Communist Oakland Turns on Jewess Mayor and Ghost Ship (Rave Cave) Creator for Failure to Provide “Safe Spaces”


Three of the top stories in today’s American edition of the Daily Mail offer outsiders a glimpse of the mindset of the retarded citizens of the People’s Republic of Oakland California.

It’s really quite amusing to watch liberals turning on liberals in the wake of the Ghost Ship (Rave Cave) fire that roasted 36 hipsters to death over the weekend.

Fury has been turned toward the mystery meat (allegedly Puerto Rican) creator of the enclave housing degenerates that the press calls the Ghost Ship.

Daily Mail on Derrick Ion Amena

The man who ran the artist enclave that went up in flames on Friday night has spoken out about the tragedy that has claimed at least 36 lives and says he believes he is being unfairly blamed.

Derick Ion Almena, 46, and his wife Micah Allison, 40, spoke through tears about the aftermath of the warehouse fire in an interview with NBC Nightly News.

Almena said that he ‘can’t explain who I am anymore’.

He posed a rhetorical question: ‘Do I take blame or responsibility for this?’ as he dropped his head and refused to answer.

Uhhh, yes you do take blame for it, Derrick. Now that a criminal investigation has begun and because your fellow hipsters have turned against you, you’re going to be going to prison. Better start showing some remorse, pal.

Derrick’s wife, Micah, pictured below, is also likely to be criminally charged.


OK, let’s turn away from the narcissist and his excuses, which are detailed in the DM’s story, to a second story in the DM that focuses on hipster outrage toward Oakland’s Jewish woman mayor. The Communist follower of California’s nutty governor, Jerry Brown, is confronted with childish adults who are pissed that there are no “safe spaces” in life.

Daily Mail story on Mayor Libby Schaaf

The mayor of Oakland was booed and jeered at a vigil last night for those who died in the warehouse fire after being accused of ‘victim blaming’.

Hundreds of people gathered for the candle-light vigil in Oakland’s Lake Merrit to honour the 36 people who died in the blaze at an artists’ enclave.

Those in the crowd were seen embracing as well as laying floral tributes and chanting aloud the names of people they lost in the inferno.

Fake, phony togetherness: Exactly what you expect from liberals!

Schaaf had already come under fire as previous speakers at the vigil had urged the city of Oakland to protect ‘warehouse’ residences where some people have apparently been forced to live due to skyrocketing housing prices.

The memorial briefly turned into a political confrontation when Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf began to address the crowd as was booed. She is pictured at the warehouse on Sunday

She had also been criticized for emphasizing the warehouse’s code violations in the immediate aftermath of the fire instead of addressing the need for affordable housing.

And as she began addressing the vigil, NBC reported that some started shouting ‘stop victim blaming’ and ‘step down’ as she took the microphone.

This lead to one of the vigil organizers having to step in to ask people to be respectful.

But Schaaf said: ‘It’s OK. It’s OK. This city is going to go through a lot of emotions, and one of those is anger, and that is my job to hear that.

‘As we move forward right now, our focus has to be on those who we know are lost and those we are going to learn have been lost,’ she said, according to NBC.

But after she resumed her speech, which was captured on camera, the crowd shouted her down once again, hurling a barrage of abuse at her.

Schaaf, a Democrat, was elected mayor of Oakland in November 2014 after being endorsed by Governor of California Jerry Brown.

Decades of high taxes and liberal Democrat rule have made the cost of living in California high. Expecting a liberal democrat to fix that is borderline clinical insanity.

One wag wrote in the Dm comments that Schaaf is a Nancy Pelosi in the making.

Her drug addled constituents, infected with Marxist ideology, are going to prove too much for her to govern. The whole damn state is bankrupt because of these idiots, which is another story.

Every moron in that artist’s fire trap that was roasted knew the danger, but was too drugged out to care.

Finally, another leftist theme is emerging. The lazy bums who call themselves artists as they scratch out a living blame gentrification for the fire.

Daily Mail story on hipster thinking

One of the last people to escape the deadly fire that killed at least 36 people in an Oakland warehouse says that gentrification is to blame.

