Breaking: The TRUTH About Tian Tian the Panda’s FAKE Pregnancy

Tian Tian eating bamboo

Tian Tian eating bamboo

It wasn’t fake!

Edinburgh Zoo

Tian Tian Giant Panda Pregnancy Statement

01 September 2014

Iain Valentine, Director of Giant Pandas for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said:

“As you are all probably aware, giant panda Tian Tian is now past her due date and the evidence suggests that this may be bad news. She is still displaying some of the behaviours of a pregnant panda, but the scientific data from the urine analysis of her hormones is becoming more atypical. There is still a chance she will give birth to a live cub as her progesterone levels have not yet returned to base.

“I must stress, as there has been a lot in the news recently about pandas ‘faking’ it, that this was definitely not a pseudo or phantom pregnancy. The results of cutting edge scientific analysis have shown that, across the entire pregnancy, Tian Tian had the profile of a pregnant panda likely to carry to full term. We are working with some of the very best panda experts in the world and they were all in agreement. The scientific data extracted by analysing hormones and proteins in her urine was a text book example of what we wanted to see. However, at the very end of last week there were one or two results from the hormone tests that were atypical and that was the first sign something might be amiss. Although it is still very new, the scientific data does suggest that the last point she should have gone into labour was over the weekend, unfortunately this did not happen. “

RZSS experts continue to monitor Tian Tian closely and we will know more towards the end of the week as her cycle comes to an end either way. During this time the panda enclosure remains closed.

Tian Tian relaxing

Tian Tian relaxing

The webpage showing how visit Tian Tian is availble by clicking here.

Dedicated to All The Men Whose Home is the Sea: Lolita – Sailor, Your Home Is The Sea (U.S. hit version 1960)

My father spent 30 years at sea in the merchant marines. My uncle spent 20 years. Another uncle died in his teens or early 20s as he went down with his ship in the Pacific during World War II. Two other uncles served honorably in the US Navy.

This beautiful song by German singing star Lolita is dedicated to all men of the sea and their families, who spend their lives separated from their loved ones.

Lolita passed away on June 30, 2010 at the age of 79, succumbing to cancer.

Lolita - Seemann, Deine Heimat Ist Das Meer - Front

White Man, Want to Marry A Black Female Interracial Porn Star?

You couldn't pay me enough.

You couldn’t pay me enough.

One of my regular commenters, Tina, sent me a link to to a post on the 28 Sherman blog about interracial porn. The post is specifically about black women in porn who do the nasty with white men.

Sherman’s post notes that the most attractive black females are the ones selected to do scenes with white males. Makes sense to me. Take the sleeziest white male you can find and even that lowlife might not want to do a 230 pound ghetto monster.

Well, OK. I’m sitting here at the computer asking myself what new thing I can say about interracial porn. I’ve already said in other writings that it’s a Jew psy op designed to promote miscegenation and debauchery.

So I started doing some research on Audree Jaymes, the big-busted black female featured in Sherman’s post and pictured here. And that’s when I found this link to a marriage scams website, which is the source of the two images illustrating this post.

Do some porn actresses still really run marriage scams as a way to extract money from men? I don’t know for sure, but there’s a long history of it. And there are the warnings on the marriage scams site warning, “Beware.”

Don’t worry, you guys putting out the warning about Audree Jaymes. I don’t even want to look at her much less marry her.

Two sleezeball porn perfomers.  Muh dik man sure fits the sleezy stereotype.  Note the hand in his pocket.  Is that a pickle in you pocket, sir?r

Two sleezeball porn perfomers. Muh dik man sure fits the sleezy stereotype. Note the hand in his pocket. Is that a pickle in you pocket, sir?r

If you should happen to be interested in the mindless babblings of a porn slut, here’s a link to Audree Jaymes twitter page.

Renegade Harvard Professor Lester Grinspoon Talks Up Marijuana


I first saw the article excerpt below on the Lew Rockwell website, where it had been republished from the original source.

There’s more info about Dr. Grinspoon, including a lengthy list of links to articles he’s written about MJ, here.

For the record I have never used any illegal drug and I see huge dangers in the marijuana subculture. Most notably, I have observed long-time marijuana smokers who seem to be perpetually in a stupor, with little or no motivation to do much of anything.

But, here’s a view contrary to mine.


