White Fox News Guest Host Calls for Arrest of “Black Lives Matter’s” Leaders

tom shillue

George Soros has put his money into Black Lives Matter. Jews have provided the brainpower, while blacks have provided the anger and the marchers on the street.

Soros’ desire to destroy the West is legendary by now.

Arrest the leaders of Black Lives Matters? Yes, including Soros. That might slow down the New World Order globalist agenda a bit.

Huffington Post

While guest-hosting Fox News’ “The Five” on Monday, comedian Tom Shillue denounced the Black Lives Matter movement as organized criminals whose protests should be stopped and whose leaders should be arrested.

“I think it’s shut-it-down time,” he said of the movement, which grew from repeated instances of unarmed black men being killed by white police officers in the past year. “I think it’s ridiculous. And I think that this is criminal stuff. These organizations — it’s not a civil rights movement. Call it what it is. It’s a lie from the beginning.”

Shillue added that he puts “a lot of responsibility” on the protesters for the death of white suburban Houston officer Darren Goforth on Friday, who was shot by Shannon J. Miles, a black man with a criminal past and short stints in jail. The sheriff in Goforth’s county, Ron Hickman, has linked Miles’ motive to Black Lives Matter protests.

“This is a violent group,” Shillue continued. “I think it’s time to shut them down. And the federal government’s not going to do it. I think the state governors should go in when there’s protests and shut them down. People are drunk on rights in this country. These people are violent. It’s horrible, and I think [authorities] should go in there and do whatever they have to. I don’t know if it’s RICO laws or something,” he said, referencing the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act passed by Congress in 1970 to combat the Mafia.

Race realists have joined the conversation at the Illuminati globalist controlled Huffington Post. Unlike in the past, when this and other liberal sites would not tolerate pushback, they have to accept race realist comments now or lose too many of the eyeballs, which help sell advertising. To the chagrin of liberals, race realists may be the new not so silent majority in America.

Here’s the truth. By fostering a sense among low information, low IQ blacks that blacks are being murdered in large numbers by racist whites, which is NOT true, the BLM movement promotes revenge against whites. The organization has never disavowed violence that I am aware of. Furthermore, its “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon” chant clearly advocates violence against police.

Both white and black police chiefs have denounced BLM as promoting murder. That’s a hate group for you.

Tom Shillue is right, but will he ever work for Fox News again?

Powerful New Trump Ad is Going to Enrage PC Libtards

Jeb Bush gets his a** reamed out in just 15 seconds. Brilliant!

Nervy Negro Double Murderer Asking for Parole: Police Ask for Help to Keep Him in Prison

marvin cathy

cassie lee kucher deadcassie lee kucher 2


This animal took my aunt and cousins life for no reason, stole her car and drove to Lynn like nothing happened. To top it off, as a result of his actions, my cousin (Debbie’s son) killed himself a few years ago because he couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. This man changed the lives of so many people and should never ever walk free again. Anyone that could do something of this nature is bound to do it again. Don’t tell me he is rehabilitated after 16 years, that is insane. If you want another woman and a 9 year old child dead, then let him out. If you want to honor your pledge to society, let that man rot in jail where he belongs!

This story is covered at the Daily Kenn. You can sign the petition by clicking on the link above.

Boston Herald

A Worcester man with a long rap sheet and a history of threatening women was charged last night with the murders of his girlfriend and her 9-year-old daughter in their Leicester home.

Marvin L. Cathy, 31, due to be returned to jail in September for a parole violation, strangled Debra Kucher, 38, with a cord and raped and killed Cassie Lee Kucher after an hours-long vodka binge Wednesday night, authorities and friends of the victims said.

The Aryan Brotherhood should pay this piece of shit a friendly visit. The monster raped the little girl before he killed her.

Damn it: Avoid the groid, ladies. Unless you want your daughter raped and murdered, along with yourself.

Get Our of My Country (Videos)

At the Daily Stormer, the above video is the featured story this evening as I write.

