Gender Wars: Follow Up to Viking Bitch versus the Men Folk on Saboteur365 Last Week

viking law

The recent shootout on this site between the Viking and the men folk resulted in over 100 comments on that one post. It also led me to do some editing of comments, rare for this site, although I’m not sure that all the editing that needed to be done was actually done. I apologize for any shortcomings in my editing.

The tone was becoming ugly and damaging to the overall message that we need to be putting out. It doesn’t look good to new readers unfamiliar with the site when a forum turns into back and forth insults rather than staying focused on issues.

This is a pro-white, anti-feminist, anti-modern culture, anti-immigrant, pro-tradition, pro-Christian culture website. I want everyone who is sympathetic to these positions, male or female, to feel comfortable reading this site and posting comments here. I try to lighten the seriousness of the issues we face by injecting humor, especially humor mocking conventional mainstream thinking. There is anger too, but I characterize it as righteous, justified anger toward the System and toward our enemies.

We should save our anger, disgust, and other negative feelings for them, and not waste it on each other.

After a breathing spell, allowing for emotions rubbed raw to cool down, it’s time for an assessment of differences in the way men and women see things differently.

First, I’m probably the only person here who has read all of Viking’s posts on her site from the beginning. I’ve also left comments on virtually all of them. A few times, my commentary has been critical of an idea she’s expressed, but mostly I’ve supported her. I would say 95 percent of the time. I’ve also supported her on this site, including with this post titled The Best of Viking Bitch.

Here is what I wrote in that post:

I have quite a few women social realists (race, sex, education, and government realists; going against political correctness) scattered among the sites on the blogroll and I’m always looking for more. The women’s perspective, when it’s tempered by realism, adds to the opportunity to strategize resistance to the New World Order agenda. I also have several regular women commenters who bring a realistic perspective on life to this site, but from the distaff point of view.

Viking Bitch offers both wisdom and anger on her blog. I’ve reblogged a number of her posts. Before I started this site, she was kind enough to allow me to write several posts for her site. Thus, I often leave comments on her posts as a form of support.

I’ve expressed support for the Viking’s decision to have children on her own, although I’ve always tempered that support by declaring that the best alternative is the traditional family.

During the shootout I detected that the men are not as tolerant of women’s alternative lifestyles as I am. We are in a war for survival and desperate times call for desperate measures. Thus, I am willing to reluctantly support white women having children without a husband present. Women outnumber men. Not every woman can have a husband.

Twenty years ago, I would not have supported this philosophy, but every time I drive by the local junior high and see all the fourteen-year-old Mexican girls pushing their baby carriages, it reminds me that part of our struggle is a struggle to up our numbers. The other side seeks to see us disappear, which will be the case unless we reproduce.

Throughout history, white tribes have viewed children as an asset to the tribe. We are not like the Aztecs. We didn’t go around sacrificing our children to some imaginary gods, cutting their hearts out and throwing them down a well.

My assessment is, however, that men and women think differently on this issue, with men more strongly preferring the ancient norms of one man, one wife, and the children flow from that structure. In short, men don’t approve of women having children out of wedlock. Women do. Am I wrong?

In a private communication Viking has now insinuated that she does not want me to reblog or leave comments any more on her site. I will honor her wishes, although I hope she changes her mind. She’s a talented writer with great, informative stories to tell, and her thinking about many issues overlaps mine. I will continue to read her writings as I’ve learned a lot from her, including for example, about how white women are harassed by minority men.

Have some respect in the future, guys. Viking could have chosen to acknowledge her white privilege and made her life easier. She could have bought into the diversitard lifestyle and had a high paying job in government. She could have mated with a Jew or other nonwhite male. She did not have to home school her children.

But respect is a two-way street. Viking, I have not been “co-opted” by the Jews. I am not a Jew think kind of guy. I’ve worked hard to cleanse myself of Jew think, although giving myself credit I was never swayed by most of the cultural Marxist bullsh*t to begin with.

My impression is that you don’t intend to comment here again. I hope you change your mind, but whether you do or not, everyone who disagrees with you is not a your enemy.

viking women 5 1600x1180_15562_Freyja_2d_fantasy_norse_myths_mythology_girl_woman_warrior_tiger_landscape_mountains_picture

The kind of deliberate provocation Viking did needed to be answered. I am not going to stop posting articles on white women who deserve the contempt of white men. That would include the women school teachers, feminists, porn stars, and other white women who misbehave. Strong negative commentary by men toward such women does not mean we hate all white women. It means we know that some of you can and should do better.

viking saying

Back Online: A Comment About the Hidden Costs of Diversity


The apartment complex management where I reside reinstalled the wifi, modem, and the computers in the complex computing facility today, so new posts will be forthcoming tonight. The interruption in Internet offers a good example of a hidden cost of diversity.

