FALSE FLAG RED ALERT: Media plotting with Clinton operatives to gun down democrats and blame it on Trump


Given the material that has come out through Wikileaks and through the hidden camera investigation by James O’Keefe, it is plausible to me that Hillary Clinton and her campaign team would carry out a mass terror attack (probably on an abortion clinic populated with nonwhite women).

Trump supporters who oppose abortion would be blamed and by extension, Trump himself would be demonized for his alleged advocacy of violence against women.

The liklihood of such an insane murderous attack is increased if the election, even rigged as it is, could lead to a Trump presidency.

Someone mentioned today that Hillary has a palace waiting for her in a foreign country that would grant her asylum if she were to face the music for all her crimes.

These ruthless monsters would have no reservations about a mass killing if that’s what it takes to put them into power.

Excerpt from Natural News

Gunning down democrats to blame Trump supporters

ANALYSIS: It’s now clear that the same leftist media which has systematically rigged everything — staged debate questions, staged polls, rehearsed audience comments at CNN, deep collusion with the Clinton campaign, total censorship of Wikileaks emails, etc. — is colluding with Clinton-linked terror operatives who are going to commit acts of mass violence that will be blamed on Trump supporters.

It’s a repeat of the exact same Trump rally violence that’s been caught on video by Project Veritas (ProjectVeritasAction.com), where democrat operatives openly admit they take money from the Clinton campaign to stage and carry out acts of extreme violence so they can be blamed on Trump.

Now, I fear, they are taking that false flag operation to a whole new level. It’s now obvious to me, after talking with the Washington Post reporter, that leftists operatives are going to pretend to be Trump supporters and then open fire on crowds of Clinton supporters using automatic weapons. Leftist propaganda rags like the NYT, Boston Globe and WashPost are readying their articles to blame Trump supporters such as myself, Dave Hodges and Alex Jones, declaring us guilty of using “inflammatory rhetoric” any time we discuss the proper role of the Second Amendment in defending democracy against criminal government regimes.

This is all being orchestrated in advance… scripted like everything else coming out of the (fake) leftist media. It may even involve a staged false flag attack at an actual Clinton rally where CNN cameras will be sure to cover the bloody mayhem. The anti-Trump narrative will be unleashed within minutes, consisting of a barrage of queued stories and the universal condemnation of Donald Trump who will be accused of “signaling” his supporters to carry out the act that was actually carried out by paid terrorists working for the democrats.

These are truly evil people working for Hillary. Their gravy train will dry up and they will be imprisoned if Donald Trump is elected. Thus, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Let the world know: Germany is going down


A link to this story of the truth of what’s happening in Germany was left in a comment on another post by regular commenter Flanders.

This excerpt offers an on-the-ground report from Germany that speaks to the conspiracy to destroy the German people. It’s less than half the content of the source article.

Excerpt from Mikeyy.org


The present situation in Germany gives proof that some secret community has decided to eliminate Germany and it’s culture. Germans are becoming rightless and abandoned people in their own country, and this is most probably a fact which will never be told in the evening news broadcasted in the rest of the world. It’s a big showdown going on, the governments of our neighbor countries claim not to understand anything of what the German government has started to manifest – the suicide of the German nation.


Many Germans start to realize that what always was bashed as a “Conspiracy theory” has never been a theory at all, but a hardcore plan. There IS a conspiracy of sorts, it’s a conspiracy REALITY, there is enough proof all over the net, if you just started looking for it beyond mainstream.

Don’t believe the phrases and propaganda our government blows out. The German chancellor of destruction, Merkel, has lately stated: This problem of being flooded with refugees from various countries was a problem inflicted to us “by God”.

Well, this is pretty profane. It WAS NOT. This is a manmade problem, created intentionally, long time ago already. The goal is the fulfillment of what WWII did not reach rightaway, it’s the EXITUS of Germany, a cardiac infaction to the core of Europe, reaching out even into the neighbor countrys like France or even to others more far away, like Sweden.