The artist, Bob Mule, tearfully told NBC Bay Area on Monday that the high cost of rent in the city is leaving the hipster community with fewer outlets of creative expression.

‘I think this has a lot to do with the gentrification issue in the city,’ he said.

‘Us artists are forced to live in these spaces. We do it because we have nowhere else affordable to create.

‘We need more help. We need more of a voice in the city as artists because we are a very important part of this culture that’s being pushed out of the city.’


F*ck you Bob. Get a job.

Other people roll their asses out of bed early each A.M. and this guy wants those people to support him and his pathetic excuse for art that is typical hipster.

Hipsters are a waste. Since no one with any sense wants their “art,” they sell drugs and steal to have a bit of money to spend–on more drugs.

Send them all to work camps. In work, there is joy and freedom.

David Duke’s Twitter War with FORMERLY White Porn Star Jenna Jameson: It’s About the Joooz

Porn star Jenna Jameson has a new man in her life.

A Jew.

The father of her unborn baby is also her fiance.

She’s converted to Judaism. I guess to snare him into marriage. Apparently, he’s rich. Her conversion makes her nonwhite now, in my opinion.

Her new Jewess status also apparently makes her sensitive to the idea that Jews control the pornography industry.

Porn stars should be seen and not heard. Their choice of occupation disqualifies them from being members of the human race.

The source article is a thinly disguised attack on David Duke. Really, there’s not much to it. And why must the press ALWAYS write “ex-KKK?” They never write “ex-cocaine dealer” when they write about Obama even though that’s what he is.

Everyone with any sense knows that Jews control the porn industry.

As to the opinions of Jew convert Jenna Jameson, who gives a rat’s rear end?


Jenna Jameson and ex-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, both Trump supporters, have gotten into a Twitter war over Duke’s bold statement that the porn industry is full of Jews. Jameson, a convert to the religion, posted a favorable comment about Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Duke responded with anti-semitic thoughts on the porn industry.

The whole interaction brings up far more questions than answers, like, does ex-Klansman David Duke follow Jenna Jameson on Twitter?

Both Jameson and Duke have stumped for Trump, but the Trump camp (especially Eric Trump) is not interested in support from people like David Duke and his Klan friends, says the Inquisitr. After Duke went public with his support of the Trump campaign, using the name Trump in his robo-calls, Eric Trump said that people like Duke “deserve a bullet” while on a radio show. Trump backed off on the comment after the show, and said he was told to “lay low.”

The war of words started innocently enough, with recent Jewish convert Jenna Jameson saying that she had a crush on Benjamin Netanyahu, and she believed that he and Donald Trump would have a great relationship, says PageSix.

“It’s so apparent Trump and [Netanyahu] are going to be great friends…. I have to admit I have a massive crush on @netanyahu.”

Jameson went on to say that she thought Netanyahu is “a bada**,” and that his wife is a lucky woman. After this, David Duke tweeted his thoughts about Jews and the pornography industry.

“Jews dominate porn – why are ‘Christians’ ok with that?”

Jenna Jameson was appalled that David Duke even chimed in, and read her tweets, saying that she would “prefer [David Duke] never utter my name.”

Jameson announced last year that she was converting to Judaism after getting engaged to diamond dealer Lior Bitton. The couple are expecting their first child in April.

The Forward says that in the past, David Duke has claimed that Jews dominate a number of industries, including international banking, Hollywood, and the media. But now Duke has inserted pornography into his narrative, presumably because he was getting in on Jameson’s tweets about Netanyahu.

Jenna Jameson gushed several times about her crush on BeBe, saying that “she only has eyes for Netanyahu.” Since she began her conversion, she frequently posts pro-Zionist messages on her social media pages.

Jameson’s request that Duke just go away was not heeded by the former Grand Wizard, who insisted that it wasn’t anti-semitic to demand that Jameson “tell the truth about the porn industry.” He then posted inappropriate images of former porn star Ron Jeremy, who happens to be Jewish.

Jenna Jameson says this was her first “welcome to the tribe” message, and being hated for it. She says she is not shocked shocked, but she is still disgusted.

