Hillary Tweet: “Racism is America’s Original Sin”



This tweet was breaking news at the time of this posting.

Nothing this vile c*nt has to say would shock me anymore. Her hatred of America is made clear by this incredibly stupid comment. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing her go to prison, not the White House.

Please understand what the b*tch is saying. She’s saying that not until America existed was anyone aware of race. She’s claiming that Americans were the first to observe racial differences and that Americans created white supremacy in response to that noticing of race.

Natural law gives everyone the right to notice racial differences and to act accordingly. For example, if I choose to avoid blacks because of their propensity to violence, then that’s my right. It’s not a sin. Far from it. It’s a survival mechanism. It’s always existed. And for a good reason.

America did not invent slavery. Africans did. America did not give birth to racism. The Jews did. Read your Bible, the Old Testament. The word is a Trotsky invention, if I recall correctly, in order to demonize that which is normal and good. God created “racism” by giving us eyes, ears, and a brain.

Hillary-Clinton-Devil satan

There’s an active discussion of this tweet ongoing at godlikeproductions.

Minneapolis: Muslim “Refugee” Charged with Raping 10 Year Old Girl

ahmed abdi

World Net Daily

A 34-year-old Muslim immigrant has been arrested and charged with brutally raping a 10-year-old girl in Minnesota and the local media in Minneapolis has refused to identify the man as a refugee from Somalia.

KSTP 5, an ABC affiliate in Minneapolis, referred to the suspect, Ahmed Hersi Abdi as “A Minneapolis man.” CBS affiliate WCCO 4 used the same description, giving no mention of the man’s background or how he arrived in the U.S.

You can’t trust the news today, with good reason. But you already knew that. To protect the identity of a child rapist is tantamount to endorsing child rape. Parents need to know to keep their children away from these “refugee” monsters.

The attack occurred Sunday evening in an apartment complex in the city’s Cedar Riverside neighborhood, also known as “Little Mogadishu” for its high concentration of Somali refugees imported from United Nations refugee camps in Africa.

Abdi allegedly followed the girl out of an elevator. He asked for her name and offered his hand to her. She shook his hand and Abdi refused to let go. Police said he proceeded to rape the girl in the hallway of the apartment building.

Authorities used video surveillance footage to help track down the suspect, who was arrested about 24 hours later on Monday in St. Paul.

The U.S. government has resettled more than 110,000 Somali refugees since the early 1990s and shipped in another 8,858 during the most recent fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, according to U.S. State Department data.

Witnesses said they heard screaming in the hall and saw a young girl crying, so they flagged down an off-duty police officer.

The girl was sent to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s John Elder said the officers knew who the suspect was after seeing the video because they’d had frequent encounters with him.

Execute this f*cking monster, sentence him to be beaten to death. I don’t care. If this sh*t is still alive after whatever sentence he does receive, DEPORT HIS SORRY ASS.

White Woman Who Accidently Glued Eye Shut Denied Medical Treatment Due to Lack of Money


Whites are hated by many Jews. Poor whites, like Katherine Gaydos, are hated by many whites in the middle and upper classes. Nobody likes working class and poor whites. They are hated with a passion, I’m afraid.

Thus, it’s not surprising that an unattracitve white woman with no money and no insurance would be denied treatment that might save her eye.

If Ms. Gaydos were black or brown, there would be thousands of race traitor whites lined up to donate money to help her.

As a white woman, she’s on her own. Her only support comes from this web site and similar pro-white sites that offer moral support and a little publicity.

abc7 news

Florida woman Katherine Gaydos told ABC affiliate WPBF that her eye was glued shut when someone mistakenly put glue into her eye instead of eye drops, and it’s been that way for a week.

It all started when she got debris from a leaf-blower caught in her eye.

“Something blew into my eye. I screamed for someone else to get eye drops out of my purse, and they brought super glue and poured it in my eye,” she said. “I closed my eye and screamed and called 911.”

Gaydos said she was initially being treated by a doctor, but he discontinued treatment and postponed surgery until she can find a way to pay for it.

“He was talking about doing surgery to try and save my eye, but now I don’t know what to do — I don’t have a job, no insurance or any money,” she told WPBF.

So, America, that great exceptional country shafts another poor white woman.

The Daily Mail reports that Katherine is 28 and a mother of two. Living a hard life will age you. I would have guessed she’s in her 40s.


wpbf reports that the medical establishment has been shamed into giving Katherine treatment.

LANTANA, Fla. —Katie Gaydos accidentally super-glued her eye shut over a week ago, but she was turned away after her initial visit to a doctor’s office for non-payment.

