Order plan to exterminate the white race.

women military iran vs rest

Iran--woman soldier with a machine gun

Iran–woman soldier with a machine gun

Should We Obey Laws with Which We Don’t Agree–Anti-White Racist Marxist AG Eric Holder Says No

Eric Holder--anti-white racist Marxist Attorney General of the United States

Eric Holder–anti-white racist Marxist Attorney General of the United States

Angrywhitedude notes that the anti-American, anti-white saboteur named Eric “My People” Holder claims that the government has no duty to obey the law:

Attorney General Eric Holder recently told state Attorneys General that they are not required to enforce laws with which they don’t agree. Especially state laws prohibiting gay marriage. In Obama’s America, it’s hip to be queer. Not normal.

Holder and President Obama have made a mockery of their Oaths of Office when they swore to uphold the laws of the land and uphold the Constitution. They have enforced only laws that fit their leftist agenda while bypassing Congress and ignoring laws already on the books.

The revelation made by Holder to state Attorneys General that they are do not have to enforce laws in which they disagree begs a few questions:

1. Why have laws if one individual can single-handedly decide the laws validity or enforcement based on his or her personal ideology? Doesn’t this invalidate the entire system in a democratic republic where we elect leaders to vote the way their constituents would have them vote?

The same question could be expanded to federal judges who often override state laws or referendums against the will of the majority of the citizens. Again, a single individual deciding what laws will be enforced. Many judges are political appointees who agree with the ideology of the regime in power.

2. If an Attorney General can decide which laws will be enforced, shouldn’t the proletariat be allowed to decide what laws they want to keep? Aren’t there law-abiding citizens in blue states who believe they are guaranteed the right to firearm ownership by the Constitution? Shouldn’t these individuals be allowed to own or carry guns because they disagree with the laws created by their elected officials?

America used to be a country of laws and that’s what differentiated us from other countries. Everyone was equal under the law. Now we are a country of politically correct suggestions at the behest of statist thugs in power of the White House and Department of Justice who look the other way when it benefits them politically or ideologically.

Watch for more and more executive orders from Obama and more laws that benefit everyone but American producers to be enforced by Holder. Also, watch as Holder continues to ignore the protection of civil rights for anyone who is not a minority.

Obama and Holder are not incompetent or dumb. They are evil.

I categorize law into two types. The first is laws dealing with our relationships with other people. These laws are rooted in the Ten Commandments and other expressions of natural law. There is a moral duty to obey these laws.

The second type of law is laws dealing with our relationship with the state. When the state imposes tyrannical laws that are intended to enslave us to the state, the state itself commits an immoral act. We have no duty to obey such laws.

In fact, we have a moral duty to sabotage the state’s efforts to impose tyranny. That’s exactly what George Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers did.

If resistance and sabotage were good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

Read the whole article at angrywhitedude