White Dad Arrested for Shooting Down Drone Hovering Over His Backyard While His Daughter Sunbathed

william h meredith

The law as it relates to drones flying over your property is somewhat unclear. Allegedly, Mr. Meredith, pictured in his mugshot, had no legal right to shoot down the drone that was hovering over his backyard.

Moral rights are a different story. White dad was protecting his family from an intrusion into their privacy. The drone operators could be perverts checking out his daughter or potential burglars, checking out his backyard for something to steal.

Daily Mail

A father shot was arrested after shooting down an $1,800 drone that was hovering over his sunbathing daughter.

William H. Merideth, 47, from Kentucky was charged with first degree criminal mischief and first-degree wanton endangerment.

The owner of the drone claims he was only trying to take pictures of a friend’s house, when Merideth shot at the device, sending it crashing into a field near his yard last weekend.

‘My daughter comes in and says, ‘Dad, there’s a drone out here flying,’ ‘ he told WDRD.


‘I went and got my shotgun and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything unless it’s directly over my property,’ ‘ Mr. Merideth said, noting that the drone briefly disappeared when his daughter waved it off.

‘Within a minute or so, here it came. It was hovering over top of my property, and I shot it out of the sky. I didn’t shoot across the road, I didn’t shoot across my neighbor’s fences, I shot directly into the air.’

Four men were about to confront him after the drone was shot out of the sky, but he says they soon changed their minds when they saw his personal firearms.

‘I had my Glock on me and they started toward me and I told them, ‘If you cross my sidewalk, there’s gonna be another shooting,’ ‘ Mr. Merideth told the station.

The police arrested the homeowner soon afterwards.

Mr. Merideth said he is looking into what legal action he could take in response to the incident. He said he only fired his weapon because it was hovering over his home.

Merideth said he was disappointed with the police response.
‘They didn’t confiscate the drone. They gave the drone back to the individuals,’ he said.

‘They didn’t take the SIM card out of it…but we’ve got…five houses here that everyone saw it – they saw what happened, including the neighbors that were sitting in their patio when he flew down low enough to see under the patio.’

meredith and wife

Good work, Mr. Meredith. Drone lives don’t matter.

Rio’s 2016 Olympic Waterways are Filled with Human Excrement and Dangerous Viruses




The Brazilians promised to build eight new sewage treatment plants before the 2016 Olympic Games. One was built.

You want a turd world Olympics. Let a turd world country host them.

When will the West ever learn? The promises of the turd world smell like … well … turds.

See more pictures and read the story at Business Insider.

White ex-DC official sues city, claims he was called ‘cracker’ and fired over race

GOWB get out white boy

When you’re the only white person working with a group of blacks who exhibit incompetence in their work, what’s it like?

The whole story is laid out here:

Fox News

WASHINGTON – A former District of Columbia official brought in to help straighten out mismanagement at the Department of Public Works is suing the city, claiming he was harassed, intimidated and then fired for being white.

The former city worker says he was repeatedly called “cracker” and “white boy” by black members of the department while in the presence of other managers. On his last day on the job as a deputy fleet administrator, Christopher Lyons said he found a sign on his door that said, “Get Out White Boy!”

Lyons is suing the city for wrongful termination, claiming he was the victim of racial discrimination. He also believes he was targeted because he uncovered financial flaws and reported cover-ups. He’s suing his former employers for back pay and then some.

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Ohio State Marching Band Mocked Holohoax Victims

ohio state band

A college marching band has an unofficial songbook with a bunch of politically incorrect songs in it that the band never publicly performed. OK, college students embrace humor that’s in bad taste. So what’s new?

Well, of all the songs in the songbook that are off kilter, its the one that has a one line mention of Jews in that has the Attorney General looking into it. I guess no one wants to see the flow of sheckels from Jews into Ohio State coffers interrupted.

Folks, here we have much ado about nothing. Read the excerpt and see if you agree.

Sky News

A parody songbook circulated among members of a top college marching band contained a song that mocked victims of the Holocaust, according to reports.

Lyrics contained in a 2012 version of the Ohio State University band’s unofficial songbook included lines about Nazi soldiers searching for people in attics and reference to a “furnace room”.

The song, called Goodbye Kramer, was written to the tune of the 1981 Journey hit Don’t Stop Believin’, the Wall Street Journal reported.

An independent investigation of the marching band revealed the existence of the song last year, but not the lyrics.

A report by former state Attorney General Betty Montgomery said: “The 2012 version (of the songbook) contained a new, highly offensive song regarding Jews and the Holocaust.

“Band members indicated that most songs in the songbook were never actually sung, except for perhaps the ‘altered’ fight songs of rival schools.”

The university on Thursday described the lyrics as “shocking behaviour”.


Federal Judge Rules Virginia Can Ban Confederate Flag Specialty License Plates

confederate flag license plate va

Historically, government could not ban unpopular speech (including symbols such as the flag) because the Constitution does not allow it.

The judge who has ruled to allow Virginia to ban the flag is off his game from a purely legal perspective. In fact, his ruling reverses his original ruling handed down in 2001. But the rule of law is broken in America. Anything goes. Among the things going now are the Confederate flag on Virginia specialty license plates.