After WPBF 25 aired her story on Wednesday, Gaydos said her doctor called and asked her to come in for further evaluation. She said he was able to pry her eyelid open.

“It was the same office, but a different doctor,” Gaydos said. “He put Lidocaine above and below my eye and just pulled on it until it finally opened.”

Gaydos said the doctor told her to come back Friday to get the glue scraped off her cornea.

Kudos to WPBF for publicizing the plight of a poor white woman. Local news is nowhere near as corrupt as national news organizations, which is a point I’ve made before.

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Beauty Queen Gone Bad: Former Mrs. Orange County Arrested for Kiddie Porn Involving Family Member

meghan breanna alt

Read to the very bottom of this post and I believe you’ll be even more shocked than with the headline.

Meghan Breanna Alt is not only ugly on the inside, but she’s no great shakes to look at either.

This “beauty queen” has advertised herself as wanting to have sex for money. Sorry, Meghan, but you’d have to pay me. More than you could afford.

But her real evil comes from her sexual activity with a four year old family member, whose identity is not available. A niece perhaps? Or perhaps her own daughter.

What a disgusting piece of sh*t.

Daily Mail

A 25-year-old mother who was once crowned Mrs Orange County has been arrested for allegedly making and distributing child pornography involving a young relative.

Meghan Breanna Alt, of Irvine, was arrested Wednesday in San Diego on suspicion of using a four-year-old family member to make the porn.

Investigators say she admitted to making the illicit materials and selling them to a marine stationed nearby for money and gifts.

It is also alleged that Alt advertised herself on the website Craiglist as willing to have sex for money, according to The Orange County Register.

As I do the research for this site, I’m finding that Heavy.com, which covers only a limited number of stories, does the best job with the stories it does cover:

According to the police press release, investigators believe that Alt advertised adult services online, which “many times resulted in an exchange of sex for money.” Police said the exchanges “often” occurred “with her children present. Lt. Jeff Hallock told the Orange County Register that she advertised on Craigslist.

So here’s a prostitute having sex with clients in front of children. Do you see why prostitution must be stamped out? It’s not a victimless crime no matter what “sex positive” feminists say.

meghan breanna alt2

And in the latest news about the perverted poon pusher, CBS Local Los Angeles:

SANTA ANA (CBSLA.com) — Authorities asked Friday for the public’s help in identifying any other potential victims of a former Mrs. Orange County suspected of using a 4-year-old relative to make child pornography and sell it to a Marine stationed in Southern California.

Meghan Breanna Alt, 25, of Irvine, was charged Friday with a count of possession and control of child pornography and three counts of lewd acts on a child younger than 14, all felonies. She also faces a sentencing enhancement allegation of substantial sexual conduct with a child.

Alt, who is being held on $100,000 bail, is scheduled to make her first court appearance Friday.

The former Mrs. Orange County, who was under surveillance, was arrested following a traffic stop in San Diego County Wednesday, Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock said.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service had alerted a regional child exploitation task force about the child pornography, leading investigators to Alt, Hallock said.

Alt is accused of sending sexually explicit images of the 4-year-old girl, a relative, to the Marine in exchange for cash and gifts. She is also suspected of advertising unspecified services online that led to her having sex with clients in exchange for money with her children present, according to Hallock.


Alt won the Mrs. Orange County pageant last year and competed in the Mrs. California contest in June of 2014. She is also involved in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in San Clemente and Irvine, where investigators believe she worked with young children as a volunteer, Hallock said.

Mom is a Mormon? Unbelievable.

Also unbelievable that she would be willing to destroy the lives of children for small sums of money. The exact amounts will come out at trial, but it can’t be more than a few thousand dollars. Is there a husband and/or father? Where the hell is he in this mess?

And let’s not forget the U.S. Marine who commissioned her to produce the child porn. Another one of America’s “heroes” revealed to be just a common ordinary piece of trash. Let’s see what he looks like. I suspect he’s nonwhite, as mom looks like a damn mudshark. Something about her gives it away.

One more thing. That tat on mom’s arm is a dead giveaway. I may be prejudiced against women with tats, but there’s no way I would trust this woman around children.

Mom’s going to need to give up her crown for prison stripes.

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Vegas Rally Goes Loco for Trump (Video)

trump-vegas-colombian woman

This is the big story and picture on Drudge this morning. Watch as an extremely enthusiastic American flag waving woman from Colombia goes insane for Donald Trump as he brings her on stage in an unplanned, spontaneous moment.

Many comments on youtube are from Hispanics who love Trump.

Meet the Little White Girl Allegedly Disfigured by Dr. Ben Carson’s Medical Malpractice

karly bailey

There’s much more to this story, including other lawsuits brought against the alleged superman, Dr. Ben Carson. Read more at the New York Daily News.