German members of the police or other institutions are whistleblowing that the situation in Germany – law and order – IS ALREADY OUT OF CONTROL.

The planned result is the destabilization of whole Europe – followed by a cry for help from there – countered by offering the BIG SOLUTION for the planet … THE NWO.

So, the bulk of the “refugees” are economic refugees but having a close look at them, it’s getting worse. They are not coming here to ask for help, they are coming to DEMAND. Somebody has told them they had all rights to demand anything and the “christed disbelivers” had to bow in front of the Islam.

Their status of evolution is lower than with animals – I’m sorry to say that but they are in neither way capable to integrate into German structures and rules. They do not even know how to use sanitary equipment. They pee wherever they are, they shit on the floor wherever they are, they pee on sleeping women inside the asylumn camps, they use any children as shields, they rape children and women, they plunder each other (as well as their German hosts), they steal whatever they need, in the sanitary rooms the walls are covered with their excrements, they place their shit next to the toilets on the floor.

Vandalism and demolition quickly changes their locations into ruins – and whatever property is offered them for use – probably civilized people will never more be willing to use it – one would have to tear it down. They attack Germans, they give open expression of hatred and disdain to the Germans (non Islamists). DISEASES ARE STARTING TO SPREAD. I’m pretty sure that the government will soon take a chance to order (deadly or sickening) vaccinations to the Germans, faking to “protect” them.

It’s NOT WOMEN AND CHILDREN causing this hell to the helpers – it’s the main part of the “refugees”, young grown-up MALES without any willingness to learn or to behave.

They arm themselves with knives and anything which can be used as a weapon, they go against each othere if there are differences in religions, there was even murder. They are the very chaotic troublemakers and anti-social through and through.

They invade supermarkets and stores without paying for what they take. There are official instructions to IGNORE REFUGEE CRIME, which is about 80% of the crime rate. Never before in German histroy the rate of raping German girls and women has been so high like it is now.

The newspapers are ordered by the Government not to tell the public that the criminal was of “migrant background”, they even change the names into German names, so that the German readers should not realize who was really behind.


Well, I suppose this statement includes the considerable number of IS-terrorists infiltrated among the masses of invading migrants. THERE IS PROOF ABOUT THAT “TROJANIC HORSE”.

The mainstream news did NOT report about strange containers delivered to certain asylumns in Germany – labeled as “AID FOR REFUGEES”, but containing a full load of weapons – guns and ammunition. The first of these containers was found by the Greek customs – on a ship south of Crete. There are reports on youtube, if you want to convince yourselves.

I suppose that the deliverers/big spenders of these weapons are identical with the nice people delivering weapons to the Ukraine to heat on the civil war there … “BLACKWATER” on order of that 3-letter state. There is proof that both sides were shot at with the same sort of bullets.

People have already wondered how all these “refugees” can have new smartphones – well, I guess it’s part of the plan. There were rumours that on a certain date and order “great islamic terror” should break loose all over Germany. I think we have had some intervening by whom ever – to prevent this so far.



Two Dindu Females Attack Elderly White Man with Cane After He Told Them to get off his Lawn

beating cane syracuse


Some cucked European-Americans will be more upset with me for using the word “dindu” in the title than for what the dindus did to the elderly man in this story.

If you’re one of those cucks, you really need to examine your values.

Fox 59

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Police arrested two teenage girls accused of attacking a 62-year-old man in front of his Syracuse, New York home.

The man told police he was assaulted Wednesday afternoon after politely asking a group of teens sitting on his lawn to leave. What happened before the video was recorded is not clear.

Cellphone footage of the resulting confrontation, which has since gone viral on social media, shows one of the girls punching the man twice in the head, according to WSTM-TV.

He tries to run after her, but a second girl spins him around as several teens laugh, one recording with his phone. The man continues to give chase, but stumbles and falls face-first in the street, his cane sliding away from him.

Cellphone video of the alleged assault has been viewed more than 1 million times on Facebook. The footage has spread so widely that the man in the video says he’s been contacted by relatives in Ireland who saw it.

