Breaking: Cascade Mall Shooter Arrested, Hillary Supporter, Vetted, Originally from Turkey



The authorities in Burlington, Washington have some explaining to do.

They, along with a compliant news media, fed the public the information that the killer of five people in Washington last night was an Hispanic.

Only because of the Internet and a skeptical public was the idea brought forward that he was likely to be a Muslim.

This Muzzie piece of shit is also a Hillary supporter. I hope Donald Trump reams her leaking anal cavity really good at Monday’s debate. This is a cunt who called Trump supporters deplorable, while ignoring the fact that her supporters include mass murderers whom she never disavows.

Meanwhile, the media can’t get enough of the relatives of the dead black thugs that dot the landscape in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, etc. You think CNN can squeeze in a little time to feature the grief stricken families killed by a dirty Muslim who shouldn’t have even been admitted to the States!

Bear in mind that Cetin is a LEGAL immigrant.

One more thing. The press is repeating the horse manure that no motive has been established for the murders. Hey dumb asses, how about he’s a Muslim and that’s enough motive.

How about admitting he targeted women while you’re at it, you shits.

Link to Arcan Cetin’s Facebook

Link to Arcan Cetin’s Twitter

Scientific American: Race is a Social Construct, Scientists Say


Scientific American rejectes science in favor of political correctness in this article published earlier this year.

Following the article is a 10 minute video hosted by Jared Taylor that demolishes the “race is a social construct” nonsense.

Scientific American

More than 100 years ago, American sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois was concerned that race was being used as a biological explanation for what he understood to be social and cultural differences between different populations of people. He spoke out against the idea of “white” and “black” as discrete groups, claiming that these distinctions ignored the scope of human diversity.
Science would favor Du Bois. Today, the mainstream belief among scientists is that race is a social construct without biological meaning. And yet, you might still open a study on genetics in a major scientific journal and find categories like “white” and “black” being used as biological variables.

Egalitarians claim race doesn't exist.  Which means this Abo woman is exactly like you, white woman.  Who you gonna believe--egalitarians or your own eyes.

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Mexican Female SNL Cast Member Under Fire for THOUSANDS of “Racist” Tweets

melissa villasenor

Easily offended social justice warriors won’t give a girl a break.

Here the Mexican has given up her siesta time in order to delete “offensive” jokes from her web pages and she gets no credit for her energy and her effort to cleanse that meanness off the Internet.

Imagine if a white woman had written what Melissa wrote.

Daily Mail

When Saturday Night Live announced that it was hiring its first ever Latina cast member last week, it was landmark moment in the history of the show.

Mexican-American comedian Melissa Villaseñor, 28, is part of a minority that is sorely represented when it comes to the likes of mainstream comedy.

Yet her recruiting already has dark clouds swirling overhead after a writer for Grist, Aura Bogado tweeted that Villaseñor had quickly gone through her entire Twitter history to delete more than 2,000 tweets over the course of a week.

‘I’m excited about the first latina on SNL but not gonna lie: deleting 2K tweets in 5 days is… odd.’ Bogado posted on Twitter.

Bogado went further and managed to reveal that some of Villaseñor’s postings consisted of racist material, primarily against blacks and Asians.

In one tweet Villaseñor said she was afraid to date black men.

‘Coworker at forever 21 dates black guys and she said she will set me up on a blind date for valentines, I said yes but I’m scared.’

In another, she wrote about an ‘ugly,’ ‘bossy black lady’ at her job.

That tweet from more than six years ago read: ‘A bossy black lady at my temp job right now looks exactly like steve erkel. Ugly’.

‘Jolly black people are the best! Just laughed with one right now,’ Villaseñor also tweeted in November 2011.

racist tweet1

racist tweet2

racist tweet3

Others have also managed to take screenshots of the comedian’s offensive rantings, yet SNL and Villaseñor have so far refused to make any official comment or apology.

Good grief. The perfectly rational fear of dating Google men is racist now! Give me a break.

So when Melissa truthfully criticizes her own people, is that racist? Apparently so, according to the new normal.