While I have no facts about what’s going on with management, I suspect there was some equipment thievery last year from the complex clubroom. The complex has been slowly turning rather “diverse” and I have the feeling that diversity is moving in via some sort of government housing voucher. My rent is $830 a month for a 700 square foot one bedroom and to be frank about it, a number of people here don’t look like they can afford that much out of pocket.


My location is a small town near San Antonio, Texas, where I’ve seen a few Africans in their native garb, but not enough to create a crime problem. However, this little refuge from the big city is the 5th fastest growing county in the USA, and a lot of that growth is in the illegal Mexican population as well as among whites from San Antonio who are aiming to escape the sound of leaf blowers at 7 AM every morning. Unfortunately, where whites run to, Mexicans follow. They can smell that US dollar. The leaf blowers come with the Mexicans. Every boy Mexican baby must get a leaf blower as a present when he’s born.

Only about a mile from this nice complex there is a run-down, downscale complex that clearly caters to illegals. If you’ve kept up with the news, you know that illegals are now receiving federal housing assistance, which may account for the developing situation in this complex.

One more thing. I had to make a trip into San Antonio today for the first time in a year. The crowding on the roads was just terrible. The city has always seen population growth outstrip infrastructure, but everything is crowded, including all the stores. Illegals mean heavy traffic on the streets and long lines in the store check outs.

My trip took me into an area that’s 95 percent or more Mexican and while hitting some of the thrift shops and dollar stores in the area, you can see up close and personal what the Mexicanization of an area creates.

LOL. I was hit up for some change by a Mexican tranny sitting on the sidewalk outside one store. At another store, a homeless Mexican fellow wanted to discuss how to get the lock off a dumpster where food was being thrown out. LOL. The characters you meet.

Then there’s the fat. Mexicans are huge and tattooed. Ugh. The hidden costs of diversity in Little Mexico.


Mexican transvestites (muxe) are accepted in Juchitan, Mexico.

mexican porn star

Saboteur365 Out of Commission, Most likely for a Few Days

When Paladin got back to the apartment complex, he noticed that the Internet was out. After an investigation, he saw that the complex’s management has removed the router, wifi, and all the computers from the complex’s computing facility.

There’s no notice as to why they removed the equipment or when they’ll be putting it back, thus any posting Paladin does will have to be from the library or the library patio until the situation is resolved.

I’m posting this from the library patio at 11:56 P. M. and believe me, the local police would have a fit if they knew I was here.

Grief-Stricken Stray Dogs in Mexico Honor Woman Who Fed Them by Finding Their Way to Funeral Home Where Her Body was Taken

dogs at funeral

This brief news item out of Mexico represents one of the most amazing feats of animal extra-sensory perception, driven by love, that I’ve ever seen.

How did a pack of mangy worthless (to many people) stray dogs know that the woman who loved them and fed them had died? How did they make their way to the funeral home?

You can see the sadness in their body language. They honored her in the only way they know how, which is by paying their respects and allowing their grief to show.

dogs at funeral2

These photos show the heart-breaking moment that a group of stray dogs attended the funeral of a woman who regularly fed them.

Margarita Suarez, from Merida, Mexico, fed up to 20 stray cats that gathered at her door every morning, and would also take food for the stray dogs she encountered on the streets.

According to Misiones Online, her health took a turn for the worse at the beginning of March, and she moved to the city of Cuernavaca, before passing away a short time after.

Her daughter, Patricia Urrutia, has said that the animals began to arrive at the funeral home where her mother’s body was being kept, and it was initially believed that the dogs were local to the area, and welcomed at the home.

But workers at the funeral home denied any knowledge of the animals, and on the day of Suarez’ funeral, the dogs followed behind the hearse, and even returned to the funeral home, only leaving when her body was prepared for cremation.

Antisemitic? Disgusting Fat Jewess Pig Lena Dunham’s “Dog or Jewish Boyfriend” Quiz

lena dunham

According to Fox News, the following 35 question “quiz” by Jewess Lena Dunham has been roundly criticized as antisemitic.

Uh, no.

Lena Dunham’s sh*tty little bit of stupidity is merely an insult to the canine species, not the Jew.

Perhaps the doggy Miss Dunham, who is herself a real dog, is jealous of the beautiful Pit Bulls, Dobies, and Beagles that live happily in millions of American homes.

The SPCA should muzzle Miss Dunham.

H/T to commenter Insanitybytes22, where I first saw this controversy discussed. Check out her website located in the blogroll.

New Yorker

the following statements refer to (a) my dog or (b) my Jewish boyfriend?

1. The first thing I noticed about him was his eyes.

2. We love to spend hours in bed together on Sunday mornings.

3. He’s crazy for cream cheese.

4. It hasn’t always been easy, but we currently live together and it’s going O.K.

5. Our anniversary is in two days and I’m not sure if he remembers.

6. If it were up to him, every room in our place would be carpeted.

7. But he has asthma.

8. I feel that he is judgmental about the food I serve him. When I make something from scratch, he doesn’t want to eat it, but he also rejects most store-bought dinners.

