Police Chief Resigns Under Pressure After E-Mail with “Nigger” Made Public

tom burke resigns nigger

I wonder what would happen if someone legally challenged their firing for using the word “nigger” or other taboo words in a nonthreatening way. Clearly, in this case, no ill intent was present and really, how much butthurt was caused by the email in question. Rather than resigning Chief Burke should have made them fire him, then filed a lawsuit.

Excerpt from the New York Daily News

The police chief for Farrell, Pa., resigned one week after being sworn in because of an email made public after his hiring that contained a racial slur.

The email may have had good intentions, requesting donations for a book drive, but Tom Burke dropped the n-word in the message sent to a few dozen members of a Sharon parent-teacher organization.

“Good morning,” Burke began. “Please click and review. Even $1.00 will be greatly appreciated. Them Sharon n—–s gotta learn how to read.”

Before accepting his job at Farrell, Burke worked security detail at a mill. He retired from his position as Sharon’s police chief in 2007.

Burke, who is white, was sworn in as Farrell’s next top cop Nov. 17 and was expected to start in January, but had Farrell City Manager Michael Ceci known of the email, Burke would have never been hired, he told the Sharon Herald.

Farrell Mayor Olive McKeithan asked Burke to step down Wednesday Wednesday.

The Mayor is black, but the story goes on to say that she supported the Chief until the volume of calls against him overwhelmed her.

Yahoo reports that the Mayor had offered this statement of support several days ago:

“I have known and worked with him for many years and respect and admire his dedication to the community,” McKeithan wrote in the previous statement of support. “Until you get to know a man’s character, you can’t judge him by one off-the-cuff remark, or else would we not have to judge all white people as equally guilty?”

Blacks use taboo words all the time, including “cracka” to describe white persons. A little equality of outcomes please. If a good white man has to go down, then let the blacks guilty of the same offense suffer the same punishment.

What did I just write? Dear me, I must have been typing in my sleep. Blacks punished for their racism? What a silly thought.

that's racist

Two Black Thugs Who Lured White Couple Via Craigslist Taste Hot Lead When Women Pulls Gun and Kills One

Frank Frazier, jr

Here’s a nice story of a white couple who came prepared to deal with Negro chicanery. Prepared, as with a concealed gun, which the woman used to kill one of two perps trying to rob them. The second perp ran away.

Excerpt from The Blaze

The trouble began after a couple responding to a Craigslist ad arrived at a meetup spot in Aiken, South Carolina, to purchase a vehicle, police told WJBF-TV.

Then the two black men who met the couple Wednesday afternoon pulled out weapons and demanded money, Aiken County Sheriff Captain Eric Abdullah told WJBF.

But one of the victims, a woman, pulled out her own gun and fatally shot one of the men, later identified as 23-year-old Frank Frazier Jr., police told the station, who died at the scene.

No charges will be filed against the unidentified white couple. The identity of Frazier’s accomplice is unknown at this point. Meanwhile, because of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shootings, Obama is going for another try at a gun grab. This story illustrates why there is often no substitute for a firearm in the jungle that is America 2015.

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Full Video: Magnificent Donald Trump Sarasota Florida Rally on November 28, 2015

The story is receiving widespread press coverage, including at WTSP. Here’s a picture of an elephant who showed up for the rally.

trump elephant sarasota

Trump also gave helicopter rides to the children at the rally. At about the nine to ten minute mark a protester is thrown out, to the delight of the crowd.

Brilliant, kind, and tough. Make America great again. Trump 2016.

Liberty Counsel Publishes List of Retailers Supporting Christmas

christmas-scene church sleigh

Do stores still sell boxes of religious Christmas cards–the kind with Jesus in the manger? Liberty Counsel advises Americans to contact and thank retailers that help keep Christmas alive.

Link to Liberty Counsel Naughty and Nice PDF List


Nov 16, 2015

Today, Liberty Counsel is launching its thirteenth annual Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign, to make sure Christmas is not censored in public places.

Retailers. As part of the campaign, Liberty Counsel publishes a “Naughty or Nice” list which applauds retailers who acknowledge the reason for the season, and exposes those who do not.

“Over the last thirteen years, we have seen the tremendous growth of the ‘Nice List,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “While the culture has grown increasingly secular, I am happy to report that retailers are returning to the Spirit of Christmas,” he said.