With the liberal cabal on the Supreme Court controlling life in America, a lawsuit to reinstate the flag doesn’t stand much chance of success.

Of course, now that the flag has been banned one more time, blacks in America will wake up tomorrow morning all chipper and happy. Black on white crime will cease. Blacks will begin seriously studying to be rocket scientists, medical researchers, and corporate CEOs.


Federal Judge Jackson Kiser has ruled that Virginia can remove the Confederate Battle Flag from license plates, dissolving his 2001 injunction that allowed the flag on specialty plates.

“This ruling will allow Virginia to remove a symbol of oppression and injustice from public display on its license plates,” said Attorney General Mark Herring.

Herring argued that state government does not have to endorse the divisive symbol.

“I appreciate Governor McAuliffe’s leadership in calling for the removal of the flag and those on my team who moved quickly to get it done,” said Herring.

The 2001 injunction had allowed the Sons of Confederate Veterans to place the confederate battle flag on certain specialty license plates in Virginia.

The ruling will not be official until Kiser enters his order, addressing whether the decision will only apply to new plates or will also apply to existing ones.

Britain: Whites Slammed for “Blacking Up” as Golliwogs for Town Carnival


Some a**hole reported them to the cops. Apparently, no one minds his own business anymore. These do-gooders will be the death of us yet.


Is ‘blacking up’ really still a thing in the UK? Sadly it seems so if these three young people are taken as evidence.

Two women and a man were photographed dressing up as ‘real-life golliwogs’ at the Wick Gala in North East Scotland.

Having been seen taking part in the town’s carnival, this trio inspired a police complaint after locals were left unimpressed.

Wick resident Lauren Thomas, 23, said: ‘This sums up the idiotic, careless choice of a few costumes worn at this year’s Wick Gala. Anything goes at gala and apparently this includes racism.

‘A handful of people dressing up as golliwog dolls and “blacking up” as well-know black celebrities ruined the night. It’s ridiculous that the people responsible for these costumes didn’t even consider how offensive they were being.

‘I don’t think that Wick is a racist place, it’s just not caught up with everyone else with its dated views and attitudes.’


With a group of dangerous looking thuggish blacks lurking at the carnival, surely calling the cops prevented a robbery, a beating, or even a murder. You can see the evil in those golliwog eyes.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: ‘Police in Wick received a call from a member of the public seeking to raise awareness of what they deemed as possible inappropriate behaviour at a public event known as the Wick Gala which took place on Saturday 25 July in the town centre.

‘Suitable advice was provided to the caller. Officers have also been in contact with the charity event organisers to provide advice and guidance for future events of this nature.’

The Golly or Golliwog was a black character in Victorian children’s books and were famous for being the mascot for Robertson’s Marmalade.

How ridiculous. Free the Golliwogs!

Black School Principle Commits Suicide After Common Core Cheating Scandal is Uncovered


In all fairness to the late Ms. Worrell-Breeden, the black students at her school would probably never be able to pass a rigorous standardized exam because of their lack of intelligence.

But she apparently tampered with the tests to make it appear that the students did pass. And so ends the life of a black woman who could not meet the standards imposed by a white society.

Thus, the poor lady would have been better off in a black nation. So, with racial separation, standards would have been lower, she wouldn’t have cheated, and there would have been no reason for her to kill herself.

New York Post

The principal of an innovative West Harlem public school killed herself the day after her students took the state Common Core exams — which were later tossed out because she cheated, The Post has learned.

Jeanene Worrell-Breeden, 49, of Teachers College Community School, jumped in front of a B train in the 135th Street station on St. Nicholas Avenue on April 17, police said.

She was pulled out from under the train and taken to Harlem Hospital, where she died eight days later. The city Medical Examiner’s Office ruled it a suicide.

The leap came at 9:20 a.m., less than 24 hours after her 47 third-graders wrapped up three days sweating over the high-stakes English exam — the first ever given at the fledgling school.

It was also the same day a whistleblower reported the cheating to DOE officials.

Parents were shocked and saddened to learn Worrell-Breeden died but were given no details at the time. It was rumored she was killed in a car crash.

Parents were in for another shock in June. Superintendent Gale Reeves told them in a meeting that all the third-grade English exams had been “red-flagged” and “invalidated.”

“The children didn’t do anything wrong, and the teachers didn’t do anything wrong,” Diane Tinsley, a mother of one of the third-graders, quoted Reeves saying. Reeves refused to explain.

In a June 22 letter to families, Reeves wrote, “The integrity of the assessment was compromised due to actions outside your child’s control.”

Parents grew frustrated. No one from the city Department of Education or the state Education Department, which administers the exams, answered questions. They asked for help from politicians, including Assemblyman Keith Wright, whose staff also hit a wall.

On Friday, the DOE blamed the dead principal.

“Principal Worrell-Breeden was the subject of allegations of testing improprieties,” spokeswoman Devora Kaye said. “An investigation substantiated these allegations, and we closed the investigation following her tragic passing.”

Kaye would not say how Worrell-Breeden allegedly tampered with the tests.