White Schoolgirl Hangs Self For Fear She Had Done Something RACIST


To please her online “Asian” (Paki) boyfriend that she had never met in person, Phoebe darkened her skin and wore a headrag in the picture she sent him. Here’s the tragic story of what happened next.


A schoolgirl killed herself over fears she had put a racially offensive picture on the internet.

Phoebe Connop, 16, had been chatting regularly online to an Asian lad whom she called her boyfriend despite never having met him.

She then put a picture of herself on Instagram with her skin colour edited to look darker and a scarf wrapped around her head.

phoebe connop2

Phoebe, a talented gymnast, told friends she would have to look like that to get approval from the parents of her “boyfriend”.

But when the picture was spread around the net, Phoebe became worried about a backlash, an inquest heard on Friday. Detective Sergeant Katherine Tomkins told the coroner: “She was scared of what the reaction might be from the Asian community in her area.”

rotherham poster

Phoebe’s dad Laurence, 53, who arrived home in Halesowen, West Midlands, to find his daughter hanged last month, said: “She was a lovely girl who would never want to cause offence to anyone.”

Verdict: suicide.

The unrelenting propaganda that white is not right and that white girls should be down with brown is mind-boggling in its frequency, volume, and intensity. The not yet fully formed mind of a child is going to be influenced by it.

In this surreal world in which all institutions preach the doctrine (subtly and sometimes not so subtly) that the white race should disappear from the earth. a teen might easily conclude that the only sin and the worst sin is racism, saying or doing something that a monkey might not like.

Our short-term goal as friends and parents of teens like Phoebe is to gently offer them whatever truth is within ourselves that might dissuade them from killing themselves. We shouldn’t have to do this, but forced diversity makes it an urgent task.

In the longer run, we must do two things. One is to create a healthier culture for white children. The second is to punish (((those))) who have created this sick world in which we exist.


83 Year Old Grandmother Beaten, Set Afire by Negros Dies in Hospital


This is the third post on the savagery inflicted on Dorothy Dow, pictured above. I regret to inform the readers of this site that Dorothy has died of her injuries inflicted by a group of savage blacks.

Before dying she lingered for at least a month. I recall from earlier posts that she was placed in a medically induced coma in an effort to save her life.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like

It happened not far from where the fictional events of the early seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead are set: a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmarish landscape is merely fiction, but what happened in Grantville (roughly 38 miles from Atlanta city limits) in early August 2016 represents a scenario the heroes of our race knew was the real horror story.

The type of horror John Brown, Nat Turner, and those participants in the Revolution of San Domingo brought to western civilization.

Dorothy Dow was a white great-grandmother who lived a full life in a small southern town in what is soon-to-be classified as suburban Atlanta (because white people continue abandoning cities close to Atlanta with the advancement of the black undertow).

On August 2, 2016, five black people (three black males and two black females) broke into her home in Granville, assaulted her, and set her on fire. Since the news of this story broke, I’ve checked the local papers/affiliates in Atlanta knowing – inevitably – Dorothy Dow’s health would eventually fail her.

Today, Dorothy Dow died from the horrific assault she dared survive and heroically strugglde to live from for almost an entire month. [Great-grandmother beaten, burned in her home dies weeks after attack, WSB-TV, August 29, 2016]:

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White Woman Shot Twice and Killed by Four Negros Who Robbed Her of $20

rebecca wood dead

There isn’t anything to say that hasn’t been said before by me and by you and by many others.

These savages must be removed from our society. Peaceful coexistence does not work.


MILWAUKEE COUNTY — Four men have been arrested and charged in connection with an armed robbery turned homicide.

32-year-old Rebecca Wood was shot and killed on July 13th near 28th and Clarke.

Her father spoke with FOX6 News on Wednesday, August 10th, and said every day since his daughter’s death has been a struggle — but he said four arrests bring him one step closer to justice.

“It`s very, very, very hard,” Greg Wood said. “I`m pretty much still in shock. I don`t even know what to say. She was a very beautiful girl.”

Investigators say Wood was shot while in her vehicle.

According to a criminal complaint, 21-year-old Deanthony Bradley and three others wanted to rob her. A witness told investigators he saw Bradley with a weapon, and thought this was a drug deal.

Authorities say Bradley pointed a gun at Wood’s head with his finger on the trigger. He told police when Wood tried to drive away, the gun went off — and Wood was killed. An autopsy revealed she suffered two gunshot wounds — one to the back and one to the chest — wounds caused by one bullet, according to police.