Melissa either doesn’t find white men interesting enough to mock or she likes white men. Either way, if she had Tweeted anti-white male jokes, she’d be home free.

The social justice warriors don’t consider that racist.

stupid gif blonde

Wacky Blackie Social Justice Warrior Paints Herself White to Protest … Something

As she puts it, she’s got to get all the n*gger off!

Published on Sep 22, 2016

Everyone needs to learn from those who deeply study what is going on. Justice demands that those who need it the most, should be addressed first. The average talking head on lame stream media will not tell you what is really going on. This African (American Black) woman has made a powerful point. Her humor is the bait. The reality is that things are really that bad for so-called Black people in the United States and really bad for Africans around the world. This is all happening in the context of Zionism/white supremacy. It’s also part of a divide and conquer scenario in which everyone is fooled into fighting each other as part of a Zionist global takeover strategy. Feel free to request evidence that supports this. Until those who benefit the most from this Rothschild Zionist New World Order humble themselves enough to learn from those suffering the most, in order to change and/or learn what is really going on, nothing will change. The solutions are not in the system. They are outside of the system.

White liberal social justice warriors at youtube are loving this silly, idiotic protest. Which proves they have no sense.

L.A. to Cops: If Suspect is Armed, Run Away


Well, Los Angeles has come up with a creative way to avoid protests by Black Lives Matter.

Officers should just beat a retreat when a suspect is armed and dangerous. That way there won’t be any of those nasty efforts to subdue anyone and there won’t be any bleeding Googles on the streets of Los Angeles.

Cowardice in the face of an armed enemy of civilization is not the appropriate response. Have Americans become so cucked that they’re afraid to stand up to evil?


With police shootings dominating the news, the Los Angeles Police Commission has a novel idea to avoid the kind of controversies seen from Ferguson, Mo., to Charlotte, N.C.

When confronted with an armed suspect, run away.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League is none too happy about the advice.

The directors of the league responded on an LAPD blog like this: “It sure must be easy to talk about ‘redeploying’ an officer’s position while sipping a Diet Coke or bottled water while sitting in a police-guarded, air-conditioned room, in a cushy office chair, watching the events unfold in slow motion on a big-screen TV. But that’s not reality. The commission is becoming nothing more than a politically motivated rubber stamp for the warped worldview of a handful of activists that they pander to. The message the Los Angeles Police Commission is sending to officers confronted with a violent and dangerous suspect is clear: You can save your life or save your job, but you cannot do both. You choose.”

The police advocates called the commission’s latest meeting a “three-ring circus.”

The case under review involved two officers who fired at a female assailant who charged them while swinging a knife.

The commission decided the right thing to do under the circumstances was “redeploying” or “create distance” between themselves and the attacker.

Comments from officers were enlightening:

Steve: “In 1971, I made the most important decision of my life – I chose LASD over LAPD. Not for a minute have I regretted that choice, solely because of your police commission and your politically appointed chief. I don’t know how you folks can go to work each day knowing there’s a panel of know-nothings eagerly waiting to convene to put you under a microscope and judge your every action – then hang you out to dry. I have the utmost respect for those of you who can continue to function under such a screwed up system.”

Andy: “Running away is a fundamental tactical error. Closing the distance to the threat will improve the chance of survival. The Commission is simply wrong.”

Tish: “Well said. This is a dangerous and discouraging opinion from a group of self-important dilettantes who will endanger the public and put officers unnecessarily at risk.”

Patricia: “This is how cities devolve into chaotic war zones, like Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago. When the mayor appointed race-obsessed activists to the Police Commission, he put every officer’s life in grave jeopardy. Los Angeles police officers deserve support, but instead they are being targeted by the race-grievance conspiracy that, at its core, is promoting anarchy and the breakdown of our civilization.”

Officer Patricia said it beautifully. I hope the Commission doesn’t decide that she’s a racist who wants to kill six million Googles and therefore must be terminated.

nigger head

Austrian town enforces curfew on underage migrants after wave of sexual attacks

islam muslims allah satan

Rag heads cause trouble where ever they go. Anything less than total deportation is going to fail to head off trouble.

