Vibrant Young Ladies and Gentlemen of Color Trash Walmart During Gun Protest Walkout

The press interjected the small photo of white girls in this second photo below. The videos embedded in the story show a thundering herd of highly energetic vibrant youths, with no white youths identifiable. The store is in a vibrant neighborhood too. The fake news press is pathetic.

It’s really amazing how the vibrant ones find such creative ways to protest gun violence. I’m too dumb to get the symbolism, but I’m sure one of the future rocket scientists can explain it to me.

Fox News

About 60 students from a Chicago high school used their time during the National School Walkout protest to wreak havoc at a Walmart, witnesses say — and police are investigating.

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Charlottesville Terrorist Deandre Harris Found NOT GUILTY of Assaulting White People

The two images above are the fodder fed the sheep who believe that blacks are always victims, never aggressors.

Take a look at Deandre Harris hitting a white patriot over the head with a flashlight in this five second video. Only those who are awake realize that black agent provocateurs were aggressively violating the rights of white people who just wanted to protest the removal of a confederate monument.

Embedded in the story is another video that the judge (white, presumably) ignored when declaring Harris not guilty.

The judge also smeared white patriots at the Unite the Right rally. He apparently believes that white people have no right to defend themselves and their property.

Virginian Pilot

A black man brutally beaten at last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville – and who was later charged with assaulting a white nationalist – was acquitted Friday.

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“Kids” in Philly Injected a Pit Bull Pup with Cocaine, Leaving Her to Die

I’m calling the “kids” in the CBS headline niggers.

They constantly prove that they are unfit to live among people of other races, who practice higher standards of behavior ON AVERAGE.

Peanut the pit bull pup almost died from cocaine and marijuana poisoning.

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Crippled Atheist Stephen Hawking Died Lashing Out at Donald Trump by Making a Prediction

Liberals are still gushing over what a great mind Stephen Hawking had.

Surprisingly, Time magazine ran a piece on Hawking in 2014 that poked holes in Hawking’s status as an icon and legend.

He became the poster boy for cripples in order to sell the public on the false idea that cripples can be anything or do anything.

All of the cripples out there who simply survive on government benefits know the truth–being a cripple is limiting.

Stephen Hawking was one of the world’s greatest minds, there are few who would dispute that. When he spoke, the world listened. Now we hope that the world will continue to listen, particularly to this stark warning he gave about Donald Trump.

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White Man Charged with Poaching at Least 126 Raptors Left Their Bodies to Rot in a Field

Richard Parker, pictured below, looks like a serial killer. They start with animals and go from there.

In the photo, Parker is laughing. Only thing is if he’s fully charged, convicted, and sentenced, he’ll spend the next 60 odd years in prison.

Where hopefully, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds comes to life and peck out his eyes before they kill him.

Sacramento Bee

They found them dead, lying in piles around the base of telephone poles and trees – dozens and dozens of dead hawks and other birds blasted from their perches.

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White Man’s Manslaughter Sentence Set at 30 YEARS for Self-Defense Killing of Ex-NFL RB Joe McKnight




Jefferson Parish Judge Ellen Kovach on Thursday (March 15) sentenced Ronald Gasser to 30 years in prison for gunning down former NFL player Joe McKnight after a five-mile, mutual road rage-fueled chase.


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Oregon Suspends Judge for THREE YEARS WITHOUT PAY for Refusing to Perform Faggot “Marriages”


What’s outrageous in particular is that Judge Vance Day refused to marry fags and dykes when it was unconstitutional under Oregon law for him to marry these freaks.

Excerpt from Law and Crime

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday to suspend Judge Vance Day without pay for three years on multiple allegations. The ruling stems from findings and a recommendation from the state Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability.

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