After the shooting, Wood’s vehicle crashed into a tree in the area.

“I had a meltdown. I just started bawling,” Greg Wood said.

According to the complaint, after the shooting, a witness indicated one of the suspects went to Rebecca Wood’s vehicle and took a purse — apparently dropping it when a witness yelled at them.

The complaint says police found Rebecca Wood’s purse and a $20 bill near her body at the scene. A $10 bill was later found at the scene, with blood on it.

According to the complaint, one of the suspects stated that they got away with $20 after the robbery and fatal shooting. The complaint states that a suspect told investigators he used the money to buy cigarettes and “two bags of weed.”

” I hope they get what…everyone one of them gets what they have coming to them. The guy that did it, he ruined lots of lives,” Greg Wood said.

Rebecca Wood left behind two children, and an entire family heartbroken over the loss.

“She was my baby,” Greg Wood said.

Wood said he is incredibly grateful for the work of the Milwaukee Police Department in investigating this case.

A fundraiser will be held on September 11th to benefit Rebecca Wood’s two children at Smitty’s on the Edge at 14015 N. Cedarburg Road in Mequon.

View Rebecca Wood’s obituary here. This is the family picture that went with the obituary.

rebecca wood murdered

Dumb A-List Rapper Chris Brown ARRESTED for Assault with a Deadly Weapon After Standoff with Police

baylee curran and chris brown

A black “singer” arrested? Impossible!

His mudshark who ratted on him to the police is a former Miss California.


Chris Brown has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon … a felony.

TMZ broke the story … Brown allegedly pulled a gun on a guest at his home early Tuesday morning after an argument … she claims over jewelry.

Baylee Curran filed a police report and cops obtained a search warrant. As we reported, while Chris was holed up in his house, he threw a duffel bag out his window that contained 2 guns and drugs.

Brown will be taken to the police station for processing.

The story gets more interesting. Who the hell is Baylee Curran? Am I am supposed to know who the mudshark whore is?

Short excerpt from Yahoo

Cops went to Brown’s home in Los Angeles early on Tuesday morning after a woman called 911 claiming the singer pulled a gun on her. The caller was later identified as Baylee Curran, who alleged that Brown went berserk on her after she admired a diamond cross necklace.

In the rest of the story, Yahoo proves that Baylee Curran is a celebrity groupie. She’s also a disgusting piece of shit. The beauty queen enjoys hanging out with rich darkies, pictured at Yahoo.

I would suggest that she might have learned something about the Negro’s irrational hair trigger temper, but she hasn’t.

She’ll end up like Nicole Brown Simpson with her throat slit.

I won’t grieve. Will you?

thas right nigger jew

Mestizo Man who repeatedly raped 3-year-old boy is sent to prison for 106 years

MARIO hernandez

The homosexual Mexican pedophile in this horrific case was much cleverer than any black homosexual pedophile I’ve read about.

There was no force, but rather a peculiar type of clever blackmail used to obtain sex from a young boy.

The judge in this case is to be commended for handing down the maximum sentence the law will allow. It’s an injustice that the law does not allow the death penalty in cases like this one.


A 59-year-old man who repeatedly sexually assaulted a three-year-old boy has been sent to prison for over a century.

Mario Hernandez, from Upland, California, was convicted to 106 years behind bars.

The abuse was carried out over a span of seven years from when the boy was three years old, according to the San Bernardino deputy district attorney Karen Schmauss.

Hernandez reportedly often withdrew food from the boy to bribe him to perform sexual acts, added Ms Schmauss, and he would tell the child: “You owe me.”

“He would also refuse to sign the boy’s school planner if he did not cooperate,” Ms Schmauss said in a statement.

“As the victim grew older, Hernandez threatened harm to the boy and his brother if they told anyone.”

When he was 10 years old, the boy told his school friends what was happening.

Hernandez was charged with three counts of sodomy with a child of 10 years or younger, one count of oral copulation with a child aged 10 or younger, and one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child. He was given the maximum sentence on 3 June.

Judge Stanford Reichert added: “The crimes showed a high degree of cruelty, viciousness and callousness.”

Ms Schmauss said Hernandez would never hurt a child again.

The boy and his brother were assisted by comfort dogs while giving their testimonies, the district office said, the first time that a trial in the county employed animals to comfort victims.