Excerpt from

Authorities in the northern Austrian city of Wels have imposed a curfew on young migrants following a series of sexual assaults at a local wine and beer festival in early September, which were committed by Afghan minors.

Underage refugees living in the town of Wels are now allowed to leave their places of residence only until 8:00pm local time, the town’s mayor, Andreas Rabl, told RT, confirming information about the curfew. He also added that the migrants would face “strict sanctions if they break these rules.”

The move comes after underage asylum seekers from Afghanistan assaulted more than a dozen women at town festival called Welser Volksfest that was held between September 2 and September 11.

On September 4, five migrants from Afghanistan were detained over sexually harassing women during the festival after eight women reported sexual assaults to police.

Following the incident, Andreas Rabl demanded “zero tolerance” for such cases in a post on his Facebook page.

By the end of the festival, the number of sexual assaults had increased to 17, prompting a strict response from the authorities.

“We had the problem that the female visitors of the festival being the victims of sexual assaults. 17 women in the age between 18 and 50 years were abused during the festival in Wels. Their abusers were refugees from Afghanistan and these refugees were in the age between 15 and 16,” the mayor told RT, adding that one more assailant was 23 years old.

The mayor also said that the number of sexual attacks in his town is constantly growing, stressing that there had been 193 such complaints since the beginning of the year by August.

Rabl also said that the town authorities plan to implement additional security measures to tackle the issue “in the long term”, including increasing the number of police officers and the coordination between private security and police forces.

He also announced plans to set up surveillance cameras at festivals and in the town as well as to deploy more police officers in plain clothes at future public events.

When Muslims aren’t groping and raping women, they’re killing them. as in Washington state’s Cascade Mall shooter.

islam crime against women muslims

europa kicks out koran islam muslims

Stefan Molyneux Video: The Hatred Of Low IQ Minorities For Whites

According to Stefan Molyneaux, Mexican IQ is 88. That low IQ leads to failure, jealousy, and ultimately hatred of whites (and Asians) who are smarter.

But political correctness will not allow a discussion of how to raise the IQ of Mexicans. Instead, every failure of Mexicans is blamed on white oppression and racism.

This issue interests me because at the university, the low IQ president Ricardo Romo (probably an IQ of about 90 to 92) brought in barrio trash in large numbers. These thugs were the lowest of the low IQ Mexicans. Most were interested only in picking up a student loan check, which somehow they avoided repaying.

I developed a number of exercises that showed promise of raising the IQs of all students (via brain workouts), at least temporarily. I don’t think the IQ improvements that I think I saw were permanent.

Still, it’s interesting to think about how much better off we would be if low IQ nonwhites could increase their IQ, which is what Molyneaux goes on about in this video.

The comments by low IQ nonwhites on this video on youtube show that they are unwilling even to acknowledge that their intelligence level is lower than that of whites and Asians. Really, they demonstrate how stupid they are over and over, including on youtube.

Summing Up Hillary v. the Donald

trump and hillary

Trump: Were Going to Build a Wall!
Clinton: Open Borders!

Trump: Deport Illegals!
Clinton: Amnesty Now!

Trump: Get Our Jobs Back!
Clinton: Protect NAFTA!

Trump: Stop Illegal Immigration!
Clinton: 500% More Radical Islamists!

Trump: Reduce the Citizens Tax Burden!
Clinton: Raise Taxes Across the Board!

Trump: Decent Health Care!
Clinton: Obamacare Forever!

Trump: Take Care of Our Veterans!
Clinton: Bonuses for Corrupt VA Bureaucrats!

Trump: Uphold the 2nd Amendment!
Clinton: Regulate the 2nd Amendment!, and Disarm All Law-Abiding Citizens!!

Trump: Control Our Trade Agreements!
Clinton: Pass TPP Now!

Trump: Prosecute and Jail Hillary Clinton!
Clinton: Noooooooooooooooo!

Trump: Make America Great Again!
Clinton: Make ME great again!

I saw this nice piece of work in the comments at The Hill