Video: Hilarious! Black Man Chimping Out

I’m speechless.

ONE THOUSAND Volunteers Search for Missing College Student Hannah Graham in Virginia As Police Name Person of Interest

Hannah Graham--missing since September 12

Hannah Graham–missing since September 12

Jesse LJ Matthew--police have interviewed him and seized evidence from his apartment, but not yet arrested him

Jesse LJ Matthew–police have interviewed him and seized evidence from his apartment, but not yet arrested him

I’ve never known any of these missing white girl cases to turn out well. The only question is how long will it be before the remains of Hannah Graham are recovered.

I believe Hannah is a distant relative of mine, as Graham was my grandmother’s maiden name and Hannah bears a strong resemblance to my grandmother in her youth. Thus, I have a special interest in this case.

The norm when pretty white women go missing can follow one of three paths: 1. The husband did it. 2. The Negro did it. 3. The white guy did it. Serial killer Ted Bundy is an example of the latter.

Since there is no husband in this case and since the police immediately turned to a black “person of interest,” this case is well down the path of #2.

Because the person of interest in Hannah’s disappearance works in a hospital, a reasonable person might conclude that he had access to date rape drugs. If Hannah was slipped one, that would explain why she was allegedly disoriented and confused as she walked down the street after leaving the bar where she interacted with Matthew.

In England, comments boards are heavily censored. In America, on open boards, I can already hear the “Avoid the groid” advice being repeated thousands of times by race realist commenters.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist at this point to speculate that when Hannah’s body is found that Matthew will be arrested quicker than a cat can lick its butt. After that, the wheels of justice will grind slowly. It’s even likely that Hannah’s parents will not live to see their daughter’s killer executed.

After the publicity surrounding the case dies down the next generation of naive college girls, brainwashed by their professors, media, and Hollywood into thinking that all Negroes are dashing romantic, heroic figures, will slip into “partying” with creatures like Matthew.

Then another girl will disappear. Wash, rinse, repeat, on into infinity as the stack of white girls raped and murdered by blacks grows into the sky until it reaches the moon.

The ‘person of interest’ in the case of missing UVA student Hannah Graham admits that he bought her drinks but denies he drove off with her in his car, MailOnline can reveal exclusively – as one thousand volunteers reportedly searched for her Saturday.
Jesse ‘LJ’ Matthew has confirmed he met the 18-year-old in Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall on the night she went missing and bought her drinks at a local bar.

But Matthew, a nursing assistant at UVA Hospital, told his mother that Hannah did not get into his car and that the pair ‘went their separate ways.’

‘Nearly 1,000 volunteers’ participated in a Saturday search for Graham, the Associated Press reported.

The volunteers were photographed wearing bright neon vests and carrying backpacks.

They were seen walking through fields and bushes in an attempt to find the college student.

Matthew’s grandmother, Christine Carr, told MailOnline on Saturday: ‘I have been talking with his mother.

‘He said he went his way and she went hers. He told his mother he bought her some drinks. He said she did not get into his car.
‘The girl went her way and he went his.’

Matthew has lived in Charlottesville his whole life, where he works in the operating room of the UVA Hospital, sources told MailOnline. He is a nursing assistant who transports patients to the operating room.

His grandmother, Mrs Carr, says she instantly recognized her grandson ‘LJ’ when she watched the video tape released by police investigating Hannah’s disappearance.

She told MailOnline: ‘I saw the video tape. That is him, that is LJ. The police went through his car and his apartment.

‘They took away his car and three bags out of his apartment.’

Three of the one thousand volunteers searching for evidence in Heather's disappearance

Three of the one thousand volunteers searching for evidence in Heather’s disappearance

Several acquaintances corroborated Mrs Carr’s story to MailOnline.

‘That’s definitely him!’ one close friend said. ‘He is always wearing those dumb shorts.’

Mrs Carr added she was confident her 32-year-old grandson, who has dreadlocks, has nothing to do with the disappearance of Hannah, who has not been seen since the early hours of last Saturday morning.

‘LJ would never hurt anybody,’ Mrs Carr, 82, from Charlottesville, told MailOnline. ‘I know he is a good boy. I have known him all his life.

‘I’m sure he had nothing to do with it. He is a good boy. He has worked ever since he was able to work. He has never been in trouble. He would do anything to help anybody.

‘I practically raised LJ,’ Mrs Carr added. ‘His mom was working and I looked after him and his sister, Nicky.

‘He had a live-in girlfriend but I don’t know what happened. They lived together at his apartment.’

Mrs Carr said she last saw her grandson on Thursday, when he visited her house along with his mother.

Chief Tim Longo, of the Charlottesville PD, had identified a dreadlocked man — now identified as Matthew — as the ‘person of interest’ in the hunt for Graham.

He was spotted in surveillance footage with his arm round her waist before apparently vanishing in his car together, police said on Friday.

Police believe he bought the underage girl an alcoholic drink and have ‘every reason to believe’ that she was with him when he left 15 minutes later in his 1998 burnt orange Chrysler coupe.