“Being targeted was something I knew would come but it still shocked me to be attacked by such an outspoken loathsome monster like David Duke. My support of Israel is undying,” she added. “[I]f it means being targeted by evil anti-Semites, so be it.”

Here’s a photo of the two degenerates:

Look him up if you care to. According to this story muh Jew is a scammer and a con artist.

LOL. Good luck, Jenna. You found someone as pathetically perverted and degenerate as you. BTW dear, the tats don’t become you.

Merkel Condemns Rape/Murder of Maria Ladenburger While Defending Muslims

Angela Merkel has been caught talking out of both sides of her mouth again.

She wants it both ways.

Who wouldn’t condemn a horrific crime? But then, instead of talking honestly about Muslim “refugees” she got defensive.

Yahoo News Canada

BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday denounced the rape and killing of a university student as a “tragic event,” responding for the first time to a case that has inflamed passions since police arrested a 17-year-old Afghan migrant last week.

A nationalist party has seized on the death to argue that Merkel’s government bears a share of the blame.

“If it turns out that (the perpetrator) was an Afghan refugee then that needs to be condemned, absolutely, just like with any other murderer,” Merkel said in an interview with public broadcaster ARD.

“But that shouldn’t be combined with a rejection of an entire group, just like we don’t draw conclusions about an entire group from (the actions of) one person in other instances,” she added.

The victim, a 19-year-old medical student, vanished in mid-October on her way home from a party in the southwestern city of Freiburg. Her body was found in a river.

Police say the suspect, who was arrested on Friday, was linked to the crime through DNA evidence and video footage from near the scene. The teenager, who entered Germany last year as an unaccompanied minor, hasn’t made a statement. His arrest, however, has played into ongoing tensions about the arrival in Germany last year of hundreds of thousands of migrants.

Joerg Meuthen, a co-leader of the nationalist Alternative for Germany party, argued Sunday that Merkel and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel bear “a decisive share of the responsibility for this cruel act and many other ‘isolated cases’ that have happened daily in Germany since the unhindered entry of illegal immigrants.”

The nationalist party rose in polls following last year’s migrant influx and hopes to enter the national Parliament in an election next year in which Merkel is seeking a fourth term. In the U.S., businessman Donald Trump focused on crimes linked to immigrants in the country illegally as part of his successful presidential campaign.

Merkel’s deputy said the student’s death must not be used for “rabble-rousing and conspiracy propaganda.”

“It is clear to everyone that refugees can commit equally terrible crimes as people born in Germany,” Gabriel told Monday’s edition of the Bild daily.

Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, condemned the “appalling crime,” telling reporters in Berlin that “the perpetrator must be punished with the full force of our laws.”

While many Germans have welcomed refugees, there has been strong opposition from a vocal minority. A string of sexual assaults and robberies on New Year’s Eve in Cologne blamed primarily on foreigners also fed fears, as well as accusations that the media were slow to report on such incidents.

ARD, the public television station, drew criticism for not featuring the Freiburg arrest in its evening news bulletin Saturday, the day it was announced. The broadcaster said in a blog that it hadn’t considered the case to rise above other killings to be “nationally and internationally relevant.”

In her interview Monday with ARD, Merkel said it was right that “one should talk openly” about such incidents.

The press is lying. The MAJORITY of Germans are now against the race replacement of Germans by Middle Eastern Muslims that Merkel’s policies have brought on.

Furthermore, Merkel still doesn’t “get it.” It is appropriate to blame the whole group when the group is made of up of largely young, male, nonwhite, criminally minded Muslims who have a snowball’s chance in hell at integrating.

It is right and correct for the indigenous German population to be fearful of Muslims. It is right and moral to insist that they be viewed as hostile invaders and colonizers whose presence in sacred German soil is an abomination.

It is right for the people of Germany to demand their right to exist.

Beige Horizon: Canada’s Government Calls for Extermination of Whites (Video)

I rarely say anything like this, but I would enjoy having someone kill the so-called singer in this video.

Published on Nov 30, 2016

Since the US election, alt-right white nationalists feel emboldened in their quest to create a utopian society where races never mix. Shaun Majumder sees a different future: beige.