I’m afraid that people hear the statement ‘marijuana cures cancer’ and some people are so afraid of cancer and having it treated properly by a well-qualified oncologist that they’ll go right to the cannabis and say, “I’m going to treat it myself with cannabis.” That’s very troublesome because some of those people might have been saved or their lives prolonged if they had actually gone and gotten the best that modern Western medicine has to offer. Allopathic medicine has a long ways to go with cancer but at least some can be cured and in some, life can be prolonged quite well. I’m afraid when people think that, it’s almost a religion with some people – “Yes, marijuana cures cancer.” My view is, use cannabis when you’re getting the cancer treatments but first, as soon as it’s diagnosed, start the treatment which medical science says is the best treatment for that but take marijuana right along. It will go much easier for you.


This is a remarkably nontoxic drug and here we are arresting 300,000 – at that time – mostly young people, 89% for mere possession. Every year now, of course, we arrest about 750,000, 89% for possession, most of them young. In one year, 2011, it got up to almost 900,000. As I summed up that early paper that was published in Scientific American in November 1969, I said there is no psychopharmacological effect which is nearly as harmful as the way we as a society are treating people who use this drug. It was then that I understood that it was a very good recreational drug. It doesn’t have the drawbacks of alcohol. You don’t get crazy drunk and drive and get into accidents or get into fights in bars, have the aggression and so forth, you don’t have a hangover the next day. And it’s a very social drug. So I thought, as far as I’m concerned, this goes up to the top of the scale as a recreational drug. So as to finding more uses for marijuana in the future, yes, but not just for marijuana as a pharmacologically active substance. You’ve also got the whole field of hemp. And we as Americans are way behind. You should see what the Europeans and the Chinese are doing with hemp because they can grow it. In this country, the people responsible for these awful laws believed that hemp was just tall marijuana bushes and therefore, we should not allow the farming of hemp in this country. And we are paying the price. Some cars can use hemp because it has a long, vast fibre, the longest fibre you can get in wool, cotton, etc., and it has the greatest strength and Mercedes is now using it for interiors of their cars. That’s just one of I dare say hundreds of different ways it’s being used. I’m wearing now a shirt that’s made of hemp. When it first came out it was rough; now it’s almost as soft as silk, and it lasts forever. So that’s another area in which we are losing out because of this absurd prohibition.


Ebola Virus is Mutating Rapidly — Say Scientists


The bottom line on this article about ebola is to avoid all contact with ebola patients. Duh! I guess I’ll have to cancel that Liberian vacation I had so been looking forward to.

A recent research related to the Ebola virus disease (EVD) states that the Ebola virus is rapidly mutating, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. A study conducted on the initial patients being infected with the virus in Sierra Leone revealed more than 400 genetic modifications of the Ebola virus, which might prove detrimental for the ongoing treatment measures but also to the vaccines that are under clinical trials for future treatment of the Ebola virus. (Read: Traditional healer responsible for bringing Ebola to Sierra Leone — scientists)

The Researchers at the Broad Institute in Massachusetts and Harvard University warn that the Ebola virus is constantly undergoing mutation. The findings show that the future treatment options including vaccines as well as diagnosing of the disease will be very difficult and less effective as mutations will continue. As of now, the researchers have analysed around 99 Ebola viral genomes. Since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in March, more than 1550 people have died of the Ebola virus disease. Earlier in August (24th), a new viral strain of the Ebola virus different from the one being observed in West Africa was detected in those from Democratic Republic of Congo, posing threat to million of lives all over the world. (Read: Latest Ebola News: Liberian Government lifts Ebola quarantine, people celebrate)

The old plastic bag over the head routine won't protect you from ebola, although the plastic baggie gloves might not be a bad idea

The old plastic bag over the head routine won’t protect you from ebola, although the plastic baggie gloves might not be a bad idea


Saudi Arabia suspends labour visas for nations worst-hit by Ebola

Health workers carry the body of a man, right, suspected of dying from the Ebola virus and left in the street, in the capital city of Monrovia, Liberia. Sept. 1, 2014. (AP Photo)

Health workers carry the body of a man, right, suspected of dying from the Ebola virus and left in the street, in the capital city of Monrovia, Liberia. Sept. 1, 2014. (AP Photo)

Saudi Arabia shows what used to be called common sense. Now, it’s demonized as racism.

Insofar as I am aware, the US government has not blocked new arrivals from Ebolaland. Why?

Western governments place diversity above public health concerns. Some diseased African might have his feelings hurt if he were blocked from entering a once safe country, such as the USA once was.

So, when YOU come down with ebola, be sure to pay your favorite liberal politician a visit and thank him for his unqualified support for diversity.

Saudi Arabia has stopped granting visas to workers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the countries worst-hit by the deadly Ebola virus, the labour ministry announced Monday.
The “preventive measure” is based on “directives from the foreign and health ministries to avoid” the spread of Ebola to the kingdom, the official news agency SPA reported.

