Geert Wilders Found GUILTY by Dutch Court

Watch a great statement of defiance by Geert at the BBC In that video a BBC reporter explains that the court that convicted Wilders has ruled that there will be no punishment beyond his conviction.

Who is Geert Wilders and why does he matter?

The Independent

His party is leading the polls in the Netherlands and he has now been found guilty of inciting discrimination against immigrants in a hate speech trial, but who exactly is Geert Wilders and does he have a chance of winning?

This month’s trial is not the first time Wilders’ pronouncements on the subject of Islam have landed him in the dock.

A Dutch court acquitted him of charges of hate speech in 2011 after he compared the Quran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and called for a “towel-head” tax on Muslim women who wear the veil – comments the judged deemed “rude and denigrating” but “on the edge of what is allowed”.

Wilders called that acquittal “a victory for freedom of expression in the Netherlands”. His willingness to flaunt supposed political correctness is at the core of his appeal. Like many populist leaders across Europe, he succeeds in painting himself as an outsider.

In a statement before his recent trial, he described himself as “a politician who says what the politically correct elite do not want to hear”.

His unvarnished remarks on immigration have won him much support and if polls are to be believed, his party would come out of the elections in March as the largest single party with a strong moral case for attempting to form a government.

Born in the Dutch city of Venlo, the youngest of four children, Wilders’ political career began as a speechwriter for People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) before he became a member of the House of Representatives in 1998.

The key juncture, however, came in 2004 when Wilders renounced his party affiliation over its openness to Turkish membership of the European Union.

Wilders kept his seat and sat in Dutch parliament as a one-man party called Groep Wilders (Wilders’ Group) before founding the Party for Freedom (PVV) in 2006.

Its most recent manifesto, published in August, promised to ban all mosques and migrants from Islamic countries.

Islam featured heavily in the 11-point plan, which promised to root out elements of other faiths that were “contrary to the country’s order”.

In 2008, a short film called Fitna made by Wilders, which presented Islam as an inherently violent religion caused international outcry. He was due to show the film in the British House of Lords in 2009 when the then Home Secretary issued a statement saying Wilders would be refused entry to the UK should he attempt to enter.

The decision was overturned on appeal later that year and Wilders was invited back again to show his film in January 2010 by Lord Pearson, a UKIP peer, and cross-bencher Baroness Cox.

In a press conference afterwards he described the Prophet Muhammad as barbarian, a mass murderer and a paedophile, once again causing outrage.

As well as being anti-immigration, Wilders and the PVV are fierce opponents of the European Union.

He was one of the most prominent figures in the ‘No’ campaign for a referendum on the European Constitution in 2005, when 62 per cent of Dutch voters rejected the treaty in a precursor of today’s anti-European sentiment.

After the result Wilders described himself as “incredibly happy that the Dutch voter has rubbed it in the faces of the political elite in The Hague and Brussels”.

Since then he has attempted to align himself with the French National Front and its leader, Marine Le Pen, in the European Parliament. However, an attempt to form a parliamentary grouping alongside right-wing parties from Italy and Belgium to slay “the monster in Brussels” foundered.

After the vote for Brexit, Wilders was quick to propose that the Dutch should hold a referendum on their membership of the European Union.

And he has promised to hold one if he becomes Prime Minister.

Geert was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became Donald Trump. If anything, he is far more outspoken than the Donald in expressing the truth about Islam and Muslims. Trump wouldn’t have the guts to call the Prophet a pedophile, but Geert did.

Things are finally looking up for the white race. Our extinction may yet take place but between the populist revolts taking place in Italy, Holland, France, America, and Britain, it’s been at least delayed.

Another One! Teacher Sara Domres Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Sex with 16-Year-Old Male Student She Called “Baby Boo”

sara domres

We shouldn’t condemn Sara Domres, should we? Her young boyfriend got what he wanted, namely the loss of his virginity. She did too.

Besides, she was in love with her “Baby Boo.” Good social justice warriors would approve.

Will two years in the slammer cool off her overheated sexual attraction to the love of her life? Will her ridiculous cuck of a husband wait for her?


Waukesha — A former New Berlin West High School teacher who had sex with one of her students was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison.

Sara M. Domres, 29, pleaded guilty in August to two counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff, charges filed in April over incidents in 2015. She cried and hung her head as she was led from court in handcuffs.

The prosecutor noted that had Domres not been a teacher, her more than a dozen sexual encounters with the boy, who was 16 and 17 during the time, would have been misdemeanors. But because of the great trust placed in teachers, and their potential influence on students, the crime is a felony.

“I don’t know how much brighter the line could be,” Assistant District Attorney Ted Szczupakiewicz said. “There’s no gray area. It’s an absolute.”

But neither she nor her sister, father and mother-in-law who all spoke on her behalf hinted at what spurred her relationship with the victim, whose family did not appear or submit any impact statement.