Wikipedia has an entry on this a**hole. He’s an actor. Naturally, this anti-white piece of shit has a white wife.

Hindu pride, baby! Marry a white woman, you fucking turd.

BTW, apparently “Shaun”‘s real name is Panjeet.

More fucking Hindu pride.

Isn’t it interesting that Twitter allows assholes who demand the genocide of the white race to stay on Twitter, while quickly removing Twitter pages that defend the right of the white race to exist?

The Red Ice video below analyzes the situation.

Wife of Missouri’s Governor-Elect Robbed at Gunpoint: 3 Black Teens Arrested

The spouse of Republican governor-elect Eric Greitens was robbed at gunpoint Monday night, not far from her home.

It’s unfortunate that the victim was not the wife of a high ranking Democrat. Let those who have been the softest on crime suffer the most.

Greitens surely understands just how close to being murdered for her cell phone and lap top his wife was. It may make him a little more eager to keep the citizens of Missouri safe from the black attack.

ST. LOUIS — Missouri Governor-elect Eric Greitens said on Facebook Monday night that his wife was a victim of a robbery at gunpoint not far from their home.

“She is safe—but shaken. We are grateful for the men and women of law enforcement. Their response was swift and skilled, and we thank God for their presence tonight,” said Greitens in the post.

Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis, said in an incident summary that the wife of the governor-elect had just left a restaurant, and was seated inside her vehicle in the parking lot looking at her cellphone when her car door was suddenly opened.

“The suspect pointed a gun at the victim and demanded her property. The victim complied and gave the suspect her laptop and cellphone. The victim then observed several black males running from the scene,” the statement read.

Police were called to the scene. Further investigation revealed another vehicle on the parking lot had been broken into, and a cellphone was taken.

Police said that the male victim in that case began to track his cellphone, which led officers to the suspects. Three males are in custody, and ages are 14, 15, and 19, according to police.

Greitens, a Republican, is to take over for term-limited Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon on Jan. 9.

The photos I’ve seen of Sheena and Eric sometimes show two young children. Both children are pictured below with mom and dad.

God or luck or whatever you want to call it was with Sheena. The kids will grow up having a mother.

Dad has quite a resume:


Eric Robert Greitens (born April 10, 1974) is an American politician, author, humanitarian, former Navy SEAL, and the Governor-elect of the state of Missouri.[2] Greitens is the former president and founder of The Mission Continues, a nonprofit organization for veterans.[3] In 2013, Time Magazine listed him on its list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World,[4] and in 2014 Fortune Magazine listed him as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders.[5]

Negro Worshipers Fear that Trump Will Cancel the Tubman $20 Bill

harriet tubman

Leftists hate Andrew Jackson. He was an Indian fighter who didn’t much like Indians. He opposed a national bank, similar to today’s federal reserve. And I believe I recall that he owned slaves.

Eventually, most or even all white males will be removed from American currency. None of them are politically correct, except for the terrible Abraham Lincoln.

Market Watch via

Supporters of the decision by the Obama White House to put the black abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20 bill are worried that it could be reversed.

“We certainly are worried, when [Donald] Trump won the election, that he might try to make good on his suggestion that Harriet Tubman be put on the $2 bill instead of the $20 bill,” said Susan Ades Stone, executive director of the nonprofit organization Women on 20s. “It would be a slap in the face of women to reverse the decision in our opinion.”

Lisa Maatz, vice president for government relations at the American Association of University Women, also expressed concern. She said that Trump should consider he has a “credibility gap” with women before deciding to reverse the decision.

During the presidential campaign, Trump said he thought it was “very rough” to take Andrew Jackson off the $20 note.

“I think it’s pure political correctness,” Trump said during an April appearance on NBC’s “Today” show, suggesting that Tubman, who he allowed “is fantastic,” be placed on another denomination. “Maybe we do the $2 bill or we do another bill,” Trump suggested. (Thomas Jefferson appears on the $2 bill, which remains in circulation and production.)

Treasury officials would not comment on whether Trump would or could scuttle the Tubman plan.