The first post on Liberty Counsel’s 2015 Retailer’s Naughty Nice List is an example: “Good news! AC Moore went from just 64 mentions of Christmas on its website last year, to over 290 this year! The craft store’s use of the generic term ‘holiday’ decreased by a third. Last year’s ‘Merry Mason Jars’ are this year’s ‘Christmas Mason Jars.’ The alliteration might not be as sweet, but the sentiment is sweeter!”

Government organizations. “While retailers are responding to customers and keeping with Christmas, public officials in schools and county offices are often cowering to grinch-like atheist organizations threatening lawsuits,” Staver pointed out. Again this year, Liberty Counsel is defending Christmas carols sung in public schools and nativity scenes displayed on public property.

“Celebrating Christmas is still legal in schools, public places, and private businesses. If your town or organization receives a letter demanding that Christmas be censored, call Liberty Counsel,” Staver cautioned. “Liberty Counsel has successfully educated and litigated many of these cases,” Staver concluded.

Up Yours Obama! New TV Channel Selling Guns Starts in January

aryan girl with gun

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

The GunTV programming schedule will include a mix of live shopping segments, firearms safety public service announcements and infomercials about guns, ammunition, gun accessories and outdoor goods and apparel.

“All kinds of firearms, munitions, outdoor and shooting sports products” will be available, the GunTV website explains to prospective sellers. “Each product is reviewed for attributes that have the best opportunity for success. Items should have many of the following attributes: best value to the GunTV consumer, new, revolutionary, demonstrable, exclusives, collectable, unique, problem solving, solution oriented, quality.”

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Jewish Woman Federal Judge: Muslim-free Gun Store is Legal

muslim free gun store

There’s bad lawyering in this case, which is briefly explained after the story.

Excerpt from WNCN

INVERNESS, Fla. (WFLA) – A federal judge has tossed a lawsuit against an Inverness gun shop owner who declared his store a Muslim-free zone.

CAIR Florida, which is the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida, announced the lawsuit against the Florida Gun Supply in July. The organization said the Muslim-free zone amounted to religious discrimination, violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The suit had demanded an injunction against Florida Gun Supply to prohibit it from discriminating against Muslims and others on the basis of religion. “American Muslims have a right to browse and purchase guns, take classes on gun safety and shoot guns at a range without having to be profiled and discriminated,” Hassan Shibly, Chief Executive Director of CAIR Florida, said at the time the suit was filed.

“Such discrimination is not only illegal, it is bad for our country and makes us less safe and less free,” Shibly said. The organization said the policy is a violation of federal law.

However, a United States District Court judge dismissed the case this month. Judge Beth Bloom said CAIR did not prove its members were harmed by the gun store’s policy.

Judges are always looking for a reason to dismiss a lawsuit. Note that she ruled that the Muslims (through their lawyers) failed to prove that the plaintiffs (the Muslims) were harmed by the store policy.

I believe that with better legal arguments the Muslims can win a discrimination lawsuit. Note that the Judge, Beth Bloom, is undoubtedly a Jew. I’m sure this is one case she enjoyed dismissing.



Negro Thug Beaten by Jail Guards Who Won $450,000 Settlement is MURDERED Day Before He Was to Get the Money

robert hinton

The police say they have no clue as to the motive for Mr. Hinton’s shooting death on the eve of his collecting $450,000 in a lawsuit settlement related to the beating he said he took at the hands of jailers.

I can help the police out. Since his family will probably collect the money, start by looking at his family members.

Here’s another hint. Check out the jailers he accused of beating him. They surely did not want him living high on the hog with taxpayer money.

New York Post

A former Rikers Island inmate and Bloods gangbanger who was awaiting a $450,000 settlement from the city was fatally shot at a Brownsville public-housing complex, authorities said.

Robert Hinton — who made headlines in 2012 when it was revealed he had been “hogtied” with shackles and savagely beaten by correction officers — was gunned down outside a building in the Van Dyke Houses just after 11:30 p.m. Thursday, police said.

The 28-year-old Hinton had won his settlement just two months ago. He died at Brookdale Hospital, authorities said.

Investigators still do not have a motive or suspects in the slaying.

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