The virus, for which there is no treatment or vaccine, has claimed 1,552 lives out of 3,069 reported cases — 694 in Liberia, 430 in Guinea, 422 in Sierra Leon and six in Nigeria, according to latest figures from the World Health Organisation.

Saudi Arabia made a similar decision in April when it announced the suspension of visas for Muslim pilgrims from Guinea and Liberia.

Read the rest of the story at Ahram.

Here’s What Happened When WordPress Suspended Saboteur365

Paladin feels like he's been let out of jail after the lifting of the suspension.

Paladin feels like he’s been let out of jail after the lifting of the suspension.

I’m planning to do a 24-hour blogging bmarathon today to partly catch up now that the suspension has been lifted, if my energy holds out.

Thus, early on, let me share with the blogging community why this blog was suspended and what happens when you are suspended. I’ll provide some useful links throughout.

First, according to WordPress a blog cannot be suspended for offensive content. So, if someone is offended by your opinions about anything, that’s tough for them.

You can be suspended and even taken down for posting pornography. That seems reasonable to me since tumblr provides pornographers with blogs.

You can also be suspended for using your site to make money via the advertising of products and services. illegal music downloads are also a problem. You can be suspended permanently according to what I’ve seen.

This blog was suspended Tuesday evening sometime between 7 pm and 9 pm, while I was out. When I got back home, I went to do another post and I found a large page I had never seen before covering the dashboard. There was a message that read:

“Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.”

No further information was given.

i clicked and filled in a box that came up on a new page, stating I wasn’t sure what the warning was about and that I had not deliberately posted anything that would lead to being blocked. By the way, that new page is a little confusing because it states something to the effect that an error has been made.

I then did some research and found that other bloggers in the past had posted to forums discussing their suspensions. Here’s an example.

After not hearing anything from WordPress for a few hours I found a page online with a form in it to contact support. To be on the safe side, I filled out that form too, although that was probably unnecessary. The form is found here on the suspended blogs page.

Then I waited. I repeatedlychecked my email (including my spam folder since WordPress warns that their emails can sometimes end up there) to see if there was a notification from WordPress support regarding what I was supposed to do.

On Thursday afternoon about 2 pm I received an email from a WordPress support person.

After the receipt of a valid report regarding the publication of private/personal information forbidden by our Terms of Service, posting access to your site has been disabled. The specific content in question is located at the following posts/pages:

If you would like to delete the information in question from the above posts or pages, the site may be returned to normal. If you feel otherwise, you are free to export your content and move it to a more appropriate WordPress host (please note, however, that other hosts do have similar policies):

Please let us know if you would like to remove the content in question.

Thank you.

My response to that email:

Thanks for getting back to me. I’d be happy to remove the address from the post, as I was not aware that an address, which is public information available on tax assessor websites would be considered personal. I can do that as soon as I can access my site. I’m free all afternoon.

Since I don’t want to be suspended again, can you look at it after I’m done and make sure that it meets the standard and then get back to me to let me know that it’s OK.

Thanks, again.

The waiting game began again. I checked my email again regularly (including the spam folder).

Today, Monday, September 1, there was another email from WordPress in my inbox posted about 6:50 am. It reads:

I have restored your site so you can remove the private information.

Thank you,

My reply:

Thanks for restoring my access. I’ve removed the information in the post that was deemed private and replaced it with the following notice:

This content removed due to being found in violation of WordPress Terms of Service agreement.

I think that’s all that needs to be done. If you have any other concerns, just send me another email and I’ll get on it ASAP. Otherwise, I think we’re done so I’m going back to posting new material this morning.

Thanks again for responding. I assumed everyone would be out for Labor Day so the restoration of access came as a pleasant surprise.

You can read the WordPress Terms of Service here. The relevant provision in my case states:

the Content is not pornographic, does not contain threats or incite violence, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;

As a saboteur and not a warrior, I believe in picking your fights carefully. In this case, I don’t believe that a public figure’s home address is private since anyone can have it from the tax assessor’s website. Nonetheless, I took down the address and some other information that was posted in comments.

A legal battle to see if a public figure’s home address is private or personal would be a waste of my time and money. As it is, Ed’s home address, which was already being posted across the Internet before I did my piece, is still out there for anyone to see.

I should add that without prompting from WordPress, I did not post a few comments that seemed to me to advocate violence or threats. I also edited a few more. Most of the comments on that post were from conservatives who are disgusted with the media (CNN especially) and wanted to turn up the heat on CNN and Ed for a bit.

I hope this post is useful to bloggers and readers alike. WordPress doesn’t want to get sued and neither do the rest of us. So, let’s play by the rules while achieving our objectives a little more stealthily.