Asked shortly before the election whether Tubman could be blocked from the $20 bill, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew avoided giving a direct answer but noted there had been widespread support for the redesigned currency. “I think the enthusiasm about the announcement and what we’ve made has left an important mark. … [P]eople have already started calling them ‘Tubmans,’ and they’re not even printed yet.”

The Trump press office did not respond to a request for comment.

In April, after a lengthy selection process during which 1.5 million Americans reportedly sent in suggestions for new currency designs, Lew announced that Tubman would replace Jackson.

If a woman absolutely has to be on American currency, I nominate Caitlyn Bruce Jenner. She would kill two birds with one stone. The first woman and the first trans woman. History would be made.

Besides, she’s a whole lot purtee-er than Tubman. Instead of the Tubman we would have the Tranny Twenty. It has a nice ring to it.

bruce caitlyn jenner

Overkill: Latino Beats Love Rival to Death with Hammer, Cuts Off Legs, Sets Fire to Body



Well, you can’t claim that Mexican Michael Scott Quinn is a lazy Mexican. He obviously has a strong dose of European genes that make him want to do the job right when he has a job to do.

Hammer, electric tree saw, and fire were his weapons of choice.

And yep, his rival has been vanquished. Quinn’s pride has been restored.

Viva Mexico!

My San Antonio

A Bexar County jury took a little less than 20 minutes Monday to find Michael Scott Quinn guilty of murder in the brutal hammer beating death of Albert Guerra, whose body was dismembered with a tree-trimming saw and set on fire.

A medical examiner had testified that Guerra, 56, died May 4, 2013, from blunt force trauma injuries after being hit 19 times with a hammer on the back of the head. He already was dead when his legs were sawed off — one at the knee and the other above the thigh.

The case was about “rage and the total destruction of a human being,” prosecutor Jason Goss told the jury in closing arguments.

“What a horrible way to die,” he said. “What a horrible way to have your body treated after death.”

San Antonio firefighters discovered the victim’s burning remains on a plastic sheet beside the tools when they went to Guerra’s North Side home to put out two separate fires. Quinn, now 53, told police in a videotaped interview that Guerra died because he hit Connie Yanez, a woman who had been involved with both men.

Yanez, now 40, and Guerra had just broken up and Quinn said the pair went to Guerra’s home to get her things the night of the slaying. Both were charged with murder and each gave statements confessing to the killing, though prosecutors discounted Yanez’s confession and she declined to testify Friday, citing her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Quinn did not testify until the punishment phase began after the guilty verdict was read. He told the jury under questioning by his attorney, Bob M. Hicks, that he and Yanez had planned all along that Quinn would take the blame.

“I told her that I would take the rap,” Quinn said. “I wasn’t planning on getting caught.”

Quinn told the jury that nothing he said in his videotaped confession to police was true, other than the fact that he did cut Guerra’s legs off.

He said he didn’t remember hitting Guerra with a hammer because he hadn’t eaten and that he had “killed” a full bottle of tequila when he began sawing off the victim’s legs.

His responses to questions by his own attorney at times seemed incoherent and off topic, but he stuck by his claims of no recollection of the horrific killing. Questioned by Goss, he said he did remember Yanez bringing him a circular saw and that he remembered cutting up the body, he remembered the blood and remembered asking Yanez if she had the plastic sheeting.

Asked if he felt guilty, he said he “felt sorry that I was tricked into this.”

In closing arguments before the verdict, prosecutors reminded the jury that the autopsy performed on Guerra found that the victim had Benadryl and Trazadone in his system, along with blood pressure medication.

“The man was asleep,” said prosecutor Talia Nye. “Why was there a fire in the bed and living room? There was a separate fire in the bed because that’s where he was killed. That’s where most of the blood was, because he was asleep.”

Quinn had said he decided to burn the body because sawing it up was “hard,” Goss recalled, adding, “This man sawed through a femur with a tree trimming saw. Of course it was hard.”

Hicks pointed to Yanez’s video confession argued that Quinn called his brother that night and admitted to “cutting” the victim, but he never said he killed him “and never said anything about a hammer.”

Testimony in the punishment phase of the trial continues Tuesday morning in the 437th state District Court.