Comfort dogs are now being used in a variety of tragic circumstances. The comfort dog photo below is from my files. I believe those dogs were brought to make children traveling by air more relaxed.


Texas lightning strike kills 19 cows as they shelter under tree

lighenng kills cows

Trees attract lightening. Sheltering under a tree during a lightening storm is a poor idea. Earlier this summer, I believe I saw news stories about people killed by lightening. They too were standing under a tree.

Got the idea? Don’t take shelter under a tree.


A single bolt of lightning striking a tree was all it took to kill 19 cows who were sheltering during a storm.

In seconds, the storm wiped out about a third of the herd in Hallsville, Texas.

Their owner, Ashley Anderson, said she and her husband had never seen anything like it, and called it a freak incident.

“It’s not something you see every day. Just kind of surreal to see it,” she told WSFA news.

“It’s just a freak thing; I mean they were just staying out of the rain,” she added.

“There’s really, to my knowledge, nothing you can do to prevent this.”

She added that lightning had never killed any of the family’s cows and none of the neigbours’ animals, at least not to this extent.

Neighbour Victor Benson saw it happen, reported WSFA. He described how he watched as one lightning bolt hit the herd “in the blink of an eye”.

Some animals managed to get up and stumbled away, but most were killed outright.

The dead animals were quickly removed from the field and were given to people for meat.

There is still reportedly a mark on the tree where the bolt hit.

The news comes shortly after 323 reindeer were killed in Norway by lightning as they were migrating across a plateau.

The sight of cows peacefully grazing in a pasture is one of the most pleasant sights you can imagine. My grandfather had a farm and although he had no cows, the neighboring farm next door did. I got to know the beasts quite well–through a barbed wire fence. Although cows are peaceful,they are huge.

Sadly, a wealthy Hindu doctor bought up all the farm land and built a huge mansion on it. The sturdy, independent white American farmer is almost gone. It’s something we’ve lost, partly because of globalism and diversity.

If you ever get a chance to befriend a cow, take the opportunity. The cow will enjoy it and so might you.

funny cows with caption

Cucked Jew Anthony Weiner Continues to Be Demonized: Will Hillary and Huma Wed?


Marriage can be propaganda. Marriage can be for strategic reasons. Marriage may not involve love. Marriage can cover for lesbianism and homosexuality.

Once Hillary Clinton wins the White House, she’ll have no more use for Bill. Will she divorce him and marry her long-time love, Huma Abedin, the alleged “wife” of Anthony Weiner?

Stranger things have happened.

Weiner stays at home in NYC with their alleged offspring, while Huma travels with Hillary. Is that really a marriage?

No, but it was never a real marriage, but a cover story for Huma and Hillary.

The press is however, taking the tack that Weiner is the bad guy. For what? For dreaming of actually having sex with a woman. I feel certain that he never had sex with Huma.

Weiner is a sleezeball, but he’s not the only bad guy in this story. What I object to is the constant demonization of men, with women almost always getting a free pass. The breakup of this sham marriage was as scripted as its creation. It’s all Kabuki theater.

New York Post

In her statement, released through Clinton’s campaign Monday morning, Abedin, 41, announced that she had reached her breaking point “after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage.”

The move came after several allies reached out to Clinton’s campaign to express outrage over The Post’s revelations and were told “some kind of statement would be coming,” according to the New York Times.

The woman with whom Weiner sexted didn’t return requests for comment Monday but previously told The Post: “I know he loves his family, I know he loves his community, but he’s broken.

“I’m not a psychologist. I can’t say how to fix him. I don’t know if divorce or salvaging his marriage would fix him. But he’s broken,” she said.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Maybe he’s an unfulfilled person. He’s in an unhappy marriage.”

On Sunday night, Abedin was photographed looking grim as she left a Clinton fundraising event in the Hamptons.

Her departure came about 3½ hours after Weiner responded to a Post inquiry about his latest online dalliance, which the woman said continued until this month.

Weiner on Sunday admitted that he and the woman “have been friends for some time.”

Weiner came clean to Abedin after The Post reached him Sunday afternoon while the entire family was together in the Hamptons, sources said. Abedin took Monday off to stay with their son, Jordan, as Weiner returned alone to Manhattan.

The couple wed in a lavish July 10, 2010, ceremony officiated by former President Bill Clinton at the swank Oheka Castle in Huntington, LI, and the collapse of their marriage marks the third time Weiner’s sexting has cost him dearly.

kike narrative collapse gif

man popcorn gif