Dreyfus told Domres her crime went “well beyond a mistake in judgment” or a single moment of weakness. “It was to meet your needs, and not those of a child,” he said.

He imposed the two years plus three years of extended supervision on one count. On the second count he imposed two years in prison plus two years of supervision but suspended the sentence in favor of three years of probation.

Domres, who has no prior criminal record or police contacts, also must register as a sex offender.

The student said he had been in Domres’ English class as a sophomore in the 2014-’15 school year, became friends with Domres and began texting her frequently. Between April 2015 and January 2016 the two exchanged more than 1,100 messages.

That led to an incident of sexual intercourse in Domres’ car at a park-and-ride lot on Moorland Road in New Berlin in July 2015, when the boy was 16. Then in October, after he had turned 17, he had sex with Domres at a Motel 6 in Brookfield, the boy told investigators. They found evidence that the boy’s phone had been connected to the motel’s WiFi on the same date the motel records showed Domres had reserved a room with a single bed and paid in cash.

Domres married her high school sweetheart in August 2015.


Let’s pick up the sordid details of a woman cheating on her fiance while planning her wedding.

She pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault after sleeping her student in a motel room on her fiancé’s stag night.

He said Domres took his virginity when he was 16 and romped with him about 15 times – some while she was planning her wedding.

The bride called him “Baby Boo” and they bonked in her car all over town including a park-and-ride area and his driveway, he told cops.

She even sent him photos of herself on her honeymoon.

Their 10-month affair ended when her husband apparently caught them shagging in a restaurant car park, leading to a “verbal confrontation.”

The English tutor wrote in one: “Hopefully you’ve been thinking of me Baby Boo. I should go because he will be home soon. I love you. Be good, think of me and no one else! Ha ha.”

The student told investigators that Domres asked him if she should marry her unnamed fiancé.

And texts swapped between them just before the motel tryst said: “You’re extremely attractive to me!!! I can’t wait for our night we are doing it no matter what!!!”

“I love you too!”

“Oh ok. Well just call or text when you’re near.”

Hand-written love notes, some passed during class at New Berlin West High School, Wisconsin, included one saying “Baby Boo, I love you now & forever! Please be mine forever & ever. Always, your baby girl. P.S. Good luck on your quiz.”

This is what the mind of an amoral child is like. Exactly how so many American teachers have been infantilized and stripped of any thought process that considers morality or loyalty is unclear, but it surely has to do with our sick, sick culture, as reflected by TV and movies. It would also be interesting to know something about Sara’ porn viewing habits.

Her husband is equally childish for staying by her side. He even got his mother to testify on Sara’s behalf at the trial. What’s wrong with him?

Every man-hating feminist repeats this mantra on college campuses: “Teach men how not to rape.”

How about teaching women school teachers not to rape!

The arrest of Sara was covered on this site in April.

Heartbreaking Moment Devoted Dog Visits Hospital to Say Final Goodbye to Dying Owner

A family recognized the strong bond of love between a tragically dying young man and his dog. Kind folks running the hospital where Ryan Jesson was dying gave him a few last moments of happiness by allowing Mollie the boxer dog to visit.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

This is the heartbreaking moment a devoted dog said a final goodbye to her dying owner.

Last month Ryan Jessen, from California, thought he had a migraine but was hospitalized with a ventricular brain hemorrhage and did not recover.

His loved ones gathered in his hospital room to say their final goodbyes to him on November 30.

Hospital staff agreed to let his beloved pet boxer dog Mollie bid him farewell.

The emotional moment was captured on video and has since been shared on Facebook where it has so far touched the hearts of hundreds thousands of people.

‘The hospital did the sweetest thing for us and allowed us to bring my brother’s dog in to “say goodbye” so she’d know why her human never came home,’ his sister, Michelle Jessen, wrote in a Facebook post on December 1.

‘If you knew my brother, he really loved his sweet dog.’
Tail between her legs and ears pinned down an upset looking Mollie is seen desperately sniffing her dying owner when she is lifted onto his hospital bed.

Mollie is now living with Ryan’s family, being treated as a member of the family.

Best wishes to Mollie and all of her new humans for caring so much.

A brave lone German woman takes on a horde of Muslims!

You won’t believe what Heidi Mund did in an historic Christian church contaminated by the presence of an Imam preaching the religion of Allah.

Published November 24, this video only has 8,000 views. Share it with anyone who might be interested, especially Christians.

A selection of youtube comments:

JEWS zionists/satanists/luciferians infiltrated on every level in institutions. Cultural marxism is the agenda, commies dream came true. White race is being genocide. You fucking demoralized delusional brainwashed germans should be proud WHITE RACE instead of feeling false “Guilty” for German past. for so called holocaust? Shit is fictional. Jews brainwashed you all if you keep letting this agenda goes on, not only you but whole white race will be wiped out.God damn it


Oh GOD, Bless this brave woman with thousands of her German Patriots to stand with her.