9. This is because he comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don’t acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates.

10. As a result of this dynamic, he expects to be waited on hand and foot by the women in his life, and anything less than that makes him whiny and distant.


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The “We need to have a conversation” Bullsh*t


Condensed on American Renaissance from an article on World Net Daily by Ilana Mercer.

You know just how scholarly a policy paper is when it is studded with a clichéd expression like “We need to have a conversation about . . .” The pop-phrase is familiar from these farcical usages:

“We need to have a conversation about race”–when, in reality, we do nothing but subject ourselves to a one-way browbeating about imagined slights committed against the pigmentally burdened.

nyc african day parade

“We need to have a conversation about immigration”–when such a “conversation” is strictly confined to a lecture on how to adapt to the program of Third World mass immigration. This particular “conversation” involves learning to live with a lower quality of life, poorer education, environmental degradation, less safety and security, more taxation and alienation.

Somalia Express

In this mold is a policy paper by Jennifer Bradley, formerly of the liberal Brookings Institute. Bradley had a stroke of luck. Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report found fit to link her essay on his eponymous news site. Titled “The Changing Face of the Heartland: Preparing America’s Diverse Workforce for Tomorrow,” Bradley’s Brookings essay would have been more honestly titled “Get With the Program, Middle American. Demography Is Destiny.”

Jennifer bradley

Disguised as scholarship, the Bradley essay schools Middle America at length on how to prepare its diversifying workforce for tomorrow. Thus, for example, she states that “America is on the cusp of becoming a country with no racial majority, where new minorities are poised to exert a profound impact on U.S. society, economics and politics.” The implication here is that this seismic shift is due to a mystic force beyond the control of the host population, rather than to willful policies in which the native population has never had a say and will likely never have one.

Bradley’s particular concern is with “two demographic shifts.” The one is the aging of the predominantly white (and presumably productive) generation of Americans born after World War II. Another is the concomitant influx of “Mexicans, Hmong, Indians, Vietnamese, Somalis, Liberians and Ethiopians.”



As Bradley sees it, a feature of the diversity explosion in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Midwest microcosm is a widening “race-based education and achievement gap” that will “become a drag on workforce growths unless something was done to reverse these trends.”

Translated, this means the immigrant population isn’t measuring up.

I can think of a few unexplored options to narrow the gap described. One is to welcome immigrants who’ll add value to the economy, rather than drain taxpayer resources. Bradley, however, is here not to strike up a true conversation–which would include exploring all options–but to dictate the terms of the “conversation.”


Because the imported population is failing to achieve parity with the host population, Bradley has inferred that the newcomers are “underserved”; that they require more resources, when the fault could just as well lie in the kind of incompatible immigrant being privileged by policy makers. The essay’s premise is that America is “underserving” her immigrant population, when it is the other way round:

Averaged out, the immigrant population is underserving the American economy.


Demographics need not be destiny. The West became the best not by out-breeding the undeveloped world–not due to huge numbers–but because of human capital: people of superior ideas and abilities, capable of innovation, exploration, science, philosophy.


Tepee art pulled after Native American students complain


F*cking Indians.

OK, you don’t want whitey building a teepee to honor your culture because teepees belong only to you since you invented them.

Well, f*ck you. My people invented the medicines you take, the cars you drive, and the booze you drink.

You can’t have them. They belong only to the white man.

One more thing. Did I forget to say “F*ck you?”

And a double “F*ck you” to the university administrators groveling at the feet of these a**hole butthurt leftists.

Campus Reform

A wooden tepee built as a school project was taken down after Native American students at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) complained that it made a mockery out of their culture.

The project, made from reclaimed wood, was erected on SBCC’s campus on March 4, but Native American students complained on social media and to the administration that it was a form of cultural appropriation—a social theory in which a dominant culture adapts certain aspects of a different culture, creating the perception that the new culture is the authentic form.

“Having our culture used for playtime and dress up places an image of a fairytale fantasy, which results in believing Natives cease to exist.” Tweet This

“As a Native American, I’m appalled by the insensitiveness by this crude display,” Angel Solorzano wrote in a post on the college’s Facebook page. “A Teepee is something that belongs to Native American heritage. I do not condone this as something artistic, but a mockery of my culture.”

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, Eric Heras, a SBCC student, contacted the American Indian Movement (AIM) which in turn told the college’s administration to take the art down.

“The acceptance of this ‘art piece’ is a mockery of my people,” student Laina Godinez told Native News Online. “By allowing this its [sic] making it okay for anyone, anywhere to exploit my culture, tradition, and me for their benefit. With no consequences it allows more generations to continue this bad habit.”

Godinez and Heras, led the charge to have the art project removed. Ultimately, the art students agreed to take down the project.

“Having our culture used for playtime and dress up places an image of a fairytale fantasy, which results in believing Natives cease to exist,” she said.

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