Police say they have arrested two girls, 14 and 15, who face third-degree assault charges. Both girls, who aren’t being named because they are juveniles, received appearance tickets and left with their parents.

The mother of one of the girls told WSTM that she wants to apologize to the man, saying what her daughter did was uncalled for. She says her daughter will face the consequences and is accepting full responsibility.

The man says he suffered a bruised eye in the attack and is recovering.

Watch! Trump Landslide Bible Prophecy

This video has over 1.8 million views. That’s big. So are the 14,000+ comments.

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the content, but I can say that the video, which I watched all the way through, is well done and it held my attention. It’s over an hour long, longer than most I post here, so it does take an investment in time to watch.

Excerpt from the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 29, 2016

TRUMP: Do the secrets of the ancient past prophecy a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for Donald TRUMP?

Trump prophecy documentary is written, directed and produced by Trey Smith

TRUMP: The Prophecy of Donald Trump. TRUMP and the Hebrew year 5777? These mysteries, and wealth’s of others.

Trump “Make America Great Again” written (copyrighted) by: Caspar McCloud. “Make America Great Again” by Caspar McCloud. “Make America Great Again” (Trump / Donald Trump / Trump 2016 election slogan) is licensed for use in this use in this video, was originally written for use in this Trump prophecy video.

TRUMP: In this documentary of Donald Trump and the prophecy of Trump… The truth is there are prophecy a plenty surrounding this Trump vs. Clinton 2016 election (Trump v Clinton 2016 presidential election). The bulk of prophecy focuses on Trump…. Donald Trump…. a man (Trump) commonly now seen (in prophecy circles) as a “modern “Cyrus”.

TRUMP: We delve into the heart of prophecy looking at the mathematical enigmas surrounding Trump, the ancient texts eerily seeming to foreshadow Trump, the financial Trump coincidences & property Trump coincidences that appear to match with ancient records… from both the Bible and Babylon.

TRUMP: Begging the question, can mysteries from some 2,500 years in our past actually be a foreshadowing of the future of the United States, and even possibly predict a LANDSLIDE victory for Donald Trump. As absurd as this could easily sound, the journey through the prophecy of the past and comparisons with Donald Trump may — at minimum — astound you?

TRUMP: Further we take a ride through the mathematics surrounding Trump — which again strangely stretches from the ancient past (of King Cyrus, no-less) to modern day…. again seeming to fascinatingly encircle Donald Trump.

TRUMP: Clips used for Trump / Donald Trump / Trump prophecy commentary in this video include (but are/may not (be) limited to):Trump v Clinton, Trump v Clinton presidential debate, Trump v Clinton (PBS)Trump v Clinton Taxes (CNN), Trump on Islam (FOX), Trump on immigration (CNN), Trump on Mexico (CSPAN), Trump on Wall (CSPAN), Trump Crooked Hillary (MSNBC), etc.

trump pepe frog

(((Podesta))) Email Shows Discrimination Against White Males


wikileaks podesta email too white male

We already knew that Hillary’s whole life has been a war against white males, except for that child rapist she got off when she was a lawyer.

Her campaign manager in what he thought was a private email confirms the anti-white-male bias.

Can you imagine the outcry in the press if this email had said there were too many blacks?

Her presidency will be a war on white men.


Source: Wikileaks

Pranking Professor’s Deliberately Nonsensical Paper Accepted at Academic Conference

christopher bartneck iris pear

When I was a professor I was at a disadvantage because I like my writing to be straightforward and plain.

Many academic papers are written to deliberately obfuscate the issues involved. It makes the author seem more learned.

Daily Mail

An academic who jokingly wrote a research paper written entirely by Apple’s iOS autocomplete – and was subsequently filled with nonsense – has been accepted to present his findings at a nuclear physics conference.

Christopher Bartneck, an associate professor at the University of Canterbury’s Human Interface Technology laboratory in New Zealand, was stunned to discover he had been successful in securing a place at the conference, which takes place in America next month.

