Without any warning the apartment complex has discontinued the wifi.

Until I can obtain my own personal wifi, there are at best going to be just a post or two a day from the public library’s patio.

It will take up to a week to get back to the site’s regular posting schedule.

Thank you for your patience.

Jew Accused: Gene Simmons Sued for Unwanted Sexual Advances


As I sit on the patio at the public library in 51-degree weather, it could be worse. Yesterday was colder and it rained all day.

But 51 is cold enough for us southerners so I’ll make my commentary brief.

Abstracting from the fact that I dislike Gene Simmons, there are serious questions raised by the sexual harassment claim in this case.

It seems like 99 percent of sexual harassment is committed by Jews, who make up 2 percent of the population. Wealthy Jews in particular exhibit a great deal of sexual aggressiveness toward gentile women.

Read the story first and then I’ll briefly explain what’s bothering me about the accusations leveled against Simmons (nee Chaim Weitz).

Fox News

A woman identified only as “Jane Doe” is suing Kiss band member Gene Simmons, alleging that he groped her and made unwarranted sexual advances during a video interview.

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Big Pharma Jewish Billionaire and Wife Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

Wikipedia reports that Canadian Jew billionaire Bernard Sherman basically stole the pharmaceutical company that made him rich from the children of the founders of the company.

This fact would lead any reasonable person to ask whether a revenge killing has taken place. For now, police are being tight lipped.

A second possibility is that Sherman was taken out for undercutting the prices of other Big Pharma companies, also Jewish owned. The Jewish mafia is big on revenge.

So who killed Bernard Sherman? As with many rich Jews found dead under suspicious circumstances, we may never know.


Toronto billionaire and philanthropist Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead in their mansion Friday, and police said they were investigating the deaths as suspicious.

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Mystery Meat Doctor Allegedly Spiked White Girlfriend’s Drink with Abortion Pill



We can ALL look forward to the doctor who spiked his on and off girlfriend’s cup of tea with an abortifacient, being convicted of a felony. After he’s served his time, he MUST be deported to wherever this particular sand digger came from.

Which is not to say that I see the abortion as a moral problem.

The world needs no more sand diggers. The world needs white babies.

As far as I can recall, in over 18,000 posts I’ve only used the term “slut” to describe a woman once or twice, if at all.

Not only is Brooke Fiske a race mixer, but she actually wanted a filthy sand digger’s baby. Slut is mild compared to the contempt we should feel for her. Shun and shame!

Fox News

A man’s on-and-off girlfriend said he spiked her drink earlier this year with a high dosage of abortion pills, killing their unborn baby.

Brooke Fiske told WROC that Sikander Imran, a 32-year-old doctor, moved from Rochester, N.Y., to Arlington, Va., when she discovered she was pregnant.

“He didn’t want to have a baby so he tried to talk me into having an abortion, which I didn’t want to do,” Fiske told WROC.

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More Sex Accusations Against (((Dustin Hoffman,))) Some Underage

Movie icon Dustin Hoffman isn’t up to Harvey Weinstein’s level of perversion and degeneracy, but he’s getting there fast.

Five new accusers in one day, and some underage at the time.

Wow! These Jews think that the shiksa is there to service them. They can’t say “The devil made me do it,” but I guess they can say “It’s OK, it’s in the Talmud.”

Dustin Hoffman is lucky that the fathers of two teen girls didn’t kil him back in the day.

Fox News

Five woman came forward Thursday accusing Dustin Hoffman of sexual harassment, with two of them saying they were underage at the time, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety reported.

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Inspiring! Paralyzed Pit Bull Learns to Walk Again


What a great, positive Christmas story. Share with all animal lovers.


Helios, a 6-year-old pitbull, was paralyzed in September after running head first into a fence while chasing a squirrel.

Nearing euthanization, the dog got a second chance and showed progress after receiving steroid medicine and help from a Mequon pet store.

The determined boy found his legs again during swim therapy and has made remarkable progress in the last three months.


Kudos to those humans who helped poor Helios regain his ability to walk. Christmas blessings to all of you.

British University compared to HITLER for snow tweet wishing for a ‘white campus’

Young scholars of color are offended by snow because it’s white.

White threatens them. It oppresses them. It murders them.

Whitey must go.

At University College London, the administrators groveled before their black, brown, and yellow masters for mentioning white in a weather bulletin related to possible snowfall.

This is not a joke.

The Sun

A TOP university was compared to HITLER on social media after posting a tweet asking students if they were “dreaming of a white campus”.

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