Democrats Defy Obama in Favor of an Ebola Travel Ban

Remember this guy from a few days ago.  The saboteur apparently made a difference.

Remember this guy from a few days ago. The saboteur apparently made a difference.

This story isn’t very sexy or worth going into in detail, but the idea that the people can influence the politicians is worth noting.

Essentially, the story reveals that a number of Democrats have come out for banning travel from West Africa to the USA because of the deadly Ebola virus. This is an election year, remember?

You can read about it at Yahoo News.

Then we have this newer item from The Hill, which describes some new screening airport screening procedures aimed at those possibly exposed to Ebola.

All travelers from countries affected by the Ebola epidemic will now travel through one of five major U.S. airports, officials announced Tuesday.

Under pressure from lawmakers, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is redirecting flights nationwide in an attempt to prevent more people from bringing Ebola across the border.

Officials are imposing the restrictions at a time when Republicans and some Democrats are pushing for a flight ban from West Africa until the epidemic is contained. The idea has picked up steam on the Senate campaign trail, where criticism of the White House’s response to Ebola is increasingly frequent.

Seventy-four House members have backed a travel ban so far, according to a list kept by The Hill. Surveys also show it would have support from a majority of the public.

If African countries are smart enough to enact Ebola travel bans, why isn't the US and the rest of the West?

If African countries are smart enough to enact Ebola travel bans, why isn’t the US and the rest of the West?

White Guys Say We Suck and We’re Sorry

OK, I’m tired as I post this nonsense. If less tired, I’m sure I’d have something sarcastic or mean to say about it.

So, how about if I say, “I’m a white guy. I don’t suck, ahd I have nothing to be sorry about.”

The white males in the video have been feminized. They need to grow some big ones and act like men instead of scared little mama’s boys.

Judge scolds lawyer for bringing infant to court

Paladin Justice:

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The facts are not in dispute. A woman lawyer asked for a hearing to be rescheduled due to the birth of her baby. The judge denied the rescheduling request, so he woman lawyer brought the baby to court. The judge is a male.

I’m going to upset some women readers of this blog by supporting the judge in this case. The new mother could have:

1. put the child in daycare for a few hours.
2. passed the hearing on to another lawyer.

The article condemns males and condemns the judge for his “lack of compassion.”

As I see it, he’s not paid to be “compassionate,” which means giving women with children special treatment. He’s paid for results. There are plaintiffs and defendants needing to have their cases progress.

New mom had options. She choose not to pursue them.

Babies do not belong in the courtroom.

I should add that babies in the university classroom were also an issue at the university. Crying babies and unruly children were disruptive to the learning experiences of other students. The university allowed professors to set their own policies. Mine, like everyone else’s, was that babies do not belong in university classrooms.

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Editor’s note: Kelly Wallace is CNN’s digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two girls. Read her other columns and follow her reports at CNN Parents and on Twitter.

(CNN) — When I first heard the story about an Atlanta judge who reprimanded an immigration attorney for bringing her 4-week-old to court for a hearing — a hearing the attorney, Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle, told CNN she asked the judge to reschedule because she was on her six-week maternity leave — I was outraged like many other working women.

Two other immigration judges — one male, another female — in two unrelated cases granted Ehrisman-Mickle’s request to delay hearings while she was on maternity leave, she said in an interview.

What appears to be a lack of compassion by the judge in question is troubling but sadly not surprising, many women say.

“Hearings are rescheduled…

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15-Year-Old Boy Critically Injured in Horrendous Sexual Assault By Five Males

Further evidence of he decline of America. The small-town males assaulting the boy were his “friends.” They nearly killed him. After the assault the tape of it was posted on snapchat.

The fact that these were “good” boys tells us that the pornification of America continues apace, with sexual assault considered a joke by desensitized youths.

The story has been covered by numerous local news websites, including jrn.

Cat waits outside every morning to be with boy when he waits for the bus.

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With over 1,200 comments, this picture is delighting cat lovers who see it. The cat surely loves his boy.

Know a cat lover? Share it.

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So This is What the World is Coming To: Politically Correct Gingerbread Men … er… Figures

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There are over 1,200 comments on this little jewel of politically correct nonsense. And many of those comments are hilarious, mocking the foolishness of it all.

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Oppose the New World Order Agenda and You May End Up DEAD Like This French CEO

An oil giant CEO makes a statement three months ago that oil should not be priced in dollars. If that came to pass, the US dollar value would collapse. Now he’s dead in a “freak” plane crash.

Coincidence? Wake up people! Psychopaths run the US government and the international banking system. The only surprise that the power elites, Jewish banksters, allowed him to live three months.

Zero Hedge

Three months ago, the CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, dared utter the phrase heard around the petrodollar world, “There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars,” as we noted here. Today, RT reports the dreadful news that he was killed in a business jet crash at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow after the aircraft hit a snow-plough on take-off. The airport issued a statement confirming “a criminal investigation has been opened into the violation of safety regulations,” adding that along with 3 crewmembers on the plane, the snow-plough driver was also killed.