There’s been a national media conspiracy to keep this story well out of the news. Dr. Carson is not the superman the press and the Republican party would like America to believe.

H/T to commenter Fischer.

Excerpt from The Guardian

When Karly Bailey was seven, she began experiencing headaches, an ailment later discovered to be caused by a brain tumor. In November 1995, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor; a shunt, essentially a passageway, was placed inside her head to address a buildup of fluid, and she went on living a relatively normal life.

“I was riding [horses] and fishing and camping,” she said. “My only medication was multivitamins.”

But two years later, Bailey started experiencing headaches again. Her tumor had regrown. So she was introduced to Carson, who, in July 1997, determined her shunt had failed.

According to a pending lawsuit against him in Baltimore City circuit court, her parents said they explained to Carson “they were deeply concerned about what they knew to be significant risks of collateral injury associated with attempting to remove all [of her] tumor” and to avoid a full resection.

According to the Bailey family, Carson was blunt in his response.

“Before my surgery … he came out and told my parents, ‘I will follow your surgical guidelines in your surgery – my goal is not to kill your kid’,” Bailey, now 26, told the Guardian in an interview.

What happened next is in dispute, but Bailey contends Carson, in surgery performed that August, invaded her brain stem, which led to life-changing nerve damage.

Carson says that he performed a complex, detailed surgery and that Bailey’s parents were made aware of the risks associated with it.

“[L]ike always, I consulted them on the fact that I would remove as much tumor as was reasonably safe,” Carson said in a sworn affidavit. In an operative report, Carson said, he wrote he attempted to “remove all visible tumor”, which he described as removing what was “reasonably safe”.

But as a result of the surgery, according to Bailey’s court filing, “Carson severely disturbed, injured, or destroyed multiple neuronal circuits controlling the patient’s facial motor functions, horizontal gaze movements, and other psychological functions.”

When she woke up, Bailey said she was partially paralyzed on the right side of her body.

“I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, you couldn’t understand me at all,” she told the Guardian. Previously, she wrote right-handed; post-surgery, she has learned how to write left-handed.

Bailey left the hospital using a wheelchair and underwent a grueling physical therapy process, five days a week for seven months.

“I missed most of my fourth grade year of school,” said Bailey. “I was homeschooled – tutored, really. I tested mentally retarded. I was really depressed because I was in a wheelchair.”

Her face developed a significant droop as a result of nerve damage, she said: “I don’t have a full smile. People ask me if I’ve had a stroke.”

Years later, lingering problems for Bailey persist. In 2008, Bailey said she had an operation to place a gold weight in her right eyelid to prevent a loss of vision. That only worked “partially”, she said.

At least one physician sides with Bailey.

“The location of [Bailey’s] tumor was such that it was in close proximity to the brain stem and any effort to remove all the tumor posed a significant risk of collateral injury to the brain stem and other cranial nerves,” said Robert Hudgins, a retired neurosurgeon brought on as Bailey’s expert witness, in a sworn affidavit.

ben carson dakr

Turkey Claims Russian Radar Locked Onto Its Jets

russian su 24 m

Turkey, a member of NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is allied with the West in attempting to destroy Syria. Who knows whether Turkey’s claims are true and who knows whether NATO exaggerates the danger.

The purpose of this kind of story is to generate support in the West to pressure Russia to pull out of Syria. The U.S. and Israel prefer to keep the region in turmoil and to rid Syria of President Assad, who stands as an independent voice in the Middle East. Expect an American puppet to replace him if he is overthrown.

The Independent

Turkey said that radar used by Russian aircraft and its surface-to-air missile systems in Syria locked on to Turkish jets as the Russian air campaign intensifies against opposition targets.

The Turkish military said that eight Turkish F-16 fighters patrolling the Turkish Syrian border had been threatened by a Mig-29 and later by an anti-aircraft missile system. In both cases the threat consisted only of Russian use of radar for a limited period, but the Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russian actions were “very serious – even dangerous”. “It doesn’t look like an accident, and we’ve seen two of them over the weekend.”

Meanwhile, Russian air strikes are increasing in number against targets in territory held by Isis. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that in the past 24 hours there were 34 air strikes in Palmyra which was captured by Isis on 22 May. The attacks are said to have killed 15 fighters and destroyed 10 vehicles. Air strikes against Raqqa, the Isis de facto capital in Syria, killed two fighters, while other raids took place north of Aleppo and close to Latakia.

American and Israeli money (which is really American money) paid for ISIS weapons. Watch the video below and weep, my fellow Americans as our tax dollars are destroyed by Russian air strikes.