This is what every German soul should foster, and every German being should protect his/her country. It is the only thing they really have. God bless you, German woman.

CBN News

A lot of Germans warned that Merkel was bringing disaster with her refugee policy, including the woman who awoke a lot of Germans to the threat of Islam, Heidi Mund, also known as the “brave German woman.”

The video of Mund interrupting the call to prayer by a Muslim imam in a German cathedral went viral on the Internet. She shouted, “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany. I break this curse.”

Now, after a migrant influx, Mund says she believes that some German leaders want to destroy Germany.

“I believe, I am really convinced, there are bad people of darkness who want to destroy us. They are servants of the devil,” she told CBN News. “They are sick in their opinion and they don’t care if it will cost lives or not, it will be bloody or not. They want to destroy; they want to take over.”

Before the terrorism that hit Germany, before the massive New Years’ Eve sex attacks in Cologne and other cities, Mund says God spoke to her about her country’s future.

“God gave me a vision two times. I saw a human prayer chain standing around Germany. I spoke out a warning that the young Muslim men would increase the raping rate,” she said. “I spoke out a warning, first to my brothers and sisters in Christ, that we need to pray against the raping. I told them we would face danger — especially our children, our girls, our women.”

She sent the warning to her followers on Facebook, and because of that, Mund was investigated by the local prosecutor for hate speech.

Then, what she warned of came true. Germany is now in the grips of what some are calling a rape epidemic. The hate speech charge again Mund has been dropped.

“It was not a lie. It’s not hate speech. I don’t have hatred in my heart,” she said. “I love my people and also those refugees.”

Pray for Heidi. Pray for Germany.

islam muslims allah satan

Muzzies Beat the Sh*t Out of Elderly German Woman, Police Refuse to Intervene

It’s telling that I can find no information on this story other than the same Twitter video published by several Tweeters.

The narration is in German, which I don’t understand.

Anyone knowing more about this video, please post a comment.

Commenter Magna Ubera embedded the relevant video below in one of yesterday’s posts. I’m embedding it here so that more people can see it.

Hail Spencer! Richard Spencer Ties White Supremacy to Zionism — Leaves Rabbi Speechless

Richard Spencer got the better of a Rabbi during his presentation at Texas A & M University on Tuesday night.

Jewish Forward

A prominent leader of the “alt-right” left a Hillel rabbi speechless when he drew a direct parallel between white supremacy and Zionism — igniting debate on social media about whether such a comparison has any validity.

Richard Spencer, who leads the white nationalist National Policy Institute, appeared at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas on Tuesday night. Hundreds of students protested outside of the event, while others stood silently with raised fists inside the hall.

During a question-and-answer session, Texas A&M Hillel’s Rabbi Matt Rosenberg stood and invited the white nationalist to join him in Torah study. Rosenberg’s invitation, and Spencer’s response, were captured on video by The Eagle, the Texas A&M student paper, and viewed widely on Twitter.

“My tradition teaches a message of radical inclusion and love,” Rosenberg said. “Will you sit town and learn Torah with me, and learn love?”

Spencer declined the invitation, but used it as an opportunity to suggest that the objectives of Zionism and Jewish continuity were close to his own goals for white people.

“Do you really want radical inclusion into the State of Israel?” Spencer said. “And by that I mean radical inclusion. Maybe all of the Middle East could go move in to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Would you really want that?”

Rosenberg, who later admitted he is not a good debater, stood silent.

“You’re not answering,” Spencer said.

“I’m not answering,” Rosenberg said.

Spencer went on to argue that Jewish continuity is predicated on resistance to assimilation. He framed that cultural imperative as similar to the movement for so-called white rights in the U.S.

“Jews exist precisely because you did not assimilate,” he said. “That is why Jews are a coherent people with a history and a culture and a future. It’s because you had a sense of yourselves. I respect that about you. I want my people to have that same sense of themselves.”

Rosenberg later acknowledged that the confrontation wasn’t his best moment.

“I wasn’t on the high school debate team,” Rosenberg told the Forward. “I really didn’t want to get into it. That might have been the wrong decision, but I’ll let the next rabbi deal with it.”

Rosenberg, the Hillel rabbi at Texas A&M for the past three years, said he found Spencer’s attempt to get him to defend Israel erroneous and bordering on anti-Semitic.

“I am a simple teacher of Torah,” he said.

Mainstream pro-Israel groups including J Street and AIPAC did not respond to request for comment about Spencer’s remarks.

Strident critics of Israel were quick to jump on the one-sided debate between Spencer and the rabbi as evidence that Zionism shares some ideological common ground with far right political movements.