‘I started a sentence with ‘Atomic’ or ‘Nuclear’ and then randomly hit the autocomplete suggestions,’ wrote Bartneck in a blog post on Thursday. ‘The text really does not make any sense.’

Bartneck’s mischievous side was fired up after receiving an invitation from the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics, which will be held in Atlanta in November.

‘Since I have practically no knowledge of Nuclear Physics I resorted to iOS auto-complete function to help me,” explained Bartneck.
The resulting paper is complete gobbledygook.

Nuclear weapons will not have to come out the same day after a long time of the year,’ it states.

‘The atoms of a better universe will have the right for the same as you,’ it adds, before continuing: ‘Physics are great but the way it does it makes you want a good book.’

In case that hasn’t baffled readers enough, the paper concludes: ‘Power is not a great place for a good time.’

The paper’s title is also the brainchild of Apple iOS, with the incomprehensible: ‘Atomic Energy will have been made available to a single source.’

Bartneck added the first picture he came across on Wikipedia to illustrate nuclear physics and created a not-so-subtle fake name, Iris Pear – a play on Siri Apple.

Not thinking anyone could possibly take him seriously, he even made up ‘Umbria Polytech University’ located in ‘Infinite Loop’ in Cupertino, California.

But within just three hours he received an acceptance email in his inbox.

Kudos to the professor for exposing the higher education scam by just a little bit. A lot more could be done if one could find more honest people in higher ed. Sadly, most of them are liberals living a lie who don’t want the scam exposed.

laughing woman

Will Your Vote for Trump Be Counted as a Vote for Hillary?

election booth voting

Some Trump supporters want to take a selfie video in the voting booth to have proof of the person they voted for.

Since we now know with convincing evidence thanks to James O’Keefe that Democrats have been rigging elections, the integrity of the process in America is like that of a third world banana republic.

The problem is that some states will not allow a camera or a photo to be taken inside a voting booth.

Excerpt from Arstechnica

“Dude, check out who I voted for!”

We soon could be seeing a lot more selfies with that caption. That’s because legislation legalizing ballot selfies in voting booths landed on California Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk on Friday.

Assembly Bill 1494 amends California law that, for now, says “a voter shall not show” a ballot “to any person in such a way as to reveal its contents.” The new law awaiting the governor’s signature says “a voter may voluntarily disclose how he or she voted if that voluntary act does not violate any other law.” The measure passed the state Senate earlier this year and the state Assembly last week on a 63-15 vote.

“I see this as a First Amendment issue,” Assemblyman James Gallagher, a Republican representing Yuba City and one of the bill’s sponsors, told colleagues during a floor vote. “All this does is to say that those who want to share how they voted have the right to do so.”

Across the US, the law in the 50 states on voting booth selfies is mixed. No federal law addresses the issue, and there’s a smattering of court challenges across the country. Consult these guides from the Huffington Post and the Digital Media Law Project on whether it’s OK to snap a picture of yourself showing your votes on the November 8 presidential ballot.

The issue essentially boils down to the country’s historic approach of ballot secrecy and integrity— which is now confronted with a social media society armed with mobile phones. Uploading and sharing marked ballots is as easy as pressing a button.

Snapchat says the ballot booth selfie is as American as apple pie. In a friend-of-the-court brief (PDF) in a case challenging New Hampshire’s ban against them, the company says “ballot selfies and similar digital information-sharing are important ways that younger voters participate in the political process and make their voices heard.” Snapchat also argues that “newsgatherers like Snapchat have a First Amendment interest in disseminating user-generated content, including ballot selfies, as part of their political coverage.”

In a footnote, Snapchat even defined the selfie: “In its strictest sense, a selfie is a photo where the photographer is also a subject. But the term has also been used to describe all smartphone pictures shared online, including those here.”

For its part, New Hampshire told (PDF) the 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals that the law outlawing selfies “preserves the integrity of New Hampshire elections.”

“The statute secures voter’s right to vote their conscience while in the voting booth,” New Hampshire wrote.