The car was searched and seized by police after it was found parked outside a housing complex on Hessian Hills Way, where Matthew lives.
Officers spent most of Friday scouring through Matthew’s apartment just outside Charlottesville, located about 3 miles from the Downtown Mall where Graham was last seen.

Longo told MailOnline that investigators were carrying out a ‘forensic search’ of the two-bedroom apartment in Hessian Hills Way, Albemarle County.

‘They will be looking for blood, hair, fibers, the things we are interested in these kind of cases,’ he told MailOnline.

‘We’re interested in him,’ Longo added to reporters. ‘We’re interested in talking to him, we’re interested in his interactions with Hannah.’

Law enforcement officials have been issued with multiple warrants for properties within Charlottesville. Details of the warrants remain sealed on the orders of a judge, and will remain secret for up to 180 days, unless the judge changes the ruling.

Chief Longo described the finding of Matthew’s apartment as a ‘big break’ in the case.

He later tempered his declaration by saying, ‘I would hope that is is.’

Map and timeline relating to Heather's disappearance

Map and timeline relating to Heather’s disappearance

Source: Daily Mail

Australia Pays Men to Have Sex with Prostitutes and It’s a Good Thing

The site of an alleged Hornsby brothel. Photo: Janie Barrett

The site of an alleged Hornsby brothel. Photo: Janie Barrett

More than a dozen Sydney councils are paying undercover operatives to have sex with prostitutes as a last resort to convince judges to close illegal brothels.

Despite successive NSW governments having promised to halt the spread of illegal vice dens, councils have been left with no option but to engage a small band of middle-aged men, armed with private investigator’s licenses, to go undercover and pose as everyday “punters”.

The Sun-Herald can reveal that in the past three years, 10 Sydney councils hired the same 60-year-old man to sleep with sex workers and help strengthen their legal standing against rogue brothel barons. Willoughby Council confirmed it had hired a private investigator on six occasions during the previous two years to aid court battles that had collectively cost ratepayers $60,000.

“It is an extraordinary process of evidence gathering,” said the council’s acting general manager Greg Woodhams. “To use ratepayers funds for this exercise seems ridiculous. We don’t like doing it, there would be a section of our community that disapproves of it … but, until the system changes, we have no choice. We need to produce conclusive evidence.”

Read the rest of the story at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Elvis Presley’s Greatest Moment of Insanity

Elvis adopted the poverty theory of black crime and turned it into a song (written by Mac Davis) called In the Ghetto, released in 1969. He fed white guilt with the lines, “People don’t you understand, the child needs a helping hand.” The youtube video in this post shows Elvis singing the song in a live performance.

The black baby in the song grows up and ends up buying a gun (HAHA–buys a gun?–stole it you mean), stealing a car (OK Elvis, you got that one right) and ends up “face down on the ground.”

You evil white racists, you killed that sweet young black man. It’s your fault. That was Elvis message, as his black backup singers wail away in pain in the background.

All in all, In the Ghetto has the nice feel of an Illuminati Jew psy op to it.

Trillions of white dollars later in helping hand money, plus affirmative action imposed on the private sector, plus government jobs where blacks get preference, shows that the helping hand Elvis implored white America to give to blacks was a waste of guilt and money.

Elvis, my friend, as you eat another deep fried peanut butter sandwich in heaven, think about one thing.

Your daughter married a crazy Negro. That’s the thanks you got from the power elites for promoting their anti-white agenda.

Thanks a lot, Mr. King of Rock and Roll. I know you’re alive because the tabloids tell me that thousands of people have seen you out and about. Well, if I see you, you’re going to get a punch in the face as my thanks to you for recording one of the stupidest songs in history.

Amazing! Incredible Circus Tree Formed From Six Sycamores

circus tree

Clicking on the picture of this amazing tree will enlarge it.

Image Source: imgur
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Dumb Negro Football Star Suits Up For Game Despite Suspension, Coach Sends Him to Locker Room to Change

Jameis Winston--suspended means you don't get to play, boy

Jameis Winston–suspended means you don’t get to play, dummy

I had some really dumb black athletes in my classes that I taught at the university. Because I took my job responsibilities seriously, I tried to help them as best as I was able.

But a Negro who doesn’t understand what “suspended” means? And to think, we’re awarding these near morons college degrees.

So, rah rah, sis boom bah, America. Keep supporting your team. No matter how morally degenerate it is to give degrees to students who are too dumb to understand much of anything.

It appears, just moments before the top-ranked Florida State Seminoles host the Clemson Tigers at home, that Jameis Winston really didn’t seem to understand the concept of his game-long suspension. Although it’s really not that hard to grasp, there was something that he didn’t quite get.

That’s because when everyone from the team went out onto the field to warm up, there was Winston, dressed in full garb, warming up with the quarterbacks.

Yes, really.

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Inspirational Quote of the Day: “Moses” Asks Americans to …

Click to enlarge.

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Charlton Heston asked us to engage in massive civil disobedience to protest political correctness. If that’s not in the cards, America and the world, how about a little sabotage? Say, turning off the TV network’s New World Order propaganda once in a while?