After Jorge Ramos was deported from a Donald Trump press conference last week, footage was filmed in the hallway. Some man, I don’t know who, said five words which will define our generation, here in America and across Europe:


Whatever becomes of Donald Trump, these five words will remain the Zeitgeist of the age.

These are our countries. Our ancestors built them, and they gave them to us. Our forefathers shed millions upon millions of gallons of blood so that we would have this land, and everything built on it.

These people have only one right to it: if they can take it by force.

But they can’t take it by force. They are weak and pathetic beings, in comparison with the Aryan Supermen that we are.

Instead they can only take it by mass emotional manipulation.

All that we have to do to get back our countries from these savage hordes is stand up and say “no.”

And we will.

This game is far from over.

We have only just started this fire.

george eagle fire

Below is the entire viral video, which has over 1.7 million views:

trump tosser

Incredible Moment fishermen Rescue Two Kittens From a River | Gone Cat-Fishing on The Warrior River

warrior river kitten rescue

I’m moving to a location fairly near the Warrior River in Alabama. It’s good to see two white southern boys rescue the kittens. I hope all the folks in Alabama are this nice.

Published on Aug 31, 2015

Fishermen save two kittens who swim up to their boat in this remarkable footage | The Heartwarming Moment These Fisehermen Become Rescuers | Alabama fishermen haul in the catch of a lifetime: 2 cute kittens “Catfishing” on the Warrior River | They were stunned to see two tiny kittens swimming towards their boat. Warning: your heart may not be able to handle this.Alabama fishermen rescue kittens from Warrior River

Two men fishing off of a boat on the Warrior River in Alabama were surprised by a duo of swimming kittens approaching their boat.

The kittens seem to have jumped into the water upon seeing the boat, looking to be rescued. After the first kitten was helped on board, the second quickly followed suit, jumping into the water and swimming the distance to the boat.

Definitely a bigger commitment than the typical catch, but totally worth it.

This video has been picked up and featured on many of the major news websites.

John Derbyshire Explains “The Narrative” as Goodwhites vs Badwhites

brycewilliams vester lee flanigan photo wdbj

Other than to sell more gun control, the name Vester Lee Flanagan II will be flushed down the memory hole. The problem, you see, is that it was too easy for Vester to get a gun so he could go out and kill Alison Parker and Adam Ward. No gun, no murders. Neat, eh?

Vester’s hatred of whites is nicely omitted from the story. So is his faggotry. They don’t fit the Narrative.

The Narrative (capital N) brainwashes us into believing that race realists are dangerous, with racist evil lurking in their hearts, ready to kill blacks at the drop of a pin.

John Derbyshire explains in terms of Goodwhites (libturds in my lingo) versus Badwhites (truth telllers to me). The important takeaway is that we live in a culture where whites hate whites. The Derb describes it as a Cold Civil War.

Continue reading

Black Dad Attacks Daughter’s Killer in Detroit Courtroom (Video)


As one youtube comment said, they should have let dad finish the job. Note that order is restored by white bailiffs, which means there are a few whites left in Detroit anyway.

I’m siding with dad on this one. More fathers of victims should feel their righteous anger and express it openly. However, there is no reason that whites should have to share air with blacks. The whole legal system in America ties up our valuable resources dealing with black dysfunction. Separation is the only answer to the undertow pulling us down.

Detroit News

Detroit — A father angry at the man convicted for beating to death his 3-year-old daughter jumped over a protective barrier in a courtroom Thursday and punched the defendant, sending spectators scrambling.

The toddler’s father attacked Clifford Daniel Thomas, who was about to be sentenced in the death of his girlfriend’s daughter. Jasmine Gordon, the child’s mother, was also convicted in the child’s death.

Thomas was babysitting Jasmine Gordon’s young daughter, Jamilia, and son while she was at work in September 2014. Little Jamilia was taken to Henry Ford Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival on Sept. 18. Doctors saw she had bruises and her head and chest showed signs of physical abuse.

The drama inside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice courtroom was captured by a WDIV-TV Local 4 cameraman. No charges have been filed against the father but he was removed from the courtroom and detained.