“The fact that white nationalists see something to admire in Israel is alarming,” said Naomi Dann, a spokeswoman for Jewish Voice for Peace. “In this new political era, we need to be able to have conversations in the Jewish community that grapple with the deep questions about what Israel has become.”

Max Blumenthal, an activist and harsh critic of Israel, tweeted that the incident illustrates why “Zionists are poorly positioned to confront white nationalists.”

But Mort Klein of the Zionist Organization of America forcefully disagreed with the comparison between white nationalism, calling it “a false and absurd analogy.” “Arab Muslims and Christians make up a full 20 percent of Israel’s population and have the same rights there as everyone else,” he told the Forward. “Jews, we maintain our own culture, but always have relationships with people from other groups, his statement is ridiculous.”

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Unfazed by Protesters at Campus Talk

The following news report is fairly accurate, although slanted. The ABC News video at the source site contains at least two lies.

Commentary after the story.

Excerpt from ABC News

White nationalist Richard Spencer wasn’t fazed by the protesters who turned up at his Texas A&M University appearance on Tuesday.

“We triggered the world,” Spencer told “Nightline.” “I think it’s good to trigger people little bit. When you get triggered it means that you’re shocked, you thought something that you haven’t thought before. It means that you have an open mind and you can start to see the world differently.”

But what Spencer actually triggered on campus was the unified presence of thousands of people demonstrating their opposition to his views by attending a competing event at a the university’s football stadium.

Spencer is credited with coining the term “alt-right,” which he described as “the identity politics for white people in the 21st century.”

“I think the alt-right has gained a great deal of ground, precisely because we are provocative,” he added. “And precisely because, to use bad language, we don’t give a —- on some level.”

Spencer, 38, came to national attention when video surfaced of him at a Washington, D.C. conference in November shouting “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory,” as some members of the crowd raised their hands in a Nazi salute.

Spencer said he yelled out “Hail Trump,” “in the spirit of irony and exuberance.” He added that he saw the president-elect as someone who “sling-shotted our movement into fame.” The moment he found out Trump won the presidency, Spencer said if felt like a kind of “miracle.”

“If someone had told me two years ago that Donald Trump would be the alt-right hero and he would be president, I would be like, ‘What ridiculous movie are you talking about like this is not real life,’ but it is real life,” Spencer said.

Trump has said he disavows and condemns the alt-right movement.

In an interview with “Nightline,” Spencer claimed he is not a white supremacist or a racist, but it is difficult to understand his incendiary rhetoric any other way.

He told Mother Jones magazine that “Hispanics and African Americans have lower average IQs than whites and are more genetically predisposed to commit crimes” – a pseudo-science argument of white supremacists which has been widely discredited. But Spencer called it, “an empirical fact.”

“When you study, say average intelligence say around the world, and you keep getting the same answer, at some point you are going to have to look towards genetics as a cause,” Spencer said.

His deeply inflammatory world view involves an all-white “ethno state” where races are segregated through peaceful “ethnic cleansing,” though he has been quoted before as saying that it could be bloody.

“I think the current paradigm we’re living under is going to lead to blood and tears,” Spencer said. “I don’t know exactly what is going to happen but yes I do think that if there is going to be a major crack up… predominantly on racial lines.”

Spencer’s organization, the National Policy Institute, is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for promoting far-right, white-nationalist views.

“The term alt-right is really nothing more than a re-branding of white supremacy for the digital age,” said Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen. “I don’t think anybody should be fooled by what it is at its core and that is white supremacy.”

Spencer, who was raised in Dallas but now lives in Montana, has been banned by local businesses in his neighborhood. His own parents, he says, “think I’m a little crazy.” Alums from his Class of 1997 at the elite prep school St Marks he attended in Dallas started a fund for immigrants to repudiate his views. He said he has been banned from 25 European countries for his views.

“I’ve been banned from most of Europe,” he said, with a smile. “A lot of things have been strained because of my activism, yes, it’s been very difficult.”

1. Mexicans have La Raza, blacks have the Black Panthers and NAACP to promote their respective identities. But let whites even talk about an identity and it creates smear jobs and slander from the (((press.)))

2. Spencer’s NPI is labeled a hate group by the SPLC because the SPLC tags all groups that oppose the leftist agenda as hate groups.

3. IQ is not discredited by anyone but the left. Spencer is correct when he says that black and Latino IQs are lower on average than the average white person’s IQ. I suspect Spencer noted that Asian IQ is higher than white IQ, but that part of what he said was omitted from this smear job.

4. The fact that thousands of leftbots may have boycotted Spencer’s talk reveals just what babies today’s students are. Intelligent people listen to all sides and try to avoid taking positions because that’s what “everyone” says you’re supposed to believe. Sadly, Texas A & M is one of the countries most conservative campuses